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January 29, 2008



And I thought I drank a lot. I haven't pulled this move ... yet.


Another asshat posting as me. For the record, I HAVE totaled my car while drunk. Multiple times. Gotta give credit where credit is due.


dont people know how to drive here? damn! ball sq. now down the street from where i live! i'm
gonna look behind me everywhere i walk now. i know exactly where it is - where the dollar store burned down next to the liquor store. construction by maldonado. thank god no one was walking there!

have to look out for criminals lurking in wait -
now runaway cars, too? too many dui offenders -
we need more aa meetings!

if not drunk, too old, or inexperienced. pedestrians - watch out!


Can someone do something about the horrible flashing/zooming slideshow mode on these pages??? It drives me to distraction (speaking of crashing...)


he probally was a drunk illegal with no liscense


i know that end of bway like my own ass. he was
drunk illegal or just didnt know how to drive.

miracle no one was killed. 945pm. i notice and watch the crowds walking up from sullivan - looking straight ahead - oblivious to anything or anyone around them.

little brazil or el salvador. your hard pressed
to find AMERICANS behind the counter. ordering morning coffee and cant UNDERSTAND WHAT THE F^&K

my and evone elses biggest pet peeve around here. merchants - ie variety stores - india -
middle eastern - cent. america. how in such a poor country do they get the coin to buy a store.

my dream too my credits not good enough!!!

now theyre driving illegaly and killing people.

coming from sullivan towards mcgrath hit the median a hydrant and a fence mustve been doing 60
or 70 easy.

at least we haave the mt vernon /larrys liquor/middlesex /vinnys/ alexanders/ cityline tlc/patsys/ the bars of course khourys(another stabbing) gulf sta. thats it.


A friend of my husband was driving past this area, very soon after the accident. He parked, and went over to the fence. He said the driver was a black male and appeared to be older. He didn't detect any type of accent. He could hear the driver telling police officers "hey, hey relax" and thought the driver sounded as if he were DUI. No concrete facts, yet.

Magic Hole

didnt the original story read 10' hole?
I guess East Somerville is sinking !! Just from the photos, I doubt its 20'.

Ron Newman

The Farm Team paper's report says 12 feet. Still quite a story, no matter what the actual measurement is. Was the driver talking on a cellphone when he did this?


This is the old taco place and dollar store (next to the liquor store) that burned down, right? This is a heavily tread ped zone, in fact, I walk with my kids in this part of town often. Can you imagine before this piece of work ended up in the ditch he took out a family???
What is wrong with people? Does anyone have info on what happened to this individual?


I've checked the Journal for an update, but there is none. Can y'all on the News staff get additional info about the driver? Name, address, age, DUI?, and, of course, let's not forget the most important piece of information to many here -- nationality.


Whatever happened to the MS-13 thugs that terrorized east Somerville? Haven't heard too much about them lately.

Anyone care?

Just as France is being overrun with African and Arab immigrants who refuse to assimilate and even generations later, still identify themselves with their ancestral country rather than where they live most or all of their lives... The United States is facing the same situation due to the massive illegal immigration and high birth rate amongst Latinos.

In 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that the population of the United States reached 300 million. Latino illegal immigration and births to those illegal aliens have fueled the population explosion. In 2005, Latinos accounted for half of the U.S. population growth for that year. Less than one-fifth of that year's increase could be attributed to white Americans.

The U.S. Census Bureau provided the following frightening statistics: The total U.S. population more than doubled >from 131.7 million in 1940 to 290.8 million in 2003, the Latino population increased nearly 30 times in that same period. In 1940, the Latino population within the U.S. was 1.4 million, by 2003 it had swelled to 40 million. Between 2000-2003, the Latino population within the U.S. grew at a rate of 13 percent, while the U.S. non-Latino population grew at a rate of only 0.8 percent during that same period.

Last year, the racist Latino group known as La Raza proudly reported on their website that 85 percent of the world's Latino population under 18 were born inside the U.S. According to the Census Bureau, 80 percent of our Latino population is age 44 or younger, which means that the vast majority of Latinos in this country are still of child-bearing age!

Considering the fact that 90 percent of the illegal drugs in this country are smuggled in across the Mexican border by Latino gangs such as MS-13, the Mexican Mafia, and the 18th Street Gang, we can expect to see open season on our police officers and American cities to resemble lawless Mexican towns as the presence of those gangs continues to grow. Most of us are all too familiar with the lawless attitude displayed by Mexican illegal aliens, as they take to our roads without drivers licenses nor insurance and are all too often drunk (It is actually a measure of manhood in Mexico for a man too drink excessively, then get behind the wheel of a car. Enforcement of driving laws in Mexico is basically non-existent.)

Illegal aliens account for 30 percent of this nation's prison population and present a much greater and present danger to America than Iraq or Afghanistan ever could.

We all saw huge numbers of mostly illegal aliens marching in the streets of more than 20 U.S. cities last year, in which these invaders were demanding their 'rights.' In Dallas alone, 500,000 demonstrators filled the streets waving Mexican flags and shouting threats of 'Reconquista" (re-conquest of the American Southwest).

Just as in France, we have a large and ever-growing immigrant population which refuses to assimilate or contribute to this nation. Remittances (mostly Western Union Money Grams) from the United States, account for Mexico's second richest industry, behind oil exports. Every year, illegal aliens working in this country send $45 billion in remittances to Latin America. Though many of them do work, they do so illegally while taking advantage of free public education, welfare programs, emergency services, and free healthcare by using hospital emergency rooms as their primary physician (as a result, dozens of hospitals across the country have been bankrupted).

With the incredible birth rates of Latinos and the continuous and unchecked Mexican invasion, this country will become another Latin American nation in our lifetime. What will this mean to you?...The disappearance of the English language, the destruction of our traditional American culture, the over-population of our cities, epidemics of once-thought eradicated diseases, crushing poverty, suppressed wages, and soaring crime. The amount of violence we have already seen perpetrated on American citizens by Latino foreign nationals will pale in comparison as uneducated, poor, lawless Latinos will take to our streets once again with their 'demands.' However, we will then be outnumbered.

If an honest effort is not made to protect our border with Mexico and we do not adopt sensible immigration policies, the United States as we know it will cease to exist. Just as France will soon succumb to Islam, the United States will soon join the Third World.

Ron Newman

what does that have to do with a car crash?


becuase someone said it was an illegal(me) and someone else said it was a black guy and someone else complained about us complaining about illegal immagrants which i think we need to get rid of like arizona is doing

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