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November 20, 2007



Somerville coddles criminals and illegals. What do you expect?
We have to get rid of all the psychotic liberal Democrat Marxists...pronto.

Ron Newman

How does this arrest illustrate your hypothesis?


Why is "outrageous" in quotes? Was it attributed to someone? Is it an editorial comment meant to convey that this rape was not actually outrageous? Does someone need a lesson in unnecessary quotation marks?

Ron Newman

It's a quote from Bradley -- see the last paragraph.

James Norton

Derek -

No, but apparently you need a lesson in how to thoroughly read a story before making a stupid comment just for the hell of it.

Thanks Ron.


John O%$#@H

Bradley was desribing the nature of the crime; outrageous as opposed to petty, for example. Rape is inherently outrageous. I think what Derek was getting at is that it seems a bit redundant the way GH worded it; it looks more appropriate in the context of Bradley's quote. Otherwise well-written, George. The crime pieces are your sweet spot, keep up the good work.

Derek you are an idiot

Useless drunk.

Kudos to Collins

Kudos to collins! Great job! A perfect example of knowing the community. Great police work.

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