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January 12, 2008


Elite Scum

Jimmy, you sound like a silly baby boomer. I'm very wealthy, 35, but I want my kids to learn how hard it is to be successful. My kids have to learn to finish what they start. Period. Without that, you end up with spoiled bums who give up anytime things get a little hard, which is what we see these days. Kids out of college who are not used to dealing with anything real. That's because their parents told them it was OK to do just the things they wanted. If you don't feel like it, poor little baby, then don't do it, that's their philosophy. It does not work that way in real life... Most of the time, you have to do what you don't like doing... It's real life.

 Silly Jimmy

Dear Elite Scum...Wow... you're wealthy ... Look at you !!! and Humble too !! In case you didn't get it Mr Wealthy, the article is supposed to be mildly entertaining . And .Hey, dont worry about my kids. My son is playing Beethoven and Billy Joel right now on the piano so he's doing ok. The liitle one can bench press ... and play the drum solo from The Beatles White Album. Worry about your own kids. You sound like a barrell of laughs !! Your kids probably love doing activities and sports and stuff just to get away from you. And your 35 !!! WOW !!! I have a pair of Beatle boots upstairs that are older than you, and probably smarter. And listen Skippy , don't tell me about real life.
I know all about it, you dope. I cant even believe I took the tme to respond to your foolish comments.

Elite Scum

Dear Mr. Cereal Bowl Haircut, I worry about your kids only because you told the entire world about them by posting your, oh so mildly entertaining, article! Before that I would have not cared less about them. I don't think I'm the only one now who would think that those poor kids need to be saved... From their silly father! What do you know about real life, Dopey? What did you have to do to make it in real life? I've had to bust my butt since I remember. My dad made me learn Chinese when I was little. Which I hated. But now I'm glad he did and that he did not let me give up like many other loser parents do!
Have a nice day.


I think what Jimmy was attempting to say is that you should not push your kids to be in a certain sport or music class just because as a parent you envisioned your child as the star player on his high school football team. Take the time to listen to your childs interest is a good quality that not every parent has. Perhaps the author was reflecting on a particular situation he had seen in the past and this article is an underlining suggestion for parents that need a new resolution in their life as well.

I work on behalf of New York Kids Club in Manhattan and we offer a number of classes that range for physical activities like wall climbing and kickboxing to artsy activiites like ballet and musical appreciation. Is a great atmosphere for children to get an idea of what they like and don't like with nuturing teachers that are passionate about what they teach.

Silly Me

So your WEALTHY BIG DEAL........ Its about the children not the money.......Then again maybe you wish you were WEALTHY.. With that statment..We are all WEALTHY if we have children it has to be up to them of what thay may like and not so support whatever it is.....Thay do best. GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN..

Mr Cereal Bowl Haircut

Dear Elite Scum-Bag . Send a picture of your self so we can give your haircut a name. You foolish man. And don't worry about my kids...they are fine. And by the way....we all have cereal bowl haircuts in my family, even Grandma !!!.And let me clear something up for you "35 and stupid" As soon as my kids drop one activity, they pick up another. WE spent 2 hours sledding on Monday, My 2 kids play piano , guitar , sax, bass, drums and a variety of pianos,and they have already performed in bands in clubs !!!! My son was a finalist in The Boston Theatre Marathon.HE filmed a pilot for BRAVO !! This reminds me of two little kids saying..NAY NAY ....!! But It's fun !!! It's what I'm about !! Worry about your own nerdy problems.Oh yes, one more thing.....IDIOT !!!

Eddie O.

Anyone who says he's wealthy probably is not. That guy sounds like a weirdo. Hey, My father made me go to Greek school!! (but I'm not wealthy) Everyone raises their kids differently.
The comments on this page are very entertaining.They should publish the blog in the paper.

