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December 24, 2007



Are you not the MAN who blasted Kelly Gay for her handling of snow storms and then tell us please be calm we will get to it? We will tow your car to pay for the cost the bond on our new trucks and police cars while you Gave Away an allmost new one when you took office just to look good, and by the way where do you park your car? OH I forgot you don't have one do you?

The Mole

No, the Mayor does not have a mode of transportation any longer. He did way back when but he couldn't keep up the paymets of his leased vehilce with Sentry Ford of Medford and somehow convinced the manager to "let him out" of the lease. Seems like using your office to benefit oneself.

Now a days, it is who ever has one available as Joeycakes drives around town. It use to be his boucing back adn forth from Aide to Dpw now back to Aides' postion truck. I guess people at City Hall take a number as they do at the deli line at Markbet Basket to see who is the most honorable to lend a key.

Boy, times haven't changed after 4 years have they Joeycakes?

The Mole


Unfair attacks on the Mayor who is doing a fine job.


Cosmo you are 1 his brother 2 his lover or 3 a idiot? or maybe all three

What?  Are you serious???

Ridiculous. I lost two days of work unable to get out of my driveway. Calls and emails to 311 and DPW and the Mayor's office did not good. Get it together, please. Or at least buy me a good snowblower so I can get to work and pay my ever-increasing tax bill.

Too much BS

Dear Mayor C.:
Before you toot your horn over the plowing, trying going on foot around your city after your plows do their dirty work. You will need to scale the Alps to even access or exit from a sidewalk. Who is responsible for removing the snow from sidewalk intersections? Is it not the city, since it is city property? Is it going to take someone getting struck and killed by a car while walking in the street bacause they couldn't get to a sidewalk that was blocked by a plow job? Boy, can't wait for THAT lawsuit.


Cosmo is right on about our Mayor. Best plowing I have seen in years. Keep up the great work Mayor. Get off your bloated behind and shovel!


Agree with TooMuchBS, it was like a climbimg a mountain at EVERY intersection, cmon, that is just as important as the roads... I wish you hadn't won reelection, i wanted someone who would have stopped my rent from goim up EVERY YEAR!


The Mayor had it so clean you could eat off the sidewalk. You guys are full of BS and just trying to discredit the job the Mayor is doing! Rigso your $ is being well spent in one of the best cities in the country! This MOLE and Sentry Ford talk is more hogwash. This Mayor is as clean as a baby's behind! Mayor for life I can only hope and pray!


Right... while you continue to idol worship the mayor, I'll be at a place called Reality, check it out sometime.


Rigso you need to get with the program my friend! Have faith in the Mayor as he knows what is best for our city!

Ron Newman

How would a different mayor have stopped your rent from going up? Municipal rent control is no longer allowed, by state law.


you tell him Ron! just potshots at the #1 Mayor if not in the state, the country!


Mayor Joe,

Always nice to see you post here on the Somerville News. But why are you calling yourself Cosmo today? Usually you post articles under your own name.

Ron Newman

Cosmo is what many people would call a "troll". I have no idea what he's trying to accomplish with these comments.


Just stating the facts Ron - sorry you don't like my opinion but that is what the forum is for. Or is it liberals like you who only give freedom of speech lip service?

Ron Newman

The overall tone of your posts is so over-the-top that it suggests a certain lack of sincerity. Are you just trying to provoke a reaction?

(I think the Mayor is doing a reasonably good job, but that's really not the point here.)


No I am not. The Mayor is doing a great job and if my comments might be perceived as overreaching it is due to the fact that gutless individuals like the MOLE take potshots with anonymity as his shield. I bet the Mayor thinks you are doing a reasonably good job as well Ron.


Well now if our mayor has the moxy that you say he will stand up and tell us where he stands Russel or the unions that backed him? I don't think he will send back the donations will he? Just wake up and smell the roses he talks from both sides and then from the rear, I would trust the Tiger before you trust him!!!

The Mole

Cosmo baby, are you striking pose? Are you willing to call the snow emergency for the potential 6” of anticipated snowfall come Sunday night?

The Mole



One day I will figure out just who you are. This I promise you. I also promise to make your life more of a living hell than it already is.
I promise to find you and beat the living shit out of you. Not because of anything you have said about me personally. But because you are a low life piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us. Don’t take it as a threat; Take it as a solemn promise. I have my suspicions; I have narrowed my list down to 3 people. If I am right, you will give yourself away sooner than later.

Start looking over your shoulder. I will be there soon! (With many friends)


Mole call what? Tom "the CHAMPION" does the calling - a little early for my liking! One thing I don't agree with the Mayor on. Sounds like you pissed someone off MOLE - but what comes around goes around!


Hey Teamplayer - come-on-down!!!!!! you are really making me shiver!!

The DPW workers did a really su--- job plowing. I can't wait for the lawsuit to come into the city about someone falling because they could not get across the street properly b/c of a snowbank. I also lost pay because I could not get out of my driveway. Can I bill the city for that one? (a cost of $200 per day)

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