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December 22, 2007



The social changes caused by the digital- electronic-computer age today's children live in, have robbed then of the joy of the wonder of the toys that came out from the 60's.
Although, I'm sure if anyone in your neighborhood had a 3D high def video game with surround sound in 1965, we would have all dropped our bats and gloves, burned our Lincoln Logs,and spent endless hours at Johnny's house.
Thinking back to the beginning all of this leisure time in America starting with the post WWII prosperity and the emergence of a new "middle class". The television, and the mass marketing it enabled, have brought us to where we are today. With out the "telly" none of those toys so fond to our hearts would have made it! Oh, and let's not forget N.A.S.A. research that actually made the breakthroughs that allowed us to enjoy all those gadget's of the 20th century.
But enough of the lame historical perspective.

Jim, thank you for your recent articles and thought's. I bought my first record at Bernie's in Porter Square, "Wipe Out" by the Surfari's. First Album "Meet the Beatles", which worked me and my 4 siblings into such a frenzy my grandfather moved the "Magnavox Stereo Console" out of the Parlor. The best things I remember about Porter Square were Kresge's Snack bar, "Pop the Balloon Sundae's" were 1 cent to 29 cents based on the price on the little piece of paper in the balloon you popped! Gilchrist's Basement was also cool, but I never could locate the "upstairs" store.
Davis Square also had the huge slot car track at the store accross from the Phone Company, Now Rite-aid. I loved the smell of the spent electrons burning off the copper brushes on the cars.
I too received "Magical Mystery Tour" and listened to it for hours every day that Christmas vacation in 1968(?). I remember our gang on the stoop discussing whether or not the Beatles were on drugs or not because some of those new songs were so different and made you feel strange.
In an attempt to bring those day's back, this year I discussed finding an Aluminum Tree complete with Pom-Pom branch ends and color wheel, but was shocked at the going prices. Evergleam and Hollytime were two of the popular brand names. And alas, my now adult children would not concur on the decision, I had to go fresh!
Merry Christmas from Cape Ann!

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