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December 12, 2007



So is the Paddock open again? I haven't been by in awhile.


"the Progressive’s hate it"
"Officer’s Derek Dottin..."

Bob the Angry Flower would like to have a word with you.


Sullivan against Jehlen? Look, Dennis may be a well-liked guy and all, but frankly Joe Mackey was MUCH more popular, and even he wasn't able to beat "the Queen."

As for Trane v. Sciortino, I would LOVE to see that race. Not because Carl "the prince" would get his clock cleaned, but because Trane would go negative (you're kidding yourselves if you think otherwise) and still lose. Then we could put a rest to all this "How dare that mean Rachel Heller and Carl Sciortino say bad things about our friend Bob Trane" nonsense.

(Brittain33, how'd I do with the apostrophes?)

You know who you are......

"What goes around comes around"
It's too bad there are some who let those people in.....

Revenge is a bad reason to run

Trane running against Sciortino would just show that he didn't learn anything from the last election. The fact that Rachel "I Just Got Here" Heller took more than 42 percent of the vote in the race against Bob "My Only Qualification is I've Lived Here All My Life" Trane shows just how formidable he is NOT. He should also have learned how difficult it is to be a challenger. Unlike in the Ward 7 race, he can't just write anonymously on a blog and expect to win simply because he's the incumbent.

To win he's either going to have to go out and start raising money or, like in the ward campaign, use a bunch of his own money, neither of which I think he's up for. He's going to have to distinguish himself from Sciortino by becoming anti-gay marriage, pro-death penalty, anti-affordable housing, anti-choice, etc., none of which would make him very popular outside of his Ward 7 friends. And, he would also simply have to go negative which he allegedly doesn't want to do.

In other words, he would actually have to campaign, something he's clearly not good at and doesn't like very much. Of course, I doubt he's really thought of all this since he's clearly just running because he's mad at Sciortino for endorsing Heller.


Dear Revenge is a bad reason to run.....

this isn't bob trane but we can clearly see your carl, what a jerk.

Iron Mike

Funny! Bob won't run a dirty campaign. He has the news to do it for him! The spin is dizzying!


The Paddock...if Jonnie is such a great waitress why doesnt her own coworker (the bartender) want to hire her....and to be quite honest the service I received from her was nothing to brag about....


I am not worried about the service at the Paddock...One of Bostons best bartender is going to run the'll know him when you see him but his name is Brian or to some of you Mr. Cova...he comes from The Ritz Carlton and is sure to bring his clientel with him as well as the atmosphere...I know the new owners will do great with the help of Brian...b4 you start posting comments make sure to go by and see for yourselves


I thought TOni bought the place


I heard the former chef mike dacova bought the place.

Ron Newman

He may be a fine bartender, but it's hard for me to visualize the Ritz clientele coming to Gilman Square.


thank you Ron i agree and trust me if that was to happen, something is wrong somewhere. Not for nothing its still Pearl & Marshal, but then again maybe he's waiting for the future Green line station across the street?


why don't you guys talk about real news instead of the paddock.there going to do just fine with or with out you guys.


Ladies and gentlemen, Brian here, at your service. Looking forward to see you all there.
Best wishes.


This has nothing to do with this Newstalk post, but I just, this morning, found out that Star Market Winter Hill is closing. Noooooooooooooooo! Has a final decision been made as to what is 'going in' that space? I always thought that a DeMoula's Market Basket would better serve that neighborhood, pricewise. We've all seen the parking lot at Market Basket Somerville Avenue, it is almost always full. I had hoped that a Market Basket would open where the new Stop & Shop is, but I'm assuming they don't carry the clout of a Stop & Shop Company. Thanks, for any information you can provide.

Ron Newman

The Journal printed an article about that a few weeks ago, but never bothered to find out why the store was closing. Can the News do a better job on this, perhpas?

it *is* funny

Hey Ron -- lay off Gilman Square! I love the Paddock and can't wait for its reincarnation. Looking forward to meeting Brian. I just hope they don't change the look and feel of the place ... it's old school in a really good way.

Ron Newman

Hey, I've got nothing against Gilman Square, it's just not a Ritz-Carlton kind of neighborhood.


I think Ron was taking a dig at the Ritz clientele (i.e. Mr. & Mrs. Dodsworth J. Bluenose IV) more than Gilman Square; they're wouldn't be likely to show up if Gargoyles changed ownership, much less the Paddock.

I don't think the cucumber-sandwich and tea set thinks that much of Somerville, if at all.


If your going to publish a comment made by ME please use the correct comment...."The menu has stayed just about the same, Pizza prices have been adjusted accordingly...let's face it they were a little high, and Tripe and mashed potatos should remain on the menu"....yes I said it but not quite the way it was published.....I am a former employee of 16 years and will be a current I went in and spoke with Tony the manager in charge of waitstaff, filled out the appropriate paper work and was told I could keep my job.....that's all we were asked to do....The new owners hire managers for a reason.....they are a nice young couple and I wish them well.....Karen

To Kate

yup, the "overpriced" Winter Hill Star market is closing. Did you know that they were on e of the highest priced stores in the chain? You see they realized that the bulk of their customers had to walk to the store to shop. The elderly and people living in the Mystic housing development were all walkers. The "captured" audience was rewarded with higher prices. Good riddance. Stop and Shop will send you a shuttle if enough people ask.


Sorry Kate, but I have to say good riddance to the Star Market- the quality was lacking, big time. It looked like the produce was what was left on the delivery truck after it had made the rounds to every other store in New England. While the walk to Star Market is shorter for me, I prefer the Stop and Shop big time and take the extra few minutes to go that way.

