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December 21, 2007


Mary Lou

Maybe we need more diversity on the School Committee.....(especially in Ward 5)

Also, as far as technology is concerned, I think this Superintendent has done an excellent job keeping parents and employees up to date on everything that is going on in the schools, including no school announcements, and early release days by computerized phone calls and messages. Great call, by the way, on the early release day the Thursday of the storm.

I would give the Superintendent at solid A-on his job performance.


I think Pierantozzi’s doing a fine job as well (maybe we can rename the Argenziano School after him at some point, he's outshining his predecessor and then some).

But Neidergang's puzzling comment aside (Isn't there an african-american principal at the brown School? Maybe he's thinking about teachers...) good luck getting more diversity out of Ward Five, Mary Lou.


maybe you can buy this guy a razor and some clothes - he showed up at the school fire and I thought it was a homeless guy looking to warm up.


Well, maybe it was because it was 5:30 a.m. How do you look at that hour of the morning. It was an emergency. Do you think he should have taken the time to shower and put on a suit before he came to the fire.


Hell, they couldn't even get in touch with the Superintendnet of Building and Grounds that morning. He never repsones to anything happening.


Here we go again with the diversity charade. I want the best teachers in the school. If that means all white, all black, or M&Ms....I do not care. A good teacher is a good teacher. Lets get away from this windown dressing to real substance.


Mary I look as fresh as a daisy at that hour. Jack is right on the super of the Buildngs and Grounds - why is he never held accountable?

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