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November 10, 2007


Credit where credit is due

It is rare I agree with the News but this week, it is spot on.

Whatever about the lies that Heller & Co told about Trane - that was just desperation politics, but what was Sciortino thinking joining in on this? I used to have time for him - thought he was different from the rest, but I guess I was wrong. Watch out Carl - you messed up. I - for one - can't wait for November 2008!!

Carl Sciortino

I am happy to respond to the questions posed by the News, and expect to send in a letter for next week's paper.

If any constituents would like to have a conversation about this, or anything else, I have my Somerville office hours today, Saturday, from 3-4pm at Soleil Cafe in Teele Square.

For now, a brief comment:
I respect the voters' decision. And I will certainly do my part to continue to work with Alderman Trane for our common concern, which is the quality of life of Ward 7 residents.

Secondly, as some may remember, I did not run for office three years ago with incumbency-protection on my mind. I do not believe in having unquestioning loyalties to City Hall, Beacon Hill, PDS, or the Democratic Party. I believe that independence is important, and I wish I saw more of it in our political culture.

My loyalty lies with the voters I represent, and working effectively to the benefit of the community, which I believe I have done, and will continue to improve upon.

And finally, for the News to assume it can label my upbringing or background in this way is misinformed and unfortunate, and tells me I have more work to do.

I welcome anyone who wishes to talk more about this to come to my office hours, or to contact me any time. My email is, and phone is 617-722-2140.

Carl Sciortino

James Norton

Carl -

At The Somerville News, we don't just assume anything - and nothing was said about your upbringing or background which was misinformed. In fact, you weren't labeled as anything other than just butting into a race you had no business getting involved in.

Here's a newsflash for you - like so many others - the news is the news, newstalk is what it is and the View is our opinion, which we are entitled to. It really says a lot about someone, whether they attach their name publicly to a weblog or not - when you act like others who rush into defensive mode (hi Ron) at the drop of a hat and you only read what you want to read.

It's a shame you took away from the View only that which you wanted to - the question marks in the View were meant more as metaphorical than anything else - at the end of the day, nobody cares why you did it, only that you did it. Try to be humble for a minute and let that soak in, and maybe, just maybe, you will have better judgment in the future, especially when it comes to Ward politics.

The silly part about this is simple, so let me see if I can give you a lesson or two in how you acted irresponsibly - you are a State Rep. - and you have a certain constituency, which includes Ward 7, that is true. A ward alderman is there to service the residents of his/her ward and work together with the rest of the BOA to move the city forward (short and simple definition). You live in Medford - certainly not a resident of Ward 7 in Somerville. While it is your right to support whomever you want to, the fact that you are a State Rep. should have been completely incidental when you supported a candidate who in the end turned nasty and dirty - and believe me - you will be forever remembered as having done that.

That isn't a "label" or misinformation - thats FACT. Support your ideological base if you like, that is your right, but to involve yourself in a ward you don't even live in - making note of yourself being a State Rep. - is the irresponsible part and says a lot about you, whether you agree that it does or it doesn't.

If you can't see the forest for the trees, that's on you - but don't debate with this newspaper - we won't be voting for you regardless. Spend your time convincing the voters in your district - and be a little more humble in the future.


Constituent Services

This is not the first time the PDS has joined forces to oust (or try to oust) an effective local politician. They are nasty and cutthroat and don't care who gets in their way. And your views don't matter unless you're part of their 'club'. And thankfully, Sciortino (and PDS and our state delegation) has shown his true colors publicly!


they may have awaken a sleeping giant, the many more thousands of Somerville residents that haven't voted in the recent past. That nasty, dirty campaign in Ward 7 and our State Rep was publicly with the one who was nasty was a wrong move on his part. Someone with a STRONG NAME in Medford or Somerville his district just might come out against Sciortino and beat him for the dirty campaigner he is.

Jane McKay

Carl, you lost my vote when I realized you had backed Rachel Heller and I got her now infamous orange smear flyer against Bob Trane. I am a lifelong democrat and regard myself as progressive, but the nasty campaign Rachel Heller ran coupled with your positions that are out of touch with the majority has completely turned me off.