And I also hope they don't update the Paddock's interior too much. I agree with it*is*funny- the old-school feeling was nice, like walking into a happier past. And some of the best pizza in the greater Boston area.

somerville resident

hey as a resident of somerville I dont appreciate the talking down about my city.We could encourage classy people into our city and maybe there would'nt be so many "problems" and when our kids walk down the street they can see men in suits instead of gangs.I walked by the Paddock the other day and there were a few men fixing the bar it looks amazing from what I could see from the crack in the window. I used to go there and stopped because it got out of control. I cant wait to be able to enjoy a good night out close to home at The Paddock.I think I remember Michael DaCova "the chef" I wish him the best of luck,and he should be happy with all this free advertising

it *is* funny

Craig -- totally agree about the pizza. Great great stuff. I hope Cheryl stayed on with the new ownership ... she's the best.


LOL, Straightdope, guess again. I'm guessing Sciortino has better things to do, unlike me.

Speaking of such, what does Trane do? He gave himself $26,000 for the campaign, yet he makes less than that in a year for his alderman duties, but on his campaign finance reports he lists Alderman as his job... well, anyone else wondering where he gets his money? Maybe he inherited or already made his millions when he was doing real estate, but no one seems to know.


To Kate - no, I didn't know that. I knew that the Shaws/Star on Huntington Avenue (I work near there) had higher sale prices on some items I bought, but I never realized it was true for the Broadway Star; that really burns me.

Craig - I agree with you about all your Star complaints -- yes, the produce is crappy; I'm just worried that there will be no supermarket, of any kind, on that spot. A large part of my sadness about Star closing is for sentimental reasons; it was a huge convenience to get off the bus and pick up cat food or bread/milk, on the way home. I got used to seeing the employees. Also, it was nice chatting with the longtime employees, as well as watching some of the student employees advance from cashier to supervisor or manager. I really do love Stop & Shop, but it's more about having a Super-size supermarket than the actual chain.

Ron Newman

One problem with Super Stop&Shop is that it's a long walk with heavy bags to the 89 or 101 bus. As far as I know, no bus line serves it directly at all.

I'd really like to see a fence opening in Foss Park opposite the Stop & Shop entrance, so people could walk easily through the park between the store and the residential neighborhood west of the park.

Ghetto Chopper

There is a really cheap market in Worcester called Price Chopper aka Ghetto Chopper. I think one would fit in well in Somerville.


I remember being told years ago by an employee that the prices were higher at the Winter Hill Star because they experienced a lot of theft. Don't know if that's still true, but it's possible. It would be one reason why a chain store might charge more money in different locations.
Ron, since you don't live near the S&S why does it worry you? I haven't heard any complaints. Where would you put your fence, through the baseball field or the tennis courts?


It was an opening in the fence, not a new fence.

Well done!!

Just wanted to tip my hat to the News for another amazing job with the News Talk. It's so cool how this area of the site is packed with news. How do you all manage to get all of this news? Jeez, like I even need to ask. Of course I know the answer. You work really hard - tracking down stories, considering multiple angles, cutting out pure opinion and sticking with objectivity. You are true professionals. That's why you guys get to use the word NEWS proudly, and you get to call yourselves journalists without justification or hesitation. I was left trying to catch my breath at the skill you demonstrated here, and I just wanted to share my awe.


Star/S&S - (re: Ron's concern/suggetion for better access to/from Stop & Shop) One doesn't need to live near a problem, to recognize it's existence. The more ideas for a remedy, the better. I wish a large- capacity turnstyle could be installed in the fence, midway between Broadway and Mystic, that would keep, essentially, the fence closed in, for the reasons that it already is. Also, an actual crosswalk is necessary. However, ideally, as part of a wish list, a pedestrain walkway over McGrath would be my choice.

Try to Keep Up

"I' to see a fence opening in Foss Park opposite the Stop & Shop entrance, so people could walk easily through the park"
"Where would you put your fence, through the baseball field or the tennis courts?"
"It was an opening in the fence, not a new fence."
~Let's try to keep up, people. I would suspect that the first comment referred to the fact that people would be traipsing through a well-used section of the park, i.e. the baseball diamonds and the tennis courts. It probably should have said 'where would you put the path'.
"I wish a large- capacity turnstyle could be installed in the fence, midway between Broadway and Mystic"
~And, unfortunately, this I just don't get.....a turnstyle!?!?

Ron Newman

I don't get it either, I just meant an opening in the fence, large enough to push a wheelchair or a shopping cart through. And then some lines painted on the highway for a crosswalk.


What I THINK the writer was refering to is the need to maintain a modicum of safety/security for young children in the park to keep them from wandering out toward Rte. 28S.


sure, worry about stop and shop. The people of East Somerville have asked for some type of safety updates to the area. The crossing from east somerville to the Foss Park area has been the site of many injuries and a few fatalities over the years. The walkover at Everett ave isnt enough.


Oh, no, you all think I'm crazy. Well, I've taken my granddaughter to kick around a soccer ball and I know people like to take their dogs to allow them to run around at the park. It's nice that the McGrath side is completely (except for the corner of McGrath and Broadway) fenced in, thereby alleviating the worry of one's little child or dog being able to escape onto McGrath's sidewalk. The large turnstyle (the type of turnstyle in which your large revolving doors) would allow for baby carriages and personal-size shopping carts. I've not figured out exactly how one should navigate their way across the park, however. I feel confident this will never come to pass, but it's something I thought of.


Eastie - I honestly do worry about the huge McGrath/Broadway intersection. I didn't mention that, simply because I was addressing the idea of crossing at Hess/Stop & Shop. I hear ya, you're correct, the construction of a pedestrian walkway, at the intersection of McGrath and Broadway, is long overdue.

Jar - thanks, you are correct - that is what I was reffering to.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, to you, all!!

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