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November 14, 2007



Glad my parents never called the cops when I'd go for my long walks lasting over 24 hrs during my teenage years.

Ron Newman

13 years old, didn't come home overnight? I think the parents did the exactly right thing. Glad he was found safe.


This is from the Boston Globe

By Globe Staff

Somerville Police say they have found a 13-year-old boy with a slight learning disability who wandered away Tuesday from the Kennedy School.

Jack C. Kornfield-Shay, who was last seen at 2:30 p.m., was found shortly before noon today on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, said Police Captain Paul Upton.

"This is good news. He’s in good spirits. He's perfectly fine. Happy ending," said Upton.

Police said this morning they were concerned the teenager might be disoriented and confused.

They also said Kornfield-Shay was known to take long walks after school, particularly through the Cambridge area from Porter Square to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They said he was very shy and not likely to seek police assistance if he became lost.


So happy the kid was found. His parents must be over the moon. Good job cops.


The family of this young man needs to equip their son with a type of personal tracking system. They can be pricey, but our children are priceless.


Priceless? I don't think so. How much are the kids who get sent to Iraq paid? That's the price; pretty low, actually.


I believe you have mental illness and should have it checked out. It's either that or a tumor.

Ron Newman

Not that I agree with Grog, but Election's comment is pretty irrelevant to the situation at hand.


Leave the poor kid alone. He probably just needs time away from his hyper-protective family.

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