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January 21, 2008


Random Hookup

If you are going to hit a business, that's the one. I've never seen it open in 9 years living in the neighborhood.


They used to do retail business as well, but they've been exclusively online/order for the last five years or so, maybe more?


They are no longer a retail store. They sell mostly to hotels and corporations.


Great photos!!!!!!!!!


Is it true that Newman was picking up the ice on the ground around the car accident and took it home to put it in his freezer? Chilled Martinis for later!


Yikes - Thank heavens noone was walking by at that moment -- Life IS a crapshoot. Wrong place, wrong time and your gone.


By the looks of the sidewalk and the areas around the doesn't look like taking down the hydrant caused any water damage.

Was the hydrant working?

Water dept.

its not like a "hollywood" hydrant. Somerville has dry hydrants with the water below the frost line. In warmer climates they have wet hydrants that are always filled with water. The funny part is that she was able to hit the hydrant. Usually there are cars parked in front of it !!


They have the best chocolate in the city and a fantastic owner. Check it out!

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