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December 21, 2007


Ron Newman

If the Day-Herbert lot is to be declared 'surplus', the city must also find a new home for the Davis Square Farmers' Market.


The Mayor has delivered once again! Thank God we have a guy who loves his city and produces where others have failed.


The streets must be paved with gold? or should it be pockets? Yes Virginia there really is a Santa Clause or some one at the end of the rainbow with the pot to walk away with, but remember one day the piper has to be paid!!


Thomas I respect your point but if we want to be a GREAT city we have to step up and that costs. I like Newman love the market as well but we can find another spot. Remember when we were a laughing stock? The Mayor has turned our city into one of the best! It will all pay off in the long run.

Paris Hilton

a hotel in Davis Sq.? Is this a joke?
Who in their right mind would want to rent a room in Davis Sq. Five years after its built it will be full of drunks and crackwhores.


ANy thoughts on traffic patterns at Herbert & Day? WTF

A net loss

SO, once again the residents of Somerville stand to lose to the developer/patrons of this development. We will lose 3 lots of metered parking, and will gain the chance to park in a garage - at what cost? Certainly not for the quarter you could throw into the meter! Not to mention the small merchants in Davis Square receive their livelihoods from those metered lots. Noone is going to park in a garage to run into McKinnon's for a couple of steaks, or to stop in for a coffee at Starbucks!


Good for the mayor. Getting a hotel without losing any parking is a win-win.

Develop The Pat's Tow Lot First!

Put the hotel in the Pat's Towing lot! There the hotel quest can have a bird's eye view of Boston and it will make the city look great with minutes to Boston and surrounding areas! The Pat's Tow lot on the ramp on McGrath Highway or the Pat's Auto Body Building next to the overpass are both at first immediate the gateway to the city! Now that's prime property! Buy their property and develop there first! Now that's the right move to make! Davis square looks fine! Start letting the rest of the city catch up to the 21st century!

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