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January 03, 2008


Yuppie Scum

I don't know why this is still going on. The teamsters clearly have no business harassing the employer. Isn't there some statute that makes this illegal, so those douchebags can all be locked up?

Che Guevara

Sombrero? The hispanics don't fit in? Gee, the owner sounds like a swell guy. Typical New England racist bullshit.

Route 66

Seems to me that if the employees took a vote and their vote was against the idea of unionizing then it's all done. They made their choice. The Teamsters do nothing to enhance their reputation by pulling these thuggish antics. Perhaps they should take some time to review their strategy for winning converts. Mom always said you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Jimbo Hoffa

someone tell the teamsters that the 1950's are over ! Seems like unlawful assembly, trespassing, and several other laws are being violated. Where's the new Police Chief. No "riot" expirence on the Florida resume?
I guess elderly people in golf carts aren't that aggressive!


I would like to ask those who are posting about Russell and the Union a question: Are any of you directly invovled with this issue ? Also Some one needs to stop Chuck because of how he treats his employees as you can see in other posts its only a hand full he help with overtime ect.Try reading my other post under "Concerned Family member".I know what is and has gone on beyond those gates. First Chuck get on Fox 25 news and states that one of the Union worker cut his pant with a knife, well he should have thought before he stated that due to the fact if you have a slice as he called it in his jeans on his leg at that time if the slice it would not have any frays on the pants that happens the next time you wash them,so does anyone else see how Chuck likes to operate and thats how he run that Garage. He also stated that one of the union worker had a gun and proceed to make a threat towards him and at that time Chuck stated he was caring a gun on his person as he stated to the media. All I can say is Chuck should be stopped he is crying about how the Union is treating him because now the shoe is on the other foot. What next Chuck you gonna call your mommy. This is all just to much just try to remember all these people have families they have to support and they need to be treated fairly and get overtime affordable insurance,sick days,ect. They get nothing postive from this company at all. This company needs someone to show them the fair way to treat there employees for once. If any of you are going tofeel bad then do it for all those hard working men beyond those gates, also he does not have 120 people on those trucks not sure where he is getting those numbers maybe he is including all the office people at the garage and the other worker on 100 cross st in somerville.

Ron Newman

Has the new police chief been sworn in yet? I thought that wasn't until later this month.

This is the only article I've read that says a union representation election was held. Was it run properly according to NLRB rules?

Fool on the Hill

Does Carneglia have a carry permit? Has anyone in the SPD checked on this? Are there Teamsters who are so adroit with a knife that they can cut his pants without cutting him?

Instead of a story about a mean old union abusing an honest, hardworking businessman who cares about his employees, this is sounding more and more like, "what goes around, comes around."

Over the decades, I've seen good employers bullied by bad unions, and good unions vilified by bad employers. Russel management seems to take pride in saying that only 6 out of more than 100 employees signed pledged cards. Perhaps they are unaware of how very unusual that would make Russel as a workplace and organizing site. If it is true, then either 94%+ of employees love their work, working conditions, and management, or there is another explanation.

Could they be intimidated by the guy with the gun? Could they be illegal?

There must be someone at the Somerville News who has the skill and courage to answer these question and report on what working conditions are really like inside the company.

Union Leader

What are you talking about? There are handful of clowns at the SN, nothing more. Most of them work for free, since there is no money to pay them. What do you expect?

What a bunch of crap

"Carneglia said as he walked past the picket line early Thursday morning one Teamster slashed his jeans with a knife while another pulled out a gun and pointed it at his chest. In response, Carneglia said he reached down to his ankle and pulled out his own gun.

“That’s when all the tough guys backed off and I walked into work,” he said. In an interview with The Somerville News Carneglia lifted his pants leg, showed his gun and said, “I’m not afraid of the union.”"

So with all the police around a Teamster pulled out a gun and Carneglia in return pulled out his gun? Why didn't this tough guy go to the police and point out the Teamster who supposedly pulled a gun on him? Sounds a tad bit fishy to me. Why does Carneglia have a gun permit in the first place, he doesn't deal in cash. And as my daddy always told me "never pull out your gun unless you are going to use it."

