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November 17, 2007


Born Here

ya, that was a nice "softball" the Mayor threw for his buddies to hit. What, you don't think the Mayor knows how a vote is going to go?


"Alderman-at-Large Bill White has too often been the lone voice of dissent since Denise Provost left for the State House"

First you say that the Alderman are independent and then you say they historicaly have not been. Make up your mind.


Mayor Curtatone has rescued this city. He is the best mayor this city has ever known. We need him. I just hope he doesn't run for a higher office. Don't go JOE!


The mayor has done a good job - maybe not the best but Bill White couldn't hold his jockstrap!

Goldie Wilson

You're much more powerful as an alderman when you disagree with the mayor on things you actually feel differently about and will hurt your district, as opposed to the PDS who just blanket oppose him because he's not one of them. Trane and Connolly have much more credibility on this front.


Goldie let's spark up a dubie


If he has rescued this city it must be from the two Italians that ruled befor hyim!

Ron Newman

Dorothy Kelly Gay was Italian?

somerville guy

Is it the brother or the son posting on Joe's behalf? Whoever it is, they're not that off-base, the Mayor is doing a very good job. It certainly makes it easier when you blame your predecessor for anything and everything that goes wrong.


no relation. assess blame where it belongs and give credit where it is due - Mayor Curtatone has done a hell of a job.

Bill White is over rated!

Bill White is over rated! Everybody thinks he's so intelligent. This guy hasn't made a good political move yet. He can't even look you in the eye when he's talking to you. A shady fool!

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