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November 01, 2007



Glad to see the endorsement going to Norton in Ward 4. Charlene Harris has obviously shown that she didn't want the job, by not getting the minimum required signatures in on a DEADLINE.. She has shown no discipline in a governing body that needs to exemplify it for its constituents. She is certainly not qualified for the make shift post. She has no formal education, she is not a certified teacher and has no other life experience beyond working in the City of Somerville. We need someone that build bridges between the new family of students and the orginal somerville folk. I don't know Jamie Norton, but from what I have read he certainly is much better than someone who showed herself no self-respect. I am sure she is a good person, but I have no respect for someone who can't do the minimum requirements of a job. Go NORTON IN WARD 4!!!


I agree with GONorton she is all pomp and circumstance. She doesn't deserve to be re-elected.


I am a new comer to the city and I live in Ward 4 and I agree, I want a change in Ward 4. We need someone that really wants the job. Thanks for listening


Really? Some pinhead writes a post and 2 minutes later replies to himself under another username congratulating himself and two minutes later repeats it. You guys are pathetic.

Credit where credit is due

Yeah - I prefered the Journal's endorsement of JN. I live in Sturbridge, Ward 11 - pct 2 ... I will be writing in Jamie Norton for Dog Catcher too. Go Jn!!

The Mole

Dear Mrs. Dr. McCarthy, I find it truly disturbing that you are not being endorsed by the SN. You have established a wonderful platform of reform yet not recognized by this vehicle of media.

I do hope you have an address to be brought forth before the Election Day in hopes of opening the eyes of this Editor in Chief.

The Mole

What the Heller?

State Rep. Carl Sciortino endorses Ward7 Alderman Candidate Rachel Heller

Calling Rachel Heller a "valuable asset" to Somerville, State Representative Carl Sciortino officially endorsed the candidate for Ward 7 alderman.

"Rachel's expertise would be an incredibly valuable asset for Ward 7, and for all of Somerville," Sciortino said. "She is hard-working and authentically cares about people, especially those who have little voice in government."

Sciortino noted that he has often worked with Heller, particularly in connection with her position as Policy Director for the State Senate Housing Committee. He credited her with playing a key role in addressing the mortgage foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts and with helping to restore funding to the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program.

He also applauded her efforts on a local senior housing issue. Heller, he said, brought attention to the concerns of Capen Court residents, who are scheduled to be relocated during construction of their new building.

"Rachel used her expertise in housing, got them the information they needed, brought in legal advocates, and got the state to respond to protect the residents of Capen Court," he said.

Sciortino also said Heller's advocacy for the environment, consumers, and the homeless showed she would be a proactive alderman.

"Rachel will be a strong advocate for the residents of Ward 7 on the Board of Alderman," Sciortino said. "She is someone who will fix the potholes as well as work to make the city a better place to live for everyone."

Heller said she was proud to have the state representative's endorsement.

"Carl is inspiring as a represenative," she said. "The way he reaches out to the community is something I would emulate as a board member."

3 Stooges for City Government?

Ward 6 Alderman - Charles Chisholm
Ward 7 Alderman - Bob Trane
Ward 4 School Committee - James Norton

Ron Newman

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy lives in 'Cambriville'. Spies have recently determined that this means that she lives in a house bisected by the city boundary. Since her head rests on the Cambridge side of the line when sleeping, she was ruled ineligible for the ballot, and all of her petition signatures had to be discarded.

John Q Public

Ward 7 = Trane. Heller can't find North street.

Ward 5 = Sean. Lynch has issues that will "come out".

Ward 6 = Charles. Rebekah doesn't care about Ward 6 - she has bigger plans.

At Large = Lefuente, Sullivan, Desmond, Connolly

That's it, folks.

Ward 5 Resident

So, you want Sean in ward 5, eh? Well, let's see here... Ahh, this is what I was looking for. Intimidation factor.

The businesses in Magoun Square are being bullied to place O'Donovan signs in their windows. That's right. I was eating at a local store, when I saw O'Donovan's cronnies from the DPW come in and tell the owner "If you don't take down that Lynch sign, the DPW employess will never eat here again." Ohhh, I'm shakin' in my boots.

Lets also look at Sean's fundings. Where is he getting his contributions from. They are from all over the state. Think all of the people in the union have anything to do with this? I smell dirty campaign tactics.

