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November 24, 2007



Cough cough... This gem, posted on Nov 24th, would have been fine a week ago, when people were actually preparing for Thanksgivings.
Next what? A post on preparing for Xmas published on Dec 27th?

Tom Turkey

Election, think Jimmy was dippin in the "Kappys Turkey"?

Ron Newman

Election - The article appeared in the print edition the day before Thanksgiving.


There is a print version of SN? Holy smokes, talk about killing trees for nothing...

Winter Hill Bill

Maybe if you learned how to read you would appreciate it.


What would I appreciate exactly? I've never seen the paper version around. Where the hell is it?

Ron Newman

In Davis Square, the News has a box in front of Mike's restaurant, another in front of their office on College Avenue, and another in the 'Davis Square Plaza' between Chipotle and Planned Parenthood. I've also sometimes seen it in storefronts such as Mr. Crepe, Starbucks, McIntyre & Moore, Hollywood Express Video, and Diesel Cafe.

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