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November 16, 2007


Ron Newman

The caption of that 'Tales of Somerville' comic is unreadable even after enlarging the graphic.

Ice Princess

It's amazing to me that noone on our state delegation has been able to get the state to do ANYTHING for this rink. This has been going on for years now. It's a disgrace that we are paying for this rink and are unable to use it.


Let me see. Teach kids how to skate so they can break some bones later on. What's the point of skating, really? Why teach kids that useless and dangerous skill? Why not spend the time teaching them something about basic statistics and math, with real-world example to illustrate how important this knowledge is, so they are not total morons when they are adults?

Ron Newman

What's the point of any sport, then? Kids need both physical and mental activities as they grow up.


Agreed about physical exercise. But, other than taking long walks combining fun and exercise, the best sport for kids to learn is swimming. It has much lower injury rates (0.7 per 1000 participants) and has also obvious utility.
The problem is that I almost never hear anything about the mental activities (especially math-related). Always dumb sports, be it baseball, basketball or skating.

Ron Newman

Somerville Mathematics Fund. And I disagree that these three sports are 'dumb'. I'd be more concerned about football with its potential for head injury.


Thanks, I did not know about this. I'll look into it. The site I looked at has basketball at 8.8/1000 severe injuries. Soccer at 8.6/1000. Skating is at 3.4/1000. I agree that swimming may require more infrastructure. But then why not provide funds for that, given that it is a safer and more useful sport?... Kids love water as well.


Just stop it- have you people ever played any of those sports??? I played football and hockey from when I was 6 until the end of high school, and I never got injured. It happens, but to stop sports because of a couple of injuries??? You guys just like hearing yuorselves talk.

Ron Newman

You do know that Somerville has a public swimming pool, at the Kennedy School on Elm Street?

And ice skating is quite enjoyable recreation, though I prefer to do it outdoors.

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