Fresh Bastard

Hey Eddie, did they ever fix that front door at the Greek school? Seems like they had that "enter in rear" sign up for years !! As for cereal bowl haircut, its nice to see your kids doing well, just keep in mind that my kid can beat up your student of the month. Welcome to Somerville yuppie (aka Barney)


I will say one thing for sure... this line "...parent friends who spend just about every waking hour shuffling their kids to ballet, to Scouts, to basketball, to cheerleading, etc..." -- is so damned true and so much different than when I was a kid. My old man wouldn't give me a ride to a rock fight.

Though, whatever we can do as parents to make sure they get an education and stay off the Oxy/h/Coke/etc is what is really important. The funniest thing is that once they're gone -- off to college or the service -- you actually miss all that running around. Oh well... that's life.

Jimmy (cereal bowl), good for you doing all that with your kids and being proud. Though something has to be said for a little stick-to-it-ness.


"I'll sign the kids up for whatever they want to try and support them the best I can, but if/when they decide to quit, that will be fine with me. - you won't hear me saying: “You started it and you're going to finish it!” - instead, I would say: “Okay, that's it, lets go home.” That's one more episode of The King Of Queens I can watch."

I'll let my kids try any sport, activity or musical instrument they want. If they don't like it, then they can quit, but in sports, not till after the season. Once you sign up to play a team sport it is not fair that, one, you might have taken away another childs spot, two, your decision affects every other kid on that team who made a commitment to play until the end of the season. Three, you instill in your child
that once you make a commitment to a team sport that quitting is not an option, if you quit because the manager yells at you or if you missed a catch or free throw, how is that kid going to react when he/she is in the real world facing real bosses and co-workers? "Oh, I just don't like my job, so I'm going to quit so I can sit on the couch with Dad and watch "King of Queens with a bottle of Boones Apple Wine"!

 Silly Jimmy

Okay ...ENOUGH !!! Dont you morons know when someone is joking around??? Read the name of the stupid article. ON THE SILLY SIDE !!!! get a friggin life. IT WAS A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why is it that everone who knows how to use a computer thinks they are a genius? The real world..Bosses and co-workers ?? Team Commitments ?? Lighten up !!! You are the reason I dont like youth sports... Know it all parents like you.

Real Ville

Jim relax, apparently you have a senitive side. Are you sure you were raised in Somerville? Toughen up and grow a spine.

Jimmy Boy

All of a sudden the article is a JOKE!!!!!!!! It may have started off that way but didn't end that way.

Too freakin bad! Silly Jimmy need a hug?

Jimmy Boy

"Why is it that everone who knows how to use a computer thinks they are a genius?"

Right back at you "Silly Jimmy"!

"You are the reason I dont like youth sports... Know it all parents like you."

No, the reason you don't like youth sports was because you sucked playing sports. Hmmmmmmmm, what was your favorite line.....I know......"do you guys want some quality H2O"!

Ron Newman

This is a humor column and a personal memoir. Some of you don't seem to be taking it in the spirit in which it was written.

Elite Scum

Cereal Bowl Boy, bull... You were not joking at all . You were trying to push this crap as a lesson in how all good parents should educate their kids. And now that people are not putting up with it you are putting your tail between your hairy legs. Loser. Quitter. Stand up for what you believe for once.
Jimmy Boy: kids who don't play sports are generally the smart ones. The ones like myself, who now are laughing at the ex-jocks who are drinking themselves to death in bars, thinking about the great high school times, when they were popular among other dumbos; before reality set in.



I have known you for many years. You are an awesome father, a great friend to many people, comedian, musician, radio personality, and quite an athlete in the day. I read your column and got it right away. I actually laughed my ass off. Why? Because I know you and I understand your humor in things. These people don’t know you.

I’ve always said words spoken are not misinterpreted but words written often are.

Don’t let these people get to you. They just don’t get the full effect reading it on a website than if you were speaking about it in person or on the radio. Nobody can read a tone of voice

Keep up the good work. You’re a funny bastard Jimmy. I look forward to reading your silly side since I don’t get to listen to you on the radio that much.

