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December 29, 2007



You've written an excellent essay touting the good work of small presses. Thank you for sharing your story.


I was so touched to read this. I come from Middle east, I have been always writing poetry in english and this pours more home into my world...

I could feel the spark, it is what lights the fire

A letter from Nasra- in response

Poetry, community and the small press

I was so touched reading your article on the above subject on The Somerville News. It had so much inspired me, and it reminds me a bit of where I have come from.. I’m an Afro Arab poet. I never thought one day I will publish, but then I found my self with first book Collective Thoughts, poetry and collective arts of children with cancer in my country Oman. I thought that it is hard even though I put the book as charity project to bring awareness on children with cancer. Then once again I saw myself with 2nd book Within Myself: the willpower to live beyond cancer. First time coming to face to face with women who are touched with breast cancer and creating a door for voices of Omani Arab women to tell their stories how they fought cancer. I sprinkled it with my own poetry and the book 100% was charity project for our only cancer association in Oman. Now I see myself once again on a challenge to bring Tanzanian women with breast cancer. Their true stories on how they are taking a journey with cancer and first project outside my country. I’m so clueless on how to publish a book on a international level but because of the type of project it opened up many doors for me as a poet. Your work in hospital is inspiration for me, I hope one day I can too just reach to be as half as poetry therapist because poetry for sure it did change my destiny.. Thank you for standing in the face of challenges for the sake of poetry .. Nasra Al Adawi

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