Ron Newman

So Somerville came this close to having a shootout on that ramp under McGrath Highway? Good thing nobody was trying to drive or walk to Brickbottom while this was going on.


First you have no idea about how Chuck thrives on threating his current employee from day to day. Since this whole thing started workers that have been there on a daily basis are no longer there some of the labors are gone no where to be found, it like they just vanished from the property. Also the comment you stated : "Instead of a story about a mean old union abusing an honest, hardworking businessman who cares about his employees, this is sounding more and more like, "what goes around, comes around." That is pure BULL Chuck is not an honest Business man so not sure if your one of his mouth pieces or who you are. By no means is Chuck the Victim in this situation it is all those guys that are on his trucks daily they are the VICTIMS! I would like to know if he has a permit to carry that gun he spoke of. Lets not loose sight of the employees please they are all Human beings and should be treated as such.So if anyone posting doesn't have a first hand acount on what happens beyond the green fence they should not judge those employees who want better working conditions. Try working for Chuck the tirant for 1 week and see how fast you would want the same things. FAIRNESS for all employees ASAP not just the few Chuck picks.........


I'm trying to imagine how much howling from all sides there would be if somehow the city went back to using the DPW for trash collection.


So paperclip, we are supposed to believe you above anyone else? Is that what you are saying? Sorry, but you sound just like every other old, disgruntled, union guy. I'd rather not get my information from people who throw rocks at cops or block businesses and workers from doing their jobs for no apparent reason.

Ron Newman

I don't know who to believe, but a good newspaper would report this story from all sides -- owners, management, satisfied workers, dissatisfied workers, union picketers, Teamster leadership, and even the DPW (for whom this company apparently works). Can the News (or the Journal, or the Globe) do this, please?


Quick question, what right do the Teamsters have to demand a company become union staffed? If the employees voted no, then move on.

To Ron


Carneglia is full of shit. Maybe Teamsters aren't Rhode Scholars, but they aren't stupid enough to pull out a gun at this liar. If they did why didn't he report it to the police? He didn't because he is a scumbag liar.

I don't have a stake in this situation but this guy Carneglia sounds like a total moron.

I say bring back the DPW! I wonder after all these years how much money the city has saved by outsourcing our garbage pick-up?

Does anyone know?

Ron Newman

Did the employees in fact vote? Did that vote occur according to established procedures for a union representation election, that are set forth by the National Labor Relations Board? Was there a secret ballot?

These are the questions a newspaper should be asking.

John T.

Well, the Teamsters were stupid enough to throw rocks at the police the other day. Why wouldn't they be stupid enough to pull out a gun at their perceived nemesis?


First of all Reality you are way off the mark with me. I'm not saying as you stated I am above anyone else thats not what I said or stated in any of the posts. I have never been in any Union or have I ever thrown rocks at cops or anything else you stated in your post. All I have to say is I am a family member of an employee that works at Russells. So yes I do know what goes on inside. The day this all took place I was on the phone and heard what was taking place as it all unfolded. Right down to when Chuck saw the riot cops coming down the street and then told the Mechanic to get the torch and cut the chain. So yes I do know what has taking place there. So please don't say I am sum old union worker because you are so far off. I just want my family to be happy and have my family treated fairly thats all. Do you know anyone that works there?
These posts can go on forever but like I stated before those employees are the one stuck in the middle of this whole issue. Also I don't agree with people throwing anything at anybody on either side my concern is my family member being treated like a human being .So don't assume you know who I am when infact you don't. All I know is that my family is effected by this whole thing no matter what happens either way . Are you effect in this issue ? I'm not looking for a reason to piss people off I have made my staement clear sorry if you mistook what I said.

To John T.

Are you that stupid?

Throwing rocks is one thing, but to pull out a gun is a whole different matter. Also brandishing/showing his gun to the Somerville News representatives is a sign that this guy is not playing with a full deck and should have his permit, if he has one, revoked.

John T.

How is throwing a rock (which can kill someone) any less threatening than pulling out a gun? Sounds like an escalation of union tactics for people who have nothing to lose.

Uncle Junior

Bring the DPW back! No real $$$ saved here while one guys gets rich dancing around in a sombrero with a gun on his ankle!