Credit where credit is due

"..I will certainly do my part to continue to work with Alderman Trane for our common concern, which is the quality of life of Ward 7 residents." - Carl Sciortino. WHAT?

Last week, Carl was telling everybody in Ward 7 that Trane was a crook - in it for developer's money.

Carl, you have some cheek. What you did last week to a good man won't just go away because the election is over. You owe a lot of people an apology - especially Bob Trane and his constituents.


I live in Ward 7. Kindly document to whom and when last week Sciortino told "everybody" that "Trane was a crook."

Credit where credit is due

Well SomerSalted - did you not see the orange flier that Heller put out? A view endorsed by you state rep - I believe that the campaign was ran from Carl's office. The problem when something is printed is that you can't run away from it as easily as you would like.


Heller was using his office on Cameron Avenue, is that a violation of some sort? if nothing else maybe Carl was her campaign manager or proberly her advisor. Don't forget she works at the State House for Senator Tucker up in Andover, oh wait a minute was she working on State time running for office? I wonder (outloud) if she might have violated ethic's by campaigning on State time??


You said Sciortino was telling everybody in Ward 7 that Trane was a crook--you still haven't proven that.

You are talking hearsay.


Carl Sciortino looks a bit like Tobey Maguire.

Iron Mike

Wow, since all of you pulled your vote for her at the last minute, I guess she would have won since she got 41.5% of the vote.

It's a shame too since I have seen many posts that the flyer was so damning, but no posts with the content. Post for all to see and for all to make a judgement call.

But that's neither here nor there. Why bring it up anymore? The election is over! Move on! I'm sure she has.

If anyone should apologize it is The Somerville News and anyone on this blog for posting lies and PERSONAL ATTACKS about Rachel. They are posted "anonymously" on this blog and in the papers various "opinion" sections for the entire duration of her campaign.

The establishment is mad that Rachel Heller made a big impact with FACTS. And it will do anything in it's power to discredit her. She clearly hit a nerve.

Fact Finder

Heller never used Sciortino's Campaign office.

Berman rented Sciortino's Campaign office for his campaign. And yes, it is perfectly legal to have someone use your office.

up at night on upland

I have to say Carl you've come a long way from that Ward 7 Democrat meeting in the cafeteria at the west Somerville school a few years back, haven't you? That was, for those of you who didn't have the pleasure to be there, the day that Trane told him and his band of "toughs" (same people I think that stole Elaine’s furniture on Seinfeld) to wait his turn before speaking. You remember that Carl? Seems Bobby was to rough for him and he didn't appreciate being told that unless he had enough votes that he wouldn't be allowed to be a ward rep at the state convention that year. Oh yes, Carl got so mad I think he decided on the spot to run for State rep and then he could talk down to Bob and his "Somerville old timers". Well Carl you managed to fool the people of ward seven once when you got elected but it won't happen again.
Stay in that one horse town in Medford, where they are so stupid that they are actually fighting the green line extension. That is until they find out about you and your ways.

somerville guy

A predictable non-answer Carl. Why do you need until next week's paper to do so? Do you need to huddle with the team and craft your best response? No doubt. The central question remains; Why did you endorse Heller? You generally seek change in elected office when the incumbent is not doing the job. You, of all people, should know that, as you took out VC, who was as lazy and ineffective as they come. Bob Trane is the best Alderman for constituent services there is presently on the Board-tied with Bill Roche. It was a rookie mistake, one you should have made two years ago. You can poo-poo it all you want, you're in trouble, hope there's a good crop of Tufts students next year, that, and a Hillary grope, and you should be fine!

Kerry Kennedy

Heller still needs to address the orange flyer that came out at the 11th hour and smeared Bob Trane. Is she still hiding? She needs to come out and make an apology to the effect of "It was bad judgement, I listened to the dirty bagmen inside the PDS (wink, wink, Carl), and I apologize to the people of Ward 7 for insulting their intelligence and to Bob Trane for smearing his name". If she does that she may have a chance next election - failing that this issue will haunt her and the PDS. IMHO.

