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December 19, 2007


Goldie Wilson

Is the bike path always such a mess coming out of Davis when it snows? Seems like the plows leave an inch thick layer of snow that becomes a complete sheet of ice.

lifelong res

The City did an awful job plowing Sunday. I think the Mayor blew it by not calling a snow emergency. The plows couldn't get down the side streets. They are a mess and not wide enough on most street.

Tank McNamara

Well me lads and lassies, it does not surprise me that the "real" Commissioner of the DPW finally gets recognized for his hard work and dedication to the City of Somerville. You will not find an individual from Galway to Somerville who works as hard as Mr. Barry.

The city was indeed in great shape!

Off to listen to the "Irish Belly Dancer" by the late and great Albert l. "Dapper" O'Neil.

Top of the morning to you and say a prayer for Dapper!

I am;

Tank McNamara


I was glad to see them working hard at the Sacramento underpass, on Monday. It was an ice sheet there.


I've lived in and around this city most of my life except for college and a brief stint as a guest of the "state". I have to agree that they should have called an emergency on Sunday. The side streets are as bad as they've ever been and until the last 2 overnights - Broadway and Holland were a disaster.

And "Prince of the Progressives, Rep. Carl Sciortino"... err... I think you meant Queen. It's the progressives... 2 queens is normal for them.


anyone seen Dr. Mrs. McCarthy?
Maybe still licking her wounds from the last election.

Ron Newman

If there are two queens, does that mean one of them was formerly a pawn?


Ron, he might have been born a pawn, but he's a friggin queen now. I say environment - others say genetics. Oy Vey!


Just wanted to say, keep up the great work. This is news at its best!!! You guys really know how to break stories without infusing the content with conservative politics and pettiness. I'll look no further when I want to read objective and skilled reporting. Thanks!


Just wanted to thank all the hard working snow plow drivers, with all the snow we got in the past week it's amazing that the city looks as good as it does...

Keep up the good work guys! We know your tired and have been working hard but we appreciate your hard work and dedication...

You guys deserve praise from the top down expecially the hard working TB who keeps the guys going in the right direction.

Thanks again!


Now that Pork Bradley
"Never met a piece I turn down" is on the outs where OH where will the grass be as green? To put his wall hangings he sure won't take them home.



Pint Size Plumber

I wanted to thank Stan K, and Tom B for doing a great job supervising the snow removal. I have to call it how it is.


Terrible job of plowing -*******************

Cambridge was plowed much better - you can actually find a parking spot in the city ----------------

The Mole

You say Everett Mayor Hanlon sent their DPW commissioner to take notes on how to fight snow over here to mirror Boss Hog and this is an accolade for Somerville? I would say if Denver’s DPW commissioner did this but Everett? Hanlon is as bad as his predecessor and only won the Mayoral race because of the latter incompetence. He was bad as City Clerk and continues to fail as a Mayor.

Hog didn’t do as good as a job as one could have, especially this past Sunday without calling for a snow emergency. As noted by other posters, side streets are horrible, impassable and strewed with snow ruts.

So please do not talk about heroic efforts from this DPW commissioner when it isn’t what it is.

On another note:

Oh where oh where has Gannon gone?
Oh where oh where can he be?
Sitting in a room with the elbow bent
Oh where oh where can he be?

The Mole

Ron Newman

The Somerville streets I've walked down seem mostly well-plowed.

But if the city is going to require homeowners and landlords to shovel sidewalks, then the city needs to do the same thing for sidewalks adjoining its own property. The sidewalk next to the Day Street metered parking lot was still unwalkable as of about 10 pm last night.

Another DPW Fan

First, I too would like to thank Tommy Barry and Stan Koty for the work done during the last two storms, but let's not forget about the actual people who were out "doing" the plowing (and are still at it doing the removal). Let's give credit where credit is due.... to the DPW guys. These guys have done a great job (and do so every storm). They work long, hard hours to get our streets "snow free" and what kind of "thanks" do they get from some people.... things being thrown at them, being sworn at, etc.

To sum it up.......Tommy did/does a great job coordinating and supervising, for that we thank him, but I also think we should recognize the DPW guys and send a BIG THANK YOU to them for the long and hard hours they put in to keep us all safe. Merry Christmas!

Tank McNamara

Here's to the Ville of the shamrock so green,
Here's to each lad and his darlin plow machine...

Here's to the ones we love dearest and most.

May God bless old Somerville and it's DPW workers, that's this Irishman's toast!

Tank McNamara

Inman Square

What did happen to John Gannon? Is he gone? The term "Acting City Solicitor" implies that he is. His name is still on the City's web site.

