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January 24, 2008



Whats up with this now first they dont want to unionize it sounds like ICE needs to start investigating whether there are illegals working there ill bet more than half of them are who wouldnt want to unionize and get way more money unless they are hiding something this company is very SHADY i know when the city hires contractors for road jobs they have to be union workers why should this be different


The City of Revere just rejected Russell's low bid for trash collection, instead awarding the contract to Capital Waste Services. Awarding authorities and cities can reject bids when a contractor isn't "a responsible" low bidder.

Cambridge is dropping Russell. Revere doesn't want the company. There is clearly something wrong here. If the Somerville Board of Aldermen rush into a contract with Russell and then Russell is found to have violated wage and labor laws, voters should be demanding to know what is going on.


CHUCK is the man. He has done right by his workers and can dance like a champion in his sombrero!


$12,000 for yard waste is the only increase? What yard waste? The DPW's?


The procurement officer must “award the contract to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder.” Id. at § 5(g). A “responsible bidder or offeror” is defined by statute as “a person who has the capability to perform fully the contract requirements, and the integrity and reliability which assures good faith performance.” Id. at § 2. A “responsive bidder or offeror” is defined as “a person who has submitted a bid or proposal which conforms in all respects to the invitation for bids or request for proposals.” Id.

Having done legal work involving the Uniform Procurement Act, I can tell you that the awarding of contracts by local govenrment is rife with corruption, backhanders and under the table dealing. Can you say smoke filled room?

Wiliam Hurst

I hope the city gets this one right. Russell needs to be investigated concerning wage and labor law violations. If it means that my property taxes have to go up, so be it. I enjoy the "hand" of our government leaders being in my pocket taking more and more until there is nothing left to give. As long as this helps our Union Brothers and Sisters I am in favor of this. I can only hope and pray that all of you reading this feel the same way I do.

Senor Verdad

Mi amigos, Senor Chuck is mi amigo y es bueno hombre!


You are completely right John, this company is as SHADY as they can get. Those who vow for this type of work environment and this so called "employer" are those who have too many skeletons in their closets and guess who hires them?, Mr. Chuck Carneglia. Mr. Señor Verdad, I bet you are one of the small, small handful of employees at F. W. Russell who by brownnosing is paid your full 40 hr week pay + other "incentives".

Sadly, that is not the typical case for the other 50 + employees who are working without lunch breaks, paid overtime, unpaid holidays throughout the year and getting paid what Mr. Carneglia thinks they should get paid on a weekly basis. Russell does not offer a comprehensive health and dental plan for employees or any other fringe benefits. However, word on the street is Mr. Russell is putting all the city's money in his collection of boats in NH and his own personal pocket. It's about time Somerville intervenes and clean-up the dirt.

The photo in this article is just a reminder of how day by day illegal immigrants stand right below the number "120" sign posted on the outside wall, under the rain, snow or whatever wheather condition the day brings, waiting 2 or more hours to be assigned a route.

City's who have contracts with companies like this one, need to take a second look on the contracts and companies offering lower bids. At what cost? Having illegal workers and drivers with substance abuse history driving on our streets?


I live right around the corner from Russells Broadway/Lombardi location, I drive by the guys getting ready to go out on the road every morning. I would be willing to put money on the fact that the majority of the guys working out of that location are illegal.


well call ICE on them they are opening a new facility in burligton im sure they would be happy to investigate whether they are hiring illegals i dont know the numbers to call but if anyone has info on how to report this actuvity i would like to know


I worked for russell for a year and a half. I never once got a paycheck for less than 40 hours and was paid the vacation time I was owed on my last day of work. My last paycheck was even mailed to my new address in Maine. I took a break for lunch everyday. If you show up, work hard, you get treated right, ever heard "you get back what you put in?"


all the workers are illegal and most under the table

the clock is ticking

Stan, Russel Disposal, City Of Somerville, must we say anymore? Read between the lines, and guess whats taking place!

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