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November 17, 2007



Amen Jimmy - please Mayor Joe bring them concets back and get old Jimmy a diaper so he doesn't wet his pants!

ouch my eyes

Either don't go or stop whinning.


Can we whine about the haircut in the picture above? It's painful to watch! :0

Linda Belcher

I remember those concerts and you are right those were the "good old days" I enjoyed those concerts. As kids we would follow them where ever they were playing. So I agree Mayor Joe should bring them back

mike bonanno

The free fireworks at trum field were great, oh ya, my mother won the car one year at those fire works from the babe ruth league.

Mouth- O- plenty

What's wrong with having a good head of hair?? Jealous??

Mouth- O- plenty

I think it was more tongue in cheek than actual whining. Lighten up !!


why would you take 3 young kids to see the 70's band the Police? Wow, father-of-the-year award here we come. What, the Wiggles weren't playing ?


Hey, the guy meant well. Are you a Wiggles Fan ??


Have you ever heard of the Subway? Faster and cheaper than waiting to get out of the garage and paying $25.

There are still plenty of free concerts to be found in the summer. Seek and Ye shall Find.

Ron Newman

Or better yet, the commuter rail from Porter Square -- goes right to the Tedious BankNorth Garden.

Born Here

or, extend the bike path there. Thats always a SN hot topic.


Obviously, the kids would think their dad was a loser, had he taken them there on public transportation. Sad.


ouch my eyes, election, T, Tito and Sting you guys sound like a bunch of really annoying babies. I know you huys dont have lives and you spend you WHOLE day trying to find something to be mean about on the computer. At least Jimmy has a life!!!!!! and plus, He's famous!!! and you guys live in your mom's basement.


What a bunch of losers. Do you pick everthing in life apart like this article. Get a Life !!!!


Wrong! The baby is the melonhead in the picture! He's the one who whined about the concert nobody forced him to attend!!!


he's "famous"?? I guess getting Matt Seigel and the ancient Dale DORFman coffee makes you famous. Jimmy is a funny guy, but famous....NOT


HA HA HA .. such
jeaoulosy !!! small paper.....small minds!!!!!!!!!


Dont't you girls have anything better to do than dump on people??

Klondike  Ed

I think The article was supposed to be funny, not serious. Those kids are lucky to go to a concert, even if their father complains. I think it was funny.


Hey JJ DER It's Siegel ...


Thanks, couldn't remember how to spell the name of the 50+ year old goof that thinks he's still "in".

Kiss Freak

JJDer ..Why are you so bitter and mean ???


50 + multi-millionaire goof !!

Rodney King

"can't we all just get-a-long"?

Klondike  Ed

You tell them Rodney !!!

worker bee

Do any of you boring bloggers have jobs??

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