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January 31, 2008


tommy boy

It didn't take the Mayor long to spit in the face of the Greater Boston Labor Council that foolishly endorsed him.


I thought goverment contracts like roadwork,bridges
etc. are supposed to have union laboreres to begin with im not sure?? anyway why wouldnt they want to join the union that would double or maybe triple some of thier pay they are obviously hiding something like illegals, drivers not being properly liscensed or drug use i know if i worked there and was making 6$ an hour and was offered union and getting paid like 20 with health insurance i would jump on it well whatever its definatly SHADY anyway


John, have you ever considered that maybe Russell's employees don't see the need to join a union? Perhaps they get better salaries and benefits now and don't want to lumped with a group of people that acted so childish in December.


When a majority of the union cards were signed were the Russell employees speaking up for union representation? By paying cash, is Russell taking it upon themselves to reclassify workers as "at-will employees"? Who is now responsible for paying the FICA, FICA Medicare, Federal Tax, State Tax and health insurance premiums? You are right, the employees and employer benefit when all of these payroll costs are avoided.

Will the AGO find that because the employees and employer colluded together in avoiding paying what is owed to the IRS and social security that a RICO investigation might be in order? I think that standing up for what is right is much less childish than climbing fences and dancing with a sombrero. You decide....


Observer you have evidence of all of this correct? If not, you could have a nasty lawsuit on your hands.

Perhaps you can share your evidence or provide a link to it. Otherwise I'll consider it to be more of the same lies the Teamsters have been trying to push out for the past couple of months.


While disappointed that the Aldermen went forward with the Russell contract, I don't consider that the Mayor or other candidates supported by the Boston Central Labor Council or my union "spit in the face" of any union. I disagree with the majority vote but we are not one issue organizations either. Aldermen Sullivan, White, Trane and Gewritz deserve all the credit for standing up for the Russel workers who don't have a voice . . . yet. Bill Roche, Sean O'Donovan, Jack Connolly and Tom Taylor have been stand up elected officials on workers issues throughout their careers. I will take them to task for a mistake on this vote and I believe that when the AG and other agencies are done they will regret supporting the Russel contract. I suspect they will have the opportunity to redeem themselves several times over the next couple of years as this city's elected officials have been leaders in pro-worker fights.

Coincidence or what?

Is it a coincidence or what?

This story was published today.

US, Italy Arrest Dozens in Mafia Sweep
By Edith Honan,
Posted: 2008-02-07 18:46:38

NEW YORK (Feb. 7) - Police in the United States and Italy arrested 77 suspected members of the Mafia on Thursday, including some of its most wanted leaders, for an array of crimes going back more than 30 years.

“The U.S. investigation focused on the Gambino family once run by the late John Gotti. The indictment charges one Gambino family soldier, Charles Cameglia, with at least five murders dating to 1976.”

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