Credit where credit is due

I saw the orange flyer - it implied that Trane was dirty & took developer's money. It backfired because it is not true. Say what you will about Trane - he looks out for his ward, not for the developers. I will dig out the smear piece & post it when I find it. Or, Carl - why don't you post it - I'm sure you have a copy.

somerville guy

Carl! Come out-come out-wherever you are!


Leave Carl alone, you bastards!


Could I kindly suggest to the School Committee member from Ward Four that pissing off state representatives that represent Somerville at the State House is generally not considered a wise move?

Someone needs to speak the truth  (go Jaime, go Jaime)

James Norton brings a breath of fresh air to the school committe. I like how he speaks the truth! No fear!


Yup, James Norton for Mayor!!!!

Kerry Kennedy

James, not a bad idea the one you running for mayor. That way we can have Joe take out Pat "hug-a-criminal" Jehlen. At this point he has enough political muscle to clean the floor with her.

You'd have my vote.

Where'd did Carl go? I was hoping he would convince Rachel Heller - who had told me in person she was for clean politics - to address the tactics she used.

Nor namwen

For those that think Ron is a swell guy please see his comments about JN's recent victory. Ron, as your newly arrived, illegal friends in East Somerville would say -- "Ronnie, you have some splainin' to doo!":

2007-11-07 03:36 pm UTC (link)
You need 100 signatures....

However, I think electing the editor of the Somerville News to this position is a HUGE mistake.

(Reply to this) (Parent)

Ron, in your opinion, we're not talking just a small mistake or even just a "mistake", but you're telling everyone you know that JN's election was a HUGE mistake. To say that you and your PDS friends are ingrates and backstabbers would be a mild understatement. Your backstabbing actions / words are right in line with Rachel/Carl/Pat's and right out of the PDS dirty politics playbook -- no wonder you're the water boy for the PDS. You're a clown and a coward.


Wait, I'm confused. Is the problem that Scortino endorsed a candidate for a city position? Or that the candidate sent out a nasty flyer? Is everyone who endorses a candidate responsible for the flyers they send out?


Oh, and I don't remember everyone getting this upset when Jack Connolly sent out his attack mail piece in the special election against Marty Martinez.

My opinion

It's the difference between truth and fiction, I guess

somerville guy

Carl, why no response? Why do you need to wait until next week? It's a chickenshit posture, you know that, as does MM, who put you where you are in the first place. Remember, you were really nothing that impressive, you just beat a bad man in VC. Don't believe the hype!

Sciortino's loyalty lies with the wide left homosexual community

Carl Sciortino's loyalty lies with the homosexual community. Don't let him fool ya. This guy's a joke. He doesn't look at the issues at hand, he supports jokers!


Difference between truth and fiction? Those here are arguing that Heller's piece distorted Trane's record. Heller's supporters say it pointed out his votes and positions that weren't in the interests of his constituents.

I seem to remember the same arguments from opposite sides during the Connolly/Martinez race.

Seems to me it's only dirty if the other side does it.

Truth or Dare

Seems to me it's only dirty if it's true. What was said about Martinez was true, people just didn't like hearing it.


There are a thousand tales in this naked city. How is it that people who have died can vote? It seems that a soon to be appointee to (?) has deceased parents that voted last week. I wonder if there were a close race could it have affected the outcome. Move out of Somerville, no problem come back and vote.

Carl Sciortini


I am a ward 7 voter and a member of the PDS. I think Jamie Norton is correct and I will no longer be voting for you in the future. Your involvement in a local ward/ alderman in not called for. Mike Capuano never did it and he set a good example. I think you should go back to the south end or wherever you came from.

Kevin M

This talk is ridiculous. Everyone knows that Trane worked for Norton. Of course he is going to support the guy who hasn't done anything since taking over for Halloran. I don't need to know anything about Heller but she probably has done more for Ward 7 than Trane ever will.