What?  Are you serious???

The clean up from the first storm was excellent -- much better than Cambridge. The second storm was handled as poorly as any I've ever seen here - side streets weren't plowed out until Tuesday, and even then, just barely. The main streets aren't much better. A complete disgrace and inconvenience.

Ron Newman

I wondered whether the snow emergency shoujld have been kept in effect for the weekend, rather than being ended mid-day Friday and never reinstated. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to make decisions like that.

Snow Job

Koty & Barry????? Don’t make me laugh! Koty got the job done by acting like a thug. He treated every plow driver like a dog. Didn’t give them a break. Constant harassment and unfair treatment. (Well, not all the plow drivers got treated like this) (wink wink).
Lets see how smooth the rest of the winter goes when nobody comes into work because of these pompous assess. Barry is just a yes man. He’s a puppet for Koty and anyone else who can do something for him. If you can’t do something for them, they have no use for you. Barry & Koty don’t even live in Somerville. Stan says jump and Tommy says how high and how often. Give the credit to the deserving highway superintendent and his employees, the building & Grounds workers and all the laborers out there breaking their backs shoveling snow. Anyone can sit in a warm office and bark out orders like Koty and Barry.


That's funny, I saw Koty and Barry out in the streets all during the storm in the blizzard in the elements doing their jobs! As a matter of fact ehey have been seen by everyone out in every storm since he took office! So what are you yapping about Snowjob! You moron!


Snow Job is Imux, in case you have not figured that out.

The Mole

Let's all raise our glasses in toast to J.G. Opps, sorry J.G., you're not allowed too according to your sponser.

Merry Christmas all and to all a Good Night.

The Mole

Tank McNamara

Snow Job:

You must be a card carrying member if not the president of the local fellowship of the miserable. I am not a resident of your great city, but feel compelled to speak out against such negatism. I know first hand Mr. Barry's commitment to the City of Somerville. This man is 24/7 and whenever a problem arises, he not only steps to the plate, but hits a home run to ensure that every problem is resolved no matter the time of day. Your city now shines from days of y'ore because of his efforts.

Be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.....!

May the spirit of Christmas shine upon you!

I am;



Who'd J.G.? Barry is a punk. One of the biggest punks ever to work in this city.

Tank McNamara

Yuletide: I am not feeling the love from you man! Are those comments necessary during Holy Week. You must have been a holdover from Mayor S. Lester Ralph's administration and I understand your frustration if that is the case.

I am;


Tank McNamara

New Somervillian

Holy Week my ass! The pope is a crook, organized religion is evil.


I hope you rot in hell. It's wrong to critisize people's religous beliefs. New Somervillian should post his real name!

New Somervillian

It is wrong to make numerous spelling errors in a single line! Hater should have focused on learning how to write, instead of wasting time playing silly sports.


I love you dude!


Tom B.a punk?Your nuts,it's clear you don't know this man.Some people don't like Tom because he calles it like it is.You should be glad he is here for the city.At the drop of a hat he respondes.You don't want anybody but Tom calling the shots for snow or even day to day operations.Your lucky you don't a puppet in the highway dept.Get your head out of the snow bank!

Another Opinion

I think Tommy B. is nothing but a shoe-shine boy... and a punk. He never met an ass that he didn't like to smooch. In case you missed it, he is a puppet in the highway department.

I'm with you Yuletide... against the punk.

Tom B does his job

Even though Tom B does kiss ass, he does a great job! He's does a great job at what he does. The job involves kissing ass! Its not his fault. I dont care what arse he kisses as long as its not mine!


Leave Tom alone, losers. If he does a good job, who cares how he does it?

Another Opinion

Hold your tongue, Election. After reading the drivel you post here, I'm quite certain you're a loser.

As for Tommy B., put a good shine on that guy's knob, punk!

Remember, he's nothing but a shoe-shine boy. I'm being kind because it's Christmas.


Does he do a good job? If so, he can shoe-shine anything he wants. If not, complain to his boss.

The Mole

J.G. is the City Solicitor appointed by the Mayor and anointed, "Rubber Stamped", by the BOA.

Happy New Year, drinks all around except for ONE.

The Mole

Tom Barry

To Opinion and the rest of you punks...

I can be found at the highway shop all day, if you have an opinion or want to discuss anything you can come on by.


Tom the tough guy

Yes, Tom can be found at the highway shop all day, all night and all weekend. You will find him and a couple of punks getting drunk, snorting coke and polishing knobs.


Tom will you be wearing the pink dress?


Why would you talk sh*t, Tom calls you out and you continue to talk. That is the sign of a punk. Why don't you try stepping up to the plate?

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