Cereal bowl haircut? Ha ha ha……. They got you on that one though!


Jimmy - you sound like a caring and involved dad.

Elite Scum - Judging by your comments I'd bet there isn't anything elite about you. It sounds as though you have some unresolved issues; get some professional help.

To Elite Scum


Why don't you take your nerdy little ass up to Somerville High and ask the employees in the Headmasters office for a list of student athletes who received either full or partial scholarships to various colleges around this country for just the last ten years. After reading this list your pocket protector might explode!

It seems to me that you were a little pimpled puke wandering the halls in high school because you were such a nerd you didn't know how to strike up a conversation with anyone. Are you still reading the Nancy Drew mysteries by flashlight underneath you sheets at night?

To Ron

"This is a humor column and a personal memoir. Some of you don't seem to be taking it in the spirit in which it was written."

That's where you are wrong again snapperhead. We are taking it exactly "in the spirit in which it was written in."

I lived in Somerville all of my life and never heard of this Jimmy he can't be very good at what he does. Maybe a small clique of his friends thinks he something because he was used as "filler" at some obscure radio station once or twice, but personally I couldn't care less if he wrote a column here or not.

Mike Bonanno

Jimmy, I have known you for an awful long time, probably longer that almost anyone else, YOU ARE a great Dad, a great person and a awesome friend. Keep doing what you are doing. Mike


"It seems to me that you were a little pimpled puke wandering the halls in high school because you were such a nerd you didn't know how to strike up a conversation with anyone."

Sounds like that was your school life, Scum; what a shame you're still carrying around all that anger.

"personally I couldn't care less if he wrote a column here or not."

Obviously, his column has struck a nerve with you, To Ron aka Elite Scum.

Silly Me

Jimmy you are a great dad... My comments are for the wealthy dude who needs to brage. That he is weslthy..... That statment had nothing to do with your column......I HATE PEOPLE THAT BRAGE ABOUT WEALTH>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Katie Kid

If I could decipher who you are trying to lambast, then your post would make some sense.

Elite Scum

Hey, dumbos, let me explain. I did not brag about being wealthy. I'm a very modest guy, in general. But I am proud of where I am, sorry if that makes you envious or something. I said it because I wanted to make the point that my kids don't have to worry about making a living later on. We already have all the money they will need to live without working all their life. Look, I make in a week what most of you make in one year. That without even counting the bonuses. Live with it. The point I was trying to make is that I'm not going to let my kids grow up being soft bums. They'll get help from me only after they've tried as hard as they can. I'm not fond of quitters, not even my own sons.
Kate, who the hell are you? What's your problem with me? Are you sleeping with Mr. Cereal Bowl or something?
That said, I don't hate you, little people. I don't like you either.

Have a good day.

To Elite Scum


You said:

"Look, I make in a week what most of you make in one year. That without even counting the bonuses. Live with it."

You claim that you already have all the money that you would ever need.

If that is true then what the hell are you wasting your valuable time on here? If I made that kind of money I would be on the beach somewhere sipping a very large alcohol beverage.

I believe you are full of shit and the highest employment status you ever attained was an Animal Technician. So go and change some rat shit and make sure all of the cages are clean.


Scum - I've got a suspicion that I already made more money today then you'll make all year. What f'n millionaire (who worked for it as you've claimed- not who inherited it) has the time to post the banal crap you do - and at 1:28 on a Wednesday afternoon at that.

If you're really such hot shit you could have made 10 or 15k in the time it took you to offend all the "little people".


"We already have all the money they will need to live without working all their life. Look, I make in a week what most of you make in one year."

And, yet, if that were true, you're a miserable bastard. My "problem" with you is that you're taking out your deep-seeded anger and insecurities on someone who's done nothing to you.


to the person who lived in Somerville all their life, must of lived under a rock!! Everyone that knows Jimmy knows he is a wonderful Dad with 2 well-rounded cultured sons. He's funny,intelligent, and sincer. GET A LIFE!!!

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