Paperclip, for some reason I don't believe you. I could be wrong, but what you write sounds like the standard talking points written by local 25.

Regardless, if you do have a relative that works for russell and they dislike it so much they have the choice that everyone else in US has; find a different job. That's what's great about the US, no one is forcing you to stay at your job and work under conditions you don't like (barring extreme circumstances). Sounds like most people like working at russell, so maybe your relative should go somewhere else where they can be happy as well.

I am an anti-union but also anti-greedy employers

I agree about the knife and pants... please!... creditablity please.

I am an anti-union but also anti-greedy employers

Hey paperclip, my instincts too on the pants.


Well Reality
First I am not asking you to believe that I infact have nothing to do with that union. I'm not hear to defend myself. futher more as far as my family member working there it is very hard to find a driving job in massachusetts have you scanned the local papers lately.... So its not as cut and dry as you make it sound to look for another employer , if I may ask what do you do for work? This should not be a all out war on one another who post its about the Russell employees thats all.

Uncle Junior

but did the pants match the sombrero? more importantly - can he dance?

Ron Newman

Has Teamsters Local 25 issued a press release giving their side of the story? For that matter, has the company issued one? These statements would be helpful, even though we know their bias in advance.


You're right it's about Russell's employees. The problem with what you're saying is that Russell's employee's seem happy. Only six signed up for union representation and all the comments in the papers from them have positive towards their working conditions. So maybe it certainly looks like your relative needs to make a change versus Russell.

It's never easy to change jobs, no matter what the market, but there's still a lot of jobs out there and many require very few skills and have decent pay. Quite frankly... Russell is a trash hauler. I would think working at DHL or Clean Harbors would be a step up and there are plenty of those type of jobs available. If your 'relative' wants to be disgruntled and unhappy that's their choice and from of the looks of it, isn't Russell's fault.

union thug

Ron, guys who brandish guns, knives and baseball bats generally don't issue press releases but rather crack your skull open like a soft melon.

Ron Newman

Regardless of that, Teamsters do have a fairly sophisticated public relations operation, so I'd expect them to say something about all of this. They managed to get a positive write-up in this week's Boston Sunday Globe magazine, crediting them with helping the movie industry in Boston.


Ron I agree with you. We need to learn more. However, if a vote has been taken, despite all protests of arm twisting by the anti-Chuckie crowd, didn't the workers speak and shouldn't that be the end of it???

Ron Newman

Yes, provided that:

(a) a vote was actually taken
(b) the vote was done in the manner prescribed by the National Labor Relations Board (secret ballot, etc)
(c) the company didn't intimidate workers into voting "no" (an "unfair labor practice")


absolutely. If it was on the up and up then that should be the end of it. We need to know more. I think Congressman Capuano should mediate this immediately.

Idea Man

Lets get rid of the trash transfer station AND all the storage yards for trash trucks ! Why do we get the STENCH every summer? Somerville always gets the crap. Where is the anti-union Curtatone men now? Maybe Tom Champion can give us another anti-union quote.

Joe K.

Ron, don't you think that if there were any evidence whatsoever that any of the three conditions you list occurred that the Teamsters would have filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board already? That complaint would be public and I'm sure the union would publicize that.

Ron Newman

Similarly, the company can file a complaint with the NLRB if they feel that the Teamsters have engaged in unfair labor practices. Have they done so?

I'm not taking sides here. I'm looking for the necessary information that anyone needs to have before they can even think of taking a side.

Joe K.

I have no idea if Russell has filed a complaint. Again, I think if so, had he would have made it know. Although, I'm not sure what he could file a complaint about other than if the union somehow tampered with the vote they held or they intimidated the employees before the vote.

Ron Newman

If there was no NLRB-approved vote, and a "card check" campaign is in progress, the Teamsters' picket (and especially locking the gate) could itself be an unfair labor practice worthy of a complaint.


