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December 13, 2007



hey Mole, any of Boss Hoggs and Joeycake buddies have plow accounts? We gots to know !!

The Mole

Sure they have snow banks full. But Hog has been blowing head gaskets with several new vehicles already breaking down having to head back to the barn for repairs. This allows the snow accumulation to build up making the commute more of a nightmare.

Hats off to the DPW crew. But watch vigilantly in the contractor trucks. Hog's son has been known to be in one on many other occasions. The most often one is the fencing company the City has working for them.

The Mole

Ron Newman

"As a newly added notification measure this year, flashing blue lights have been installed at 22 key intersections at entryways to the city."

This blue light in Davis Square was NOT operating when I walked by it around 11:15 this morning. Are they working elsewhere in the city?


Snow fight! :)

makes sense

I*D*E*A !!! Hey, lets put the blue lights on engine 4 and drive it around the city !! better than having it sit idle another day.
Maybe a plow on front and it could throw trash in back. EVEN better, Manboobs can drive it !!!!!!


Yay! Brilliant!

Ron Newman

The Davis Square blue light was still not lit when I returned to the area around 5:30 pm. Clearly the city hasn't gotten all the bugs out of this system yet.


Bugs? It's just a freaking flashing blue light, not a nuclear reactor!! :-)


another "waste" of city money. Maybe lay off a few cops to pay for the bulbs.

Snow Plows

Well, I had to leave my car in the street when I arrived home about 4:30 yesterday, while I cleared about 2 feet of plowed snow, ice, and dead leaves out of my driveway - thank you DPW. During the evening we shovelled 3 more times. But in order to get to work this morning I had to shovel again - about 3 feet of snow, ice, dead leaves, and slush. And they want to ticket people who don't clear their sidewalks? I just shoveled a whole street's worth of snow out of my driveway - who do I ticket for that???


Get over it Snow Plows- DPW did a great job. Last night around 11 most of the roads were cleared and plowed. Not a small feat considering the traffic, cars, and amount of snow. Yea you have to shovel out your driveway, but we all do, where else do you want them to put the plowed snow?? They do not intentionally say "let me put snow in this guy's driveway." Deal..............and great job DPW.

lifelong res

Great job DPW! The streets of Somerville look fantastic, atleast the streets I drove on.


The sidewalks where I walk did not looks so good.


Moonbats, I just shovelled 12" of "climate warming" off my sidewalk! I told you morons that all the hype and BS about climate warming was just that. Tell Al Gore to do something constructive like invent the Internet.

Your friend, Imux


Another gem of inanity from our friend Imux!

Old Timer

WHAT, you guys have driveways !!! Lucky bastards. I always wished I could afford to live in the suburbs like West Somerville.

Get With It Rob Stop Blowing your Horn or is it Boss Hog

Oh Rob!, if the DPW did a such a great job how come the Schools were closed today? Probably because of the fact you plowed in all the sidewalks making it hazadous for the students to get to their schools.

Rob in Ward 7

My street looked pretty good this morning. No complaints here. I don't understand how so many people didn't shovel their cars out but that's their problem.


Yeah, my street looked great THIS morning too. So the DPW should get a pat on the back for being able to get the roads cleared a mere 10 hours after it stopped snowing? How about the fact that Broadway was a frickin' skating rink at 7:15 last night when I finally broke free of the gridlock on 93 and made it back into Somerville. It looked like it hadn't seen a plow or road salt all day. That's just ridiculous to the point of dangerous. And it's not like there was so much traffic in the way it couldn't be plowed. Really, people were running the lights because if they stopped they weren't going to be able to get moving up the hill again. After 3 hours in the car I thought I was going to die 3 blocks from my house. Is this what I pay taxes for?

Bill Shelton

Well, Imux, climate scientists hypothesize that lower temperatures in the higher latitudes, particularly Northern Europe, may be one of the early stages of heat-induced climate changes. I know that sounds paradoxical. Here’s how it works.

The thermohaline conveyor currents (e.g. the Gulf Stream) bring warmed upper layers of ocean water from the tropics, toward the poles. As they approach the poles, the waters become colder, and sink. The colder, heavier water on the lower layers are then conveyed back toward the tropics. As the tropical sun warms the water, it rises again, replacing the warmed water that the upper currents have carried toward the poles in the earlier part of the cycle. (The upper currents are created by winds, which, due to the earth’s rotation, blow toward the poles.)

Global warming is melting he ice packs, shelves, and glaciers near the poles. Empirical measurements show that this process is happening much faster that even the computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecasted. The melt water is fresh, rather than salty, and therefore, lighter. As that cold fresh water flows into the oceans, it doesn’t sink, stalling thermohaline circulation, and making the temperate zones less temperate.

--Your friendly neighborhood moonbat,


city's and town's did a terrible job of plowing on Thursday - everyone was let off at the same time and a normal commute home from kendall square is usually 20 minutes and it ended up taking 2 hours. how can anyone say the city did a good job in plowing on thursday. Keep smokin what your smokin...................

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