Ron Newman

If I owned a business, I doubt that I would put any candidate's sign in my window. Why risk upsetting part of my customer base?

In the North End of Boston, near where I work, some businesses had Kerry Healey signs on their walls or windows last year. Made me less likely to want to eat lunch there until the election was over.

Nobody will claim Tony Lafuente!

Tony Lafuente is a man without a home/country! Nobody will claim Tony Lafuente (progressives, city workers, conservatives, cops, firefighters, school teachers etc...) How many hats is this guy going to wear. On one hand he has breakfast with Mit Romney, and on the other hand he's having pizza party's for Marty Martinez. Nobody trusts this guy. He talks from both sides of his mouth. People are starting to figure this guy out. He doesn't appear to be a person of trust. He'll shake your hand with his right hand, but one never knows what the left hand is doing. I think his games are starting to catch up with him. He's a boy without a home. People often wonder if he's a democrat or Republican. I think the progressive's figured it out the hard way.


Mark my words "if Tony Lafuentez loses this election, his house will be up for sale in the spring". He's no different than LAWRENCE PAOELLA. People like Lawrence and Tony move into somerville from places like Reading and NY, call themselves activists, attempt to stop the city from moving forward, throw their name in the politcal mix because the have $$$, lose elections, and then move out. If Tony loses, hell end up somewhere down south attempting to open up a bed and breakfast like Lawrence did in Oregon. They could care less about Somerville. Thease individuals have been fortunate enough to wealthy and all they want next is power. Tony will follow Lawrence's footsteps if he loses. Mark my words!

Ron Newman

Tony already lost one election, and he's still here. Why do you think he'd move out if he lost a second one?

I love Newman but he has no common sense


I like the fact that your involved. That being said, you need to wake up and smell the java. He already put his house for sale after he lost the first election. Are you going to tell me he wasn't a Republican either!

Ron Newman

I didn't know that he tried to sell it before. But I'm not going to hold someone's Republican past against him, given that I'm voting for Bill White.

Tony Lafuente's Connection to Red Sox Banners

Why was Tony Lafuente banned from Fenway Park? Is it true he was only allowed to be on the premesis for work related projects? After his recent arguemnet Mumbles and Henry it doesn't look like he'll be producing any more banners.

somerville guy

Jack's boyz are finally waking up! Wake up Gene Brune, Jack. He could say you're a-ok!


what problems has bruce desmond solved?

Newman's Own

You just proved the point that so many people have known about the PDS for years. You said you would patronize a certain restaurant because there was a Kerry Healy sign in the window. I thought you assholes were supposed to be open minded and tolerant. Just because someone supports another candidate they can't cook you a meal? You are all militant sickos and perverts. GO RIDE YOUR BIKE OFF A CLIFF!!!!



Lafuente is a good guy

Lafuente is a good guy, who cares if he was a republican in the past. I am ashamed of the PDS for what they did to Tony. Do you blame Tony for wanting to move out? This city is full of hate. I think he's giving it one last shot before he makes a decision on what he wants to to with his business. I hope people stand behind him.

Ward 7 Citizen

I am a ward 7 resident and just received a disgusting piece of negative campaign literature from Heller the creep. Not only does it slander Bob Trane but it also makes some negative comments about the family that runs this newspaper. For the record the Norton family are great people and should be held in the highest regard. Heller, you are barking up the wrong tree. You should be ashamed of yourself. YOU JUST LOST MY VOTE!!!!!!!

Tony the Phony should take a hike

Once Tony gets his ass kicked on Tuesday he should move far away from this city and take his bagman, The Secret Squirrel (HV) with him. They can both move out to the west coast and bake muffins with Mortadella Head Lawrence Paolella.

Who's the Secret Squirrel?

Who's the Squirrel? Is that the chourico from Berkley Street? That guy doesn't know when to call it quits! Why is he always at Somerville City Hall? What his position? Is it true people call him the bag man aka "the money man"


I like Tony. What problems does PDS have with him?

Herbert Vargas is the SQUIRREL/BROWN BAGGER!

Vargas is the money man. This activist is well known throughout many camps throughout the city. A staunch supporter of Buonomo, Curtatone and Lafuente, known for collecting newspaper clippings, and dirty politics. This individual resembles a Charles Chisholm style of politics and a go-to guy! He's a proud soilder of Lafuente and his family ancestry dates back to the island of Santo da Serra (small village, and home of Blandy Park, located in the Azores).