This comment is to Reality
First I would like to say I not sure why you seem to be twisting my words everytime I post something. First you still didn't answer my question to you about were you our employed, second in the last post you stated that the workers at Russell are happy were did you hear that because nothing I have read or heard has stated anything like your saying. Third your statement you made about my family member about working at a rubbish company who the hell are you to Judge anyone for there job that they do everyday. Then say to go get a job at one of the other companies would be a step up, let me just say you are a real peice of work these men who work in the rubbish business are dam hard working people and who are you to tear apart the character of those people. If it was not for those guys picking up everyones trash what would all the cities & town look like. I can't belive you are smashing people who do an Honest days work, what next are you gonna start on all the city workers now.Grow up !!!!!!!

steve .38 special

somerville aka 1965.........

union thugs - whg - guns -knives - busting

heads - aka hoffa ..... hanging guys on

fishooks - dropping crates on heads -

i dont know nothin - i dont see nothin.....

are we going back to this? whats next?

winter hill shootout?


{Sigh...} Paperclip, you've got to be kidding me. I'd really for you to comprend what I was saying, but it seems like you don't want to or don't have the ability to. So I'll try to be a bit clearer.

This is not the Soviet Union. This is America. You have the ability to change your job if you don't like it. You said your 'relative' couldn't find another job. I gave you only two examples (of the many)and pointed out that they might actually like a different type of job better.

You can go back and look at all the statements in the papers over the past week see that Russell's employee are content with the way their working environment is currently set up. Again, only six out of over a hundred employees signed up for union representation. So it seems like your 'relative' is in the minority.

So what does that mean...? What it means to me is that your 'relative' can go about their life being disgruntled and blaming other people for their problems or they can take the initiative and go find another job cause things aren't changing at Russell from the looks of it. Who knows... maybe they'll be happier at another place.

BTW, I work in the transportation field. Not that it is relevant to this discussion whatsoever.


First Reality do not insult my intelligence. I am a very well educated person, so your statement is out of line. Also let me just inform you that the statement you made about on six out of the 120 employees want the union, well those numbers came from Chuck Carneglia's mouth look back and you will find thats were those numbers originated from. Infact that company does not have 120 people between driver and labors. Futher more take a ride down one morning and count the trucks yourself and you do the math. Also as you stated about my family member who works there is a disgruntled worker infact he is not he just wants to be fairly treated like every other hard working american no matter were a person works so again your statement was out of line. Here is a little FYI for you Reality, this week at Russells Chuck finally took of the deadbolt lock that was on the door so everyone can finally enter the building so now the driver don't have to stick there hand through a window to get the keys for there trucks so see its some what of a difference since this whole issue started, maybe this was a small step and not a hugh one but I was always told you need to crawl before you can walk. hopefully things will change for the better through out this company for all of those guys. Once all the dust settles hopefully everyone gets what they want on both side. Update
Russell guys got there checks on Saturday and yup they got screwed again big surprise!!!!!


For someone who claims to be "very well educated", you have some piss-poor grammar skills. Remember, punctuation is your friend.


CHUCK is one of the finest employers to work for. CHUCK pays well, cares for his employees and is a credit to our community. I love the man and the opportunity he has provided me. Do not believe the lies about CHUCK.

Ron Newman

At this point, the stories being told on the two sides are so divergent that I have no idea who to believe (if anyone).


If Chuck is such a fine employer, then why are several government agencies investigating his business and its illegal activities? Also, let me dispell some rumors from some lazy journalists, it seems that they don't bother with fact checking. First no one pulled a gun out during the festivities at Russell, gutless Chuck just showed his in full view of the police, I guess that is legal. Second, the only person with a knife was Chuck's supervisor, who was arrested for pulling it out and threatening to cut Teamsters. Third, no one threw a single rock at anyone, check out any of the 10 videos online.If rocks were thrown, wouldn't people have been charged with assault?

Fourth, more than half of the workers chose the Teamsters to represent them, not the 6 that the media reported. Fifth, last week, Chuck reported to the NLRB that he has 75 employees, not the 120 that he told the media. Chuck is being exposed, stay tuned, there are 3 sides to every story!!!!

Ron Newman

By "chose the Teamsters", are you referring to an NLRB-sponsored secret-ballot union representation election, or to a card check?


Ron don't buy this pack of lies. Union thugs tried to intimidate us but we won't go.

Ron Newman

I'm trying to hear both sides out fairly. Really, this is what the newspaper should be doing. Why doesn't the News offer an equal number of column inches to the company and the union, so that readers can make up their own minds?

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