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November 09, 2007


Green Cabbie

Yeah, make it a Class A drug. All the users I know give serious thought to how the Government ranks the drugs they use. I can't tell you how many times friends have told me, "Dude, try this Oxy - it's only a Class B drug, so you know it's not as dangerous as heroin!" Thank God we have politicians like Provost who understand that we are failing to win the War on Drugs because we aren't putting enough people in jail! Surely all those addicts will see the error of their ways once they're doing 15-20 instead of a lousy 5-10. Hey, it worked for crack! When's the last time you heard about *that* stuff?!?

An uneducated view!

Its sad to see that Denise Provost is uneducated on the war on drugs. I will follow up with this issue tommorrow. Wow!

To Green Cabbie

"Hey, it worked for crack! When's the last time you heard about *that* stuff?!?"

If you would kindly take your head out of your arse you would know that crack is alive and well.

So you moron you want to give someone 15-20 years for using Oxy/herion? While your at it why don't we make this a mandatory sentence. That way we can tax the shit out of you to build at least five more "correctional" institutes to house all these drug addicts. It would cost this state at least another $500 million to build these facilities.

Why don't we take a fraction of that money and increase drug treatment programs and make "beds" available to try and help these people?

Seeing that you have no clue, do you realize that every walk of life from cops,lawyers, judges and probably someone in your family is hooked on this shit?

Before you open your trap, try to garner some informative views that would back up your nonsense.

Common Sense

As to provost bill she filed. Do you really thik that someone that is hooked on this junk is really going to care if it is made a Class A drug? That will really put a crimp on this epidemic. Get a grip Denise and study up on the subject.

Also, there are more drugs available in prison than on the streets. These people need help not jail!


Painkiller and Heroin Addiction. Do you know someone who needs help?

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Heroin Addiction

Rep. Provost is about 5 years too late. There's very little OxyContin in Somerville, it's been too expensive for years. And it was Rep. Provost who has helped to further the slide of Somervillians into heroin addiction, by making it legal to purchase needles at a drugstore. Is she kidding? The big issue then was we needed to erect kiosks throughout the city for 'safe disposal'. Isn't she the one who was so worried a few years ago about finding some needles in the street? There's lots more now, isn't there, Denise, now that they're '
disposable'! They have reached into every area of this community. Here's a hint, Denise, knock on every other door on your street, and I'll bet you'll find a handful of heroin users. They'll probably thank you for helping them to get hooked with cheap needles, and maybe they'll vote for you in the next election. Me? Not on your life!

Green Cabbie

Oh my lord, you can't possibly believe I was serious? Perhaps my parody of Provost was a little too dead-on. Or perhaps you need your Sarcasm Detector brought in for service?

Truck Driver

Cabbie, I agree with you and Pat Jehlen that most drug dealers are just misunderstood humanitarians and just need a bog 'ol hug from all of us! smoochie-pie!

political posturing by provost

This is a perfect example of political posturing by Provost. I am calling on Denise Provost to post which wake's she attended in Somerville. I cant remember her showing up to any wakes of Somerville residents. This lady is a complete joke. Find something beter to posture.


Yeah lets fill the jails with drug users then theres no room for rapists and killers
and they can go home also all the wife beaters and car thieves are off the hook send all oxymorons to jail!!!


Yeah lets fill the jails with drug users then theres no room for rapists and killers
and they can go home also all the wife beaters and car thieves are off the hook send all oxymorons to jail!!!


Yeah lets fill the jails with drug users then theres no room for rapists and killers
and they can go home also all the wife beaters and car thieves are off the hook send all oxymorons to jail!!!

Provost is bored!

Provost should find something more to focuss on that would have a more impact on the community. Its obvious she hasn't done her research!


What about gun posesion maybe the child molester ,rapists etc. etc.


Heroin is the drug of choice in Somerville. Let's focus on getting treatment for the addicts in Somerville, there aren't enough treatment facilities in this area. Putting addicts in jail isn't going to help. That's like putting an alcoholic in jail to detox. There are addicts that want help but can't get it because there isn't a bed to be found anywhere.


OxyContin is NOT heroin! It does have similiar effects. Chemically it is oxycodone, Vicodin is hydrocodone. OxyContin means oxycodone continuous release (12 hours). Dentists used to give this pain medication as Percocet/Percodan. Same narcotic, but lasts only 4-8 hours depending on your bodies chemistry. Oxycodone is about 30% more potent than morphine.
Those who abuse drug this give those of use who use it legally for chronic pain a terrible reputation.
It should NOT be classified as a Class "A" or Schedule I drug; that is reserved for heroin, meth.
Also let's realise that cocaine is made by Merck and others for delicate eye/nose surgeries.
There are legitimate uses for these drugs when used properly and NOT abused.
Again OxyContin is not new, only the 12 hour time release mechanism is new. For drug abusers they love the 12 hour "high" and for chronic pain patients it allows them to have level amounts of this medication in their bloodstream easing their pain and thus they do not have to take so many pills. It is a true benfit for them and a horror for drug abusers and their families who have to live the rest of their loves with the death of a loved one who thought a 12 hour "high" was worth it. It is NOT! Do not be so selfish. Think about those who love and care for you.


Chronic pain is very severe and this affects people's life, long known to people who suffered from a strange disease, were strong back pains, which were intense and not let them work, as was what they said were the doctor and he prescribed oxycodone for pain, but knew it was a very powerful medicine, and moreover, anxiolytics, and worry that they were doing things that previously did not like eating too much, smoking, etc, and read in findrxonline that this drug is well and that we must be very careful with their use, and everything must be under medical prescription.


It is very difficult to take the pills, vicodin in this case we are gaining control of our body, we must remain very careful and not fall and hang on to drugs, always remember to look at this couple and for our future. I read findrxonline certainly are very addictive and so we need to know control.

teenage drug rehab

Oxycontin is not as dangerous as heroin, so why do you consider them as equal?


Alcoholism withdrawal

Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic medication synthesized from opium-derived thebaine.thank you for the post.


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