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December 15, 2007


Ron Newman

Always fun to read your columns, Jimmy. Where were the Bargain Center and the A&P ?


Yes, a lot of snow is in the air.


Thanks for reminiscing Jimmy! I think everyone had a hassock with hay and duct tape :) My grandfather used to come home, his cup of tea would be ready for him. He would sit in his naughahyde 'leather' chair with his feet on the hassock watching Mash or the news. He'd always tell one of us kids to get up to change the channel, usually to 56 or 38. Remember those vice-grip knobs???

Mike Bonanno

I remember getting the invite to those sunday dinners.

Frank Bucca

F.J. Jones was the maker of in-ground garbage cans. They were located on Clifton Steeet, or Newberne Street-[forget which]- both close to each other, and parallel to each other, off of Morrison Avenue. Ran down to and ended at the old B&M [freight[ railroad the bike path.

The garbage collectors owned pig farms up in Wilmington, and probably elsewhere. They used the swill for feeding their pigs.

The Davis Square A&P was located om Summer Street, across from the Winter Hill Savings Bank.

The Bargain Center was just west of the Rosebud, same side of the street.

The Surrey Room was an belated add-on to the Rosebud. I played fast-pitch softball-[Somerville rec-league]--Rosebud was our sponsor in the 60's.
The Surrey Room had live bands and dancing.
Now a restaurant.

I went to Bingham Grammar School on Lowell Streetin the 1930's-[now apartment buildings occupy the site]- we had a custodian named Mr. Del Ponte.
Also was a teacher in the system named Miss Del Ponte.
Both related?? to you, Jimmy?

Yep--I'm old as dirt...graduated Somerville High 1949;... Korean War Vet.
My wife graduated SHS 1950..met her there.
Married 54 years.
Still live in Somerville.


Ron Newman

> The Davis Square A&P was located on Summer Street, across from the Winter Hill Savings Bank.

What's now in that location is an industrial-looking building that still says "Dole Publishing" near the top, although the Dole newspapers moved out a decade or more ago. Was the A&P torn down to put this up, or did the A&P used to occupy this building?


Hey Frank B ...The custodian was my Grandfather. I dont know about any miss Del Ponte. Thanks for the comments !!! Jimmy

Frank Bucca

Basically the same building As the A&P it use to have one entrance/exit fronting Summer Street.

The building hasd been reconfigured over the years allowing for additional entities-[Dole/ Somerville Journal for one]- all with their their own entrances/exits.

In other words, the basic building was "cut-up."


What I remember most about your Grandfather.
He had a fabulous sense of humor....always kidding the kids and teachers.

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