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November 14, 2007


Ron Newman

Are you sure Kat Powers is also editor of the Cambridge Chronicle? That's not what the newspaper's web site says. Since the Journal and Chronicle are part of the same chain, they occasionally use each other's news stories.

Ron Newman

Also, it's a bit insulting to call Mr. McCabe's publications "newsletters" instead of what they are, newspapers. You don't have to like them, or their publisher, to call them by their proper name.

namwen nor

Don't worry, JN, Ron has your back!

2007-11-07 03:36 pm UTC (link)
You need 100 signatures. For whatever reason (and she says there was some sort of family emergency), she either didn't return enough of them, or didn't return them on time.

However, I think electing the editor of the Somerville News to this position is a HUGE mistake.

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I'm sorry if this been answered before, but can someone tell me the specific contents of the "orange flyer" that was distributed by the Heller campaign in Ward 7. I live there and did not receive one.

I think it's great that people want to challenge the incumbents - democracy is healthy!


I am hoping that we get rid if Carl and Pat as soon as possible. Why wait for the election? What is the impeachment process? They were obviously involved in election fraud (helping Heller run her dirty campaign). Why hasn't hearings and a police investigation been started yet?


What was the "fraud" and how were Sciortino and Jehlen "obviously involved"?

If the fraud is this orange flyer...I still have no idea what it said...


Otis, there 3 bullets INSIDE the orange newsletter (on the outside it said to the effect in BOLD letters BOB TRANE LETS DEVELOPERS PROFIT OF THE COMMUNITY).

Bullet #1: Said that he supported the developers in the Assembly Square process that wanted XYZ and not ABC and somehow that hurts low income people.

Bullet #2: Yapped about the new condos at 1188 Broadway being LUXURY and that somehow or another he was paid off as his former employer is selling some of the units.

Bullet #3: Trane lets 3 condo developments into the city and he didn't attend the affordabel housing hearing. They're smearing him as not caring.



The Squirrel Hater

The Secret Squirrel has a nerve. After spending most of his time campaigning for Lafuentez he shows up at the Mayor's party to fill his fat squirrely face. This guy doesn't quit. GET A LIFE SQUIRREL!!!


Hey - I hate political smearing and negative campaigning as much as you, Somerville. But I'm not sure there was anything illegal about what the Heller camp did, therefore I'm not sure anyone should be going to jail.

If what was printed in the flyer was untrue, than Rachel Heller should be ashamed. But that shame is about all the punishment she should get. As for the politicians that endorsed her, they have nothing directly to do with the tactics Heller used in the campaign and should not be associated with them.

Wishful Thinking

"Rumors are already flying that Rep. Carl Sciortino and the Queen of the PDSers’ Senator Pat Jehlen are going to have some serious challengers this coming year - we predict, and you heard it here first"

What a crock! Rumors? What rumors? Made up rumors in the Somerville News "newsroom"?

How desperate to try and circulate rumors that are unfounded.

Pat Jehlen will be a Senator for as long as she wants to be. There is no viable candidate that I can see coming from the cesspool that is called Somerville poliitics.

Name me one candidate that could give her a run for the money? Just one.

I thought so!

Ron Newman

What specifically is erroneous about those three statements?

Even if one or more of the statements is false, how is it 'election fraud' ? What would the police have to do with it?


Ron -

You will also go to jail for asking stupid questions.


somerville guy

Wishful thinking . . .
You are a gobshite-

Credit where credit is due

Heller doesn't belong in jail - she just doesn't belong as Ward 7 Alderman either. She ran a dirty race and lied about her opponent, even though she promised to run a clean campaign.

And Jehlen lovers, don't forget that Queen Pat scraped through Somerville against a REPUBLICAN. Put up any decent Democrat and we will see what happens.

As for Carl, what pension will he collect once he loses next year?

On Broadway

Hmmm, heard many times on this blog that the orange flyer contains "lies", yet no one can point to a single fact in the flyer that is untrue. The only ones lying are those that claim the orange flyer contained factual falshoods -- that includes this paper, or shall I say "newsletter".

You mean elitist yacht-owner and perpetual bigot Vinny Ciampa is part of a club that's bilking the state for money? What, he couldn't cheat the state out of enough money through his cushy job to the sheriff's office? Thank goodness we threw that hack out of office.

Wow, Fred Berman was given words of encouragement by the elected officials that endorsed him? Who's the crackpot investigative reporter at the Snews that nabbed that item? Better report that his friend and family thanked him as well before someone scoops you.

Taking advantage

So, I did some research that I beleive warrants review in the city. Cambridge city councilors makke 65,000K a year. How much does the BOA make in Somerville? One of our reps. that represents somerville in ward 1 not only collects the above sum, but also a 60,000K pay from the state as a legislator.. Is this what we call in somerville "double dipping"? If so, does he get two pensions like some othe politcal whores in the city, AKA secret squirrel, our BOA clerk who also works for the state? These hacks have it down to a science. I am jealous!!

Ron Newman

It is not illegal for Tim Toomey to serve both on a city council and in the state legislature.


Voters in Somerville and Cambridge are aware that Tim Toomey holds both positions. They keep electing him to both.


To On Broadway, relax and take a deep breeth, not everyone you disagree with is a bigot or racist. The Haters need to stop resorting to claiming everyone that they don't like is a racist or bigot. Hate is a strong thing and if you let it will ruin your life, you need some serious help. Our family will pray for you at church this Sunday to help you heal. Let us all pray for all the haters.


Straightdope, only a racist and a bigot would make the statements you just made.

To Somerville Guy

Intelligent comeback.

I guess your remark comes out of frustration because you know I am right.

You have a nice Thanksgiving and make sure you don't eat too much gobshite!


Matt Goodman

If memory serves, Somerville aldermen get $25k a year. Based on recent history, I don't believe there's any legal reason you can't be alderman and also serve in another elected office.


"Put up any decent Democrat and we will see what happens."

Who do you qualify as a "decent democrat"?

That's the problem with people like you and Somerville love to throw out statements but can't back it up with any real evidence of someone who will unseat Jehlen. me one person who would qualify as your "decent democrat".

To Matt

Vinnie Ciampa did it for years until people got sick of his lapdog mentality at the Statehouse and his basically no show job as an Alderman.

Ron Newman

Vinny Ciampa served as both Alderman-at-Large and State Representative for years before Bill White edged him out of the alderman seat in 1997.

Other people who have served simultaneously in the state legislature and a city council: Ray Flynn (Boston), Saundra Graham (Cambridge), and, for a few months, our own Denise Provost.

The Mole

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you,"Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Bad Boys"?

The Mole

Rumor Has It That Lafuente Is Searching A New Community To Live In.

The buzz around the city is that Lafuente has contacted Jackie Veri about doing a market analysis on his home, so that he can put it on the market. Close insiders to Lafuente specualate that if he can't pull off a victory to Desmond, he will start looking for new community this spring. Rumor has it that family pressure has taken a tole on the brady bunch as of late.


One critical mistake Lafuente has made over and over is trying to "buy" his way into Somerville politics with and coming up short in the following:
A) High recognition from "average" voter, which is usually accomplished by many years of community involvement!
B) Accurate and realistic view of opponent's and their favor with constituency.
They simply didn't have enough reasons not to vote for the opposition in the last 6 years! There was, however, enough reason to oust Connolly in Ward Six when Rebeka got in.
C) Lack of true inclusion in special interest groups. This was Lafuente's real downfall, simply not getting enough of, but needing, the extreme lefties. They can't be bought and can sniff out a closet conservative thru a modem. But, they will vote "as blindly as a townie" when one their own is running!

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