The Secret Squirrel is a mercenary of sorts. He hires himself out to various political candidates for the purposes of collecting cash from deep pocket contributors who wish to remain anonymous. He has been known to make false promises such as flag poles and bottles of expensive port wine. His weapons of choice are a brown paper bag and a crooked smile. He can usually be spotted at City Hall or in various Union Square coffee shops.

Has anyone seen recent Berman piece?

Read the recent Berman piece and you'll see what problems the pds have with Tony L. Look at the people in the picture. Tell me what that tells you.

Squirrel Spotter

I believe I had the opportunity to spot the Squirrel in action two years ago on election eve. He was wearing a black cat burglar suit and was carrying a pair of plyers and a broken Lawrence Paolella yard sign. When I tried to approach him he leaped over a fence and vanished into thin air. At the time I thought it was Zorro due to the Iberian accent, but now I know the truth. LONG LIVE THE SQUIRREL!!!!


You cannot tell anything about what people believe in etc by looking at their pictures. I wish it were that easy.

Berman gets pds suppport

Berman had a big smile in his recent photo that arrived in homes today. Some of the individuals sporting a shit eating grin in his photo were "the queen Jehlen, Helen give it a rest Corrigan, M&M, Marc Wolfgang Puck, Carly Sciortino Dennis fake smile Provost, and Rebel Gervitz!

Berman needs a shower and shave

I saw the Berman piece you mention. It is a disgrace. The group photo looks like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The PDS needs elections because they certainly are not winning any beauty contests.

Gotta love the squirrel

I wouldn't want to be in a fox hole with the squirrel. That being said, I love his style. I love the fact that the squirrel's a whore! Standby for Somerville's top ten politcal whores!

Speaking of homely...

has anyone seen the PDS candidate from Ward 7.

Ward 7 is Heaven

I haven't had the opportunity to meet the PDS candidate from Ward 7 but I did meet her live in boyfriend. He reminded me of Mike Tyson.

Ron Newman

I don't think PDS has anything against Tony and they certainly did not "do anything to him". He received some support at the endorsement meeting, but not the required 66%.

To Lafuente is a good guy

This has to be the worst endorsement I've ever heard:

Do you blame Tony for wanting to move out?

Two sentences later:

I hope people stand behind him.

Ron Newman

Does Sean O'Donovan have a campaign web site? Over in Davis Square LiveJournal, I'm making a list of campaign links, and his is the only one I don't have.


I don't think he has a web site...

Ron Newman

Does he list one on his leaflets? Since I don't live in his ward, I don't get to see these.


I just went out to pick up the morning paper on the porch and found this really nasty flyer. Is this what passes as progressive politics in this city? Given it was dropped at night days before the election only serves to show it is nothing but an attack piece aimed to throw mud without response. It does not even say who sent it.

I had considered myself a kindred spirit of the local progressives until I saw this thing. I had not made up my mind who I was going to vote for but this has shown me that Trane is the better candidate. He has mailed positive pieces and demonstrated a record of acomplishment.I can only assume that this piece was sent by the other candidate since it not signed.


What did the nasty thing say?


Oh come on Jake. Campaign fantasy literature has been around for over one hundred years. Candidates embellish, enhance and lie about all their great accomplishments right before the election. I'm not saying that Trane has lied about anything, but take a look at what all the incumbents are saying. "I did this. I did that." What a load of horseshit.

My advice to all candidates: save the paper and your money. Most of us watch what you are doing for months before the first Tuesday in November.

Give the public some credit.

Mr. Blonde

Heller's piece was a smear on Bob Trane. Disgusting the PDS would stoop to such low levels! I was horrified.

Bob now has my vote. Heller should drop out after this mailing.

I hear her live-in boyfriend has some criminal cases pending against him. God knows the woman hasn't knocked on any doors in my area.

Tom Brady

We are starting a movement and will be holding a candlelight vigil in Davis tomorrow evening from 7 to 10 to force the Somerville News to UNBAN IM-UX!!


Anyone interested be in David after the Pats game tomorrow. We need to stop the facist PDSers from their censorship.


Tom Brady

Rumor has it the man himself (IM-UX) make even make an appearance and a speech!


Ron Newman

What did the Ward 7 leaflet say? I don't get to see these, living in Ward 6.

Ron Newman

damn, who forgot to close a 'bold' tag again?

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