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January 30, 2008



The "All-American City" parade in 1972 was, in fact, the Somerville Centennial Celebration. Somerville was established as a Town in 1842 and became a City in 1872.

Recall that in 1992 there was a sesqui-centennial parade marking the establishment of Somerville as a Town separate from the City of Boston.

The 1972 parade was on a cool, gray mid-October Sunday.


Reliable Source

I heard from a reliable source last night that a strong candidate from Ward Three is gearing up for a run against Tom Taylor. This person is very disappointed in Taylor's recent and past performance as alderman and how he sold his soul to re-gain his seat. Should be interesting!


I live in Taylor's ward and am unhappy with what he has (or should I say "has not") done.

Prospect Hill

That little egomaniac Lester Ralph changed the city seal from Prospect Hill to the Powderhouse.
What site is more important and what is this city more recognized by? Prospect Hill of course.

It should be changed back.

Kudos to Jamie

Just had to mention that Jamie deserves kudos for his performance at this weeks' school committee meeting. He stood up for his beliefs, and followed through on his pledge to investigate an appointed school committee. I didn't catch all of the proceedings, but he seemed to have ruffled a few feathers! Oh, well, took the negative attention away from the progressives for an evening, anyway.


Given the fact Alderman Bill White is no longer on the Finance Committee, I would have zero faith in an appointed school committee. None whatsoever.

James Norton

Tricky et al -

Thanks, I will most likely start blogging on my own website soon (crosslinked with this weblog) regarding my more personal views on this matter. For the record, since the jackass at the Journal absolutely refuses to get ANYTHING right about me - let me say that I did NOT mention anything about the way and manner in which I would like to see the School Committee constituted at the meeting the other night. I didn't even hint at it - and I resent that I was respresented that way in that paper - also, for the record I didnt serve one term on the SC in 1997, I served 3/4 of a full term from mid-1994 to the end of 1995.
I will say this - in the past I have most definitely called for the change of the SC from an elected to an appointed body - in the last few months I have taken time to reflect on this and have talked with people who would have a stake in this process (other than SC members).
If anyone took the time to really pay attention the other night, you would have not heard anything out of my mouth regarding changing the SC - the ONLY thing I was trying to accomplish the other night was that we as a body see the writing on the wall and ask to have a seat at the table and not be an afterthought, to ensure that the process is open and transparent.
The statements made by some that it was a waste of time talking about that issue at a SC meeting were so predictable, misinformed and so full of shit - that it literally sickened me.
I will most definitely elaborate on my own weblog in the coming weeks.

Thanks -

Jamie Norton

giggedy giggidy

The All America City thing is often confused as a "best place to live list" - it's not. It's given by the national civic league -- a philanthropic front of Allstate -- as a "civic enagement" award to communities that tie regular folks into decision making to make better communities.

Chelsea got it a few years back, so did Lowell I think.


JN - I'd certainly keep an eye on your blog, as there are definitely subtleties involved that don't come through in brief. The Curtatone administration has certainly been more transparent (in most areas) than other recent administrations; I'm hoping this is a continued trend. Thanks.

Short Term

Hi Jamie, I was here in Somerville when you were on the SC the first time, but I can't remember why your term was cut short. What happened?


Jamie, where is your blog? I need a good laugh.

James Norton

Short Term -

I first ran for SC in Ward 4 in 1989 against Dr. Cipriano when Maryann Cappello vacated her seat to run for Alderman. I lost by a very small margin.

When Dr. Cipriano resigned his seat in mid-1994, it required a special election to fill his seat. I ran in a special election against Paul Romeo, Charlene Harris and John Norris. I came in second in the primary and won the final.

I served from mid-1994 until the end of that term - December of 1995. I ran for reelection in 1995, but in the midst of a very nasty divorce and being terribly distracted with settling the custody of my two children, I couldn't mount a decent reelection campaign and Sean Sylvester beat me.

Hope that helps. Maybe the guy from the Journal will read this and make some decent notes.

Enjoy -



Who does one contact to get a full page AD in the Somerville News? I am thinging of launching a new business.




The page is updated for the caucuses - locations on ward pages. Also - DOORS CLOSE AT 10am!!!

Ron Newman

Hmm - the letter I just got from Jack Connolly for Ward 6 says that doors open at 10 am, caucus starts at 10:30 am. says doors open at 9:30 am, all must be present by 10:00 am.

Who is correct?

Ron Newman

And by the way -- the web site says to send e-mail to [email protected] . If you try to do that, the mail bounces -- no such recipient.


I am not sure why Jamie did not reply to my question about putting a full page AD in the Somerville News. Perhaps I need to describe the idea for the new business in more detail. Here it is. I plan to sell my ass to anybody in MA who wants it to finance my drug and alcohol abuse problems. The ad I have in mind is very simple, just a full page picture of my ass.
Jamie, would that be acceptable?



Correction on your lead story. The main subject was not a "new one year contract" but a "one year renewal option" on an expired "no bid" contract with FW Russell. In fact, this was a contract with this vendor for this service which the city has had since 1994 but has never put out for bid. Incidentally, rubbish removal and recylcing is a very competitive industry that is put out to bid in other communities. Stan at least called around to other towns to see what they are paying. Does this count as a bid by this administration???
Another correction is that Russell IS IN FACT under investigation by the AG (not apparently). This FACT was conveyed in the commentary by most of the Aldermen on both sides at the meeting.
Another correction is the NLRB is investigating the unfair labor practices not the AG. The AG is investigating the illegal business practices of FW Russell. The next investigation may be why this contract was never put out to bid by the city of Somerville Administration.

