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December 28, 2007


Jim Gray

If I had "multiple domestic violence arrests and the four restraining orders taken out against him by four different women," I do not think I would be running for pubic office. Was he delusional or what?


Most likely, the Mayor or his staff thought this would be good publicity (paid by our taxes).


None of you guys have ever been divorced? I've been through 3 and every single time I've had restraining orders tossed on me too. 2 of the times I wasn't even in the state - and I never hit a woman in my life -- it's just a ploy a lot of women do for sympathy. It is the way of our times.

I'm not saying some people don't deserve them, but it's gotten so easy for someone who is pissed to throw one at you that some are frivolous.

Chances are Rick's restraining orders were in that class.


Dude, you got to get your delusions straight before posting: you're a lifelong Ward 7 resident with two out-of-state divorces?


No. I wasn't in the state when the "incidents" supposedly occurred. I was living here, but I was travelling. I had proof.


and I have lived other places - I went to college away and then well.. went away (still in the state, but a "guest"). Now I am back.

Ron Newman

If somoene has four restraining orders against him, and the women are lying, that suggests the man doesn't have very good judgment skills and repeatedly makes bad choices. So I still wouldn't entrust him with a public office.


I think IMUX should run next time around - hell he only has three divorces and Scirocco has his four r.o. s. IMUX looks tame in comparision. Seriously, IMUX is correct in that some women use the r.o. as a hammer. They can claim someone made a telephone call or even a message sent via a third party. DSS even demands mothers seek a r.o. against a father/husband/boyfriend if a child is living in the house or they will take the child away!

Jim Gray

Imux, even if we accept that all the restraining orders are bs...he has still been arrested multiple times for domestic violence. Of course that doesn't mean that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It does mean that the police had probable cause to believe that domestic violence had taken place. Are those arrests all down to lying women as well? There is alot of smoke here. I would hazard a guess that there is some fire.


Hey Jim maybe he belongs down in East Somerville where we fat, cigarette smoking, fast food eating Latinos know how to treat our women.

Bill Shelton

I do think that an Imux candidacy would make for a miiiiighty interesting campaign season. He has strong opinions that might flush out some of our chameleon-like incumbents, and he's a lot more articulate than Scirocco.

Al B, Tross

Mayor Joe always has a bunch of his appointees
around him anyway. Couldn't some of these guys have kept an eye on him. I know a couple of them pack heat .

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