Ron Newman

Everyone knows that Trane worked for Norton.

Well, I sure didn't know that. Did he work as a real estate agent?


Yes he was a developer/agent. He still is.
Why? He has every right to earn a living? Don't you?


go to Trane isn't listed as and agent and frankly so what if he is or WAS? Real Estate agents aren't all bad Ron, even though they proberly don't expound on your Socialistic point of view. Lawyers aren't bad people either (just thought i would throw that in )

Ron Newman

I didn't say anything whatsoever about whether real estate agents are good or bad (obviously, they can be either). I just want 'Kevin M' to clarify or substantiate his claim.


Trane *is* licensed real estate salesperson by the state. Whatever that means, make of that what you may.

Are we going to see the contents of the infamous orange flyer anytime? You'd figure the News would have posted a transcript if it would tarnish the PDS even more, so why haven't we seen it yet?

Like JN says "Nobody's going to care why you did it, just that you did it." Right now, it's entirely that Heller "did it", and not what the flyer said. My guess is, if we find out *exactly*, word-for-word what was said, it's going to lessen this blog's vitriol against the PDS.

namwen nor

Found this post by Ron.

2007-11-07 03:36 pm UTC (link)
You need 100 signatures....

However, I think electing the editor of the Somerville News to this position is a HUGE mistake.

(Reply to this) (Parent)

namwen nor

Tricky, suffice it to say it was a smear flier that Rachel Heller sent out with Carl's ok. Trust me. There have also been plenty of posts detailing what was written. If you want the actual flyer then walk up Broadway to Ward 7 and just ask someone to see it - bright orange, simple smear flyer. I'm too lazy to scan it and post it. Plus, I don't think we could post it here. JN would does not allow links.

namwen nor

And tricky do you know how many people are licensed real estate agents in this state? A lot and most never sell anything.... what does Trane being a licensed agent have to do with the price of eggs?

Heller went dirty because she knew she was way behind and going negative is a PDS tactic.


No, it does not "suffice it to say it was a smear flier".

The very few posts here that did touch on actual content were rather vague and not specific, and given that we are in the age of the internet, I'd rather not walk up to Ward Seven to find out. Chances are I'd get someone spouting generalities (at best).

What the hell did it say? Is it that much of a problem for someone to post? Or does it not fit this paper's agenda?

Ron Newman

The above quote is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. I didn't think JN was temperamentally suited to serve on a committee where he has to work cooperatively with other people, based on the way he responds to criticism here. But it also has no relevance to Bob Trane or Rachel Heller.

namwen nor

You want someone to document it word for word for you? Do some work yourself. Get your fat ass off the couch, walk up here to Ward 7 and check anyone's trash or recycle bin. It's bright orange. Anyone with any morals threw it out right away. Trash day was delayed a day... you have time. Start waddling.

Ron Newman

So far all I've heard is that the flyer is negative. Negative campaigning is not necessarily untruthful campaigning, which is why I'd like to know what it actually said.

namwen nor

Woah.... Ron, let me clear up what you're trying to say. You are saying that JN can't work with people? Is that it?

He's an owner/editor of a local paper and owns a real estate office. You think he did all that sitting in his bathtub playing with rubber duckies like you do? Maybe it's you and your friends (cough-PDS-cough) that can't handle anyone with differing views? Have you given that any thought? Maybe... just maybe... most people don't agree with you and the PDS agenda.

Oh yeah... JN is now on the school committe too. No thanks to "friends" like you.


Well at least JN has the social skills to interact with other people, not like some people on this blog and some people actually like him for who he is and what he says.

namwen nor

Tricky/Ron, the gist of the smear flier has been posted here on other threads. I'd have to dig through my trash to find the thing, scan it and then post it somewhere. Lots of work just to convince 2 numbskulls that Heller is a dirty hack. If you lived in Ward 7 - you'd have gotten it and would have the proof. Walk up to Ward 7 (stroll up Holland) and look for an orange flyer in the trash.

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