At this point it is a serious investigation into serious charges, but will the Somerville News send reporters to cover the Trial???

Fool on the Hill

It would be nice to have someone with a pulse representing Ward 3.

Ron Newman

Maybe because if you want to buy a newspaper ad, it makes more sense to phone the newspaper or visit their office on College Ave?

Hussey Fan

At the risk of sounding “Newmanatorious”, I must correct the contributors of Newstalk. The position that Torpedo lady says she is getting is not an appointed position. It is a union position.

Nevertheless you are correct in saying she will NEVER get that job!


Torpedo lady, what will happen when you realize you will not get this or any promotion anywhere? Allow me to make a few predictions.

#1, She will go out on comp for stress.

#2, She will call the teamsters (oops sorry, wrong union) ha ha ha ha ha!

#3, She will hock her ghetto houses in Florida and hire the finest lawyer dirty money can buy. She will lose and then she will fake yet another injury.

She certainly is pure human trash and should never be rewarded for taking advantage of family and the system.

P.S… Take a shower! YOU STINK!

Is Hussey the torpedo lady?

Isn't Hussey the torpedo lady?


Why is this person called the 'Torpedo Lady'? Is she a Navy veteran?

Ignatius J. Reilly

Maybe because if you want to buy a newspaper ad, it makes more sense to phone the newspaper or visit their office on College Ave?

Posted by: Ron Newman | January 30, 2008 at 10:45 PM

Ron, this may come as a newsflash to you (especially after seeing that damn goofy picture of you), but I don't think a lot of the comments you see from "Imux" are actually from Imux. I think some some real zipperhead - whose wife / girlfriend is into *********** - gets his rocks off posting as others.

Ron Newman

I just heard back from Jack Connolly regarding the starting time of the Ward 6 Democratic caucus. It will be a half hour later than the other wards. He says:

"The one day lease arrangement I have with the Dilboy Post is why we are a bit later. Come at 10AM or after (rear door closest to parking lot). I plan on starting at 10:30AM sharp."

Uncle Moneybags

ahhh, just what we need another Parade. Well its probably a better bet than the green line coming !

the editerz

dear imux
yes u can place yer ad
dont u no this paper aint got no standerdz
anything goez
the editerz

The Mole

Boy, when you have the inside track you got to pat yourself on the back. I have pasted the posts from last month that asked just the right questions but received no answers until news this week confirmed my posts.

I am truly happy that J.G. is seeking help, even if it is mandated by the courts. A person afflicted with this disease is praised when help is sought, no matter how that help has to come. I only wish this came earlier instead of hearing that it took a couple of arrests to make it happen. J.G. might have been able to avoid this kind of publicity.
J.G. good luck on your road to recovery and may God Bless you...

The Mole

You say Everett Mayor Hanlon sent their DPW commissioner to take notes on how to fight snow over here to mirror Boss Hog and this is an accolade for Somerville? I would say if Denver’s DPW commissioner did this but Everett? Hanlon is as bad as his predecessor and only won the Mayoral race because of the latter incompetence. He was bad as City Clerk and continues to fail as a Mayor.

Hog didn’t do as good as a job as one could have, especially this past Sunday without calling for a snow emergency. As noted by other posters, side streets are horrible, impassable and strewed with snow ruts.

So please do not talk about heroic efforts from this DPW commissioner when it isn’t what it is.

On another note:

Oh where oh where has Gannon gone?
Oh where oh where can he be?
Sitting in a room with the elbow bent
Oh where oh where can he be?

The Mole

Posted by: The Mole | December 20, 2007 at 08:29 AM

Let's all raise our glasses in toast to J.G. Opps, sorry J.G., you're not allowed too according to your sponser.

Merry Christmas all and to all a Good Night.

The Mole

Posted by: The Mole | December 24, 2007 at 09:27 AM

J.G. is the City Solicitor appointed by the Mayor and anointed, "Rubber Stamped", by the BOA.

Happy New Year, drinks all around except for ONE.

The Mole

Posted by: The Mole | December 26, 2007 at 05:30 AM

If your a white american, need not apply for a city J.O.B

I have never seen anything like this in my life! If your a white person, "dont bother applying for a city job". I'll be the silent majority. This mayor is discriminating against white people. I hope some newspaper picks up on this story. When was the last time we need a Hatian translator? I have worked for the city for 5 years and cant rememeber the last time the anybody needed a Hatian translator. This mayor has a special place in his heart for hiring anybody but white people. Does anybody else feel the same way? Lets talk about it.

Reverse Discrimination Is Occuring In Somerville

Curtatone is Reverse Discriminating against white females and males. The City Of Somerville is overhiring minorities.

The Truth

Joe is just looking out for himself and setting himself up for his next job.

Ron Newman

What are the last three comments responding to? I do not see any Newstalk item on this subject.


Is the city following the school department's lead? For the last few years you cannot get a good job in the school department if you don't speak spanish. It's pretty sad when they'll hire an immigrant who speaks spanish before someone who knows and has already worked in the school system!

NOT a Hussey Fan

(edited) should be ashamed of herself and the game she's run on the city of somerville. When is enough ENOUGH?! Her brothers Walter, Mickey & Peter (no longer with us) all made the name (edited) a respected name at the DPW for years before she ever set foot in the yard. She's nothing but one scam after another. Should I call my Attorney? Really, her name needs to be on the Insurance Fraud Litigeous List!!!

The Mole

Newmie, to answer your question as to why those 3 posts that had nothing to do with the article it was because when someone comes out with what is fact about this Administration or its "Rubber Stamped Appointees" they try to bury it from the front page recent posts. Simply as that.

The Mole

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