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December 02, 2007



During this holiday season Somerville lost one of it's best city employees and one of the best residents to ever grace this city.

Retired Somerville Police Officer John Canty passed away last week and with him went a million stories about this city and the people that lived in it. He was a cop's cop who would rather give someone a break, but of course you would receive a very large foot in the ass, than lock someone up and ruin their lives. He was a bear of a man who served his country proudly with the Marine Corps in World War II. He treated the homeless in the street the same as he would treat the President of the United States. He was loaded with common sense and street smarts and would put to shame most of the Police Officers that we now unfortunatly employ. He was the real thing. He will be missed greatly.

He leaves a very large network of family and friends.

Thank you John, for just being you! RIP


To the Canty family,
What Condolences said can't be said enough. When my brothers and I were kids growing up on the was tough trying to keep your nose clean. Canty and McDonough were the best one two punch the city has ever had. They knew how to handle the tough guys,and how to help someone out.
There were no tasers back in those days. You had to control the situation,have a cool head,and a good understanding of people. There is a lesson to be learned there.
We never cared much for cops,but there were exceptions,and John and his partner were two of the best.
For those that were around back then there was another one too. Hank Ramsdell. Witout those three some of us wouldn't have turned out the same way.
My condolences to the family.
To John,Thanks pal. Couldn't have done it without you.
By now you are probably chewing the fat with your good friend,my dad.

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