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November 21, 2007


alderman watcher

While a quorum feasted on JC's delicacies, Becky Boo-Hoo and Bill Slight had a candlelit dinner for two at Little Vinny's. Walter grabbed a sub at Leone's.

it *is* funny

Everyone be safe out there on the roads ... I saw our own JN doing a wicked u-turn in Ball Square about an hour ago. If he is any indication, the roads will be wild. Buckle up!

Credit where credit is due

Did this North End dinner violate the open meeting law? How many Aldermen were there - eight by the sounds of it! Bad Alderman!!

Ron Newman

Limoncello was supposed to move into the former Buck-a-Book space that is now Chipotle, but abandoned their plans after getting approval from the city.


Limoncello is owned and operated by a somerville resident. it has excellent authentic italian food. try it some time

The Traveller

You're right.
Don't forget, Ron, there's life outside of Davis Square!
And even outside of Somerville (yikes!)

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