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December 30, 2007


Jim Gray

La Contessa's pastries, with all due respect, were pretty mediocre.


Your bloated, smoking and beer swilling Latinos finally agree with you Jimmy!

Ron Newman

I miss the apple squares.

Snowflake's Eleven!

Can anyone tell me if Newman is on that lost list anywhere?


How can we miss Ron if he never goes away?


Life is loss. Live with it.


2007 also felt the loss of another Somervillian. Billy Capizzi.
Brother of the coauthor of the "Monster Mash",Lenny Capizzi.
Billy passed 2 wks. after Bobby Pickett. He was an actor and did voice overs in the movies. "Babe pig in the city for one". Anyone who knew Billy knew him for other things. His generosity,friendship,wonderful sense of humor,and his great voice. Something unfortunately most people didn't get to hear. But if you were of his generation in this city he was legend. If I shut out all else I can still hear it. From "Vesti le Giubba","Mama"and "My Funny Valentine" to "Righteous brothers" duets with another kid from Somerville Wilie Zango.
Bravo Billy

Jose Canusee

Nice article George.

jerry jewers

When I was in the USMC I was stationed at Camp Pendeleton Ca. & my very good friend Paul Heffernan was at Los Pulgas Ca. We went to my aunt's house in Whittier (she was a Davis Square transplant) & from there we went to Hollywood & met up & spent some time with Lenny & Billy Capizzi & other Winter Hill/Foss Park denizens. They had a group that sang in clubs wherever & whenever they could. The hospitality was wonderful, which goes to show you, back then you could take the people out of Somerville but, you can never take the Somerville out of the people.

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