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November 19, 2007


Ron Newman

If he wins the recount, will he continue this silence?


That shows he is intelligent. What's there to gain by speaking with the SN?

Tony response?

I think that Mr. Lafuente needs to review what he is about to put the city of somerville through. There are other elections in other cities that have much closer results and the candidate on the losing end is not asking for a recount due to the cost to the city. They are stating that the money should be spent on things that better their respective cities. I would love to know Mr. Lafuente's position on this - or like everything else does he not have the balls to respond. Please look at the following links...


Well, if you read the other city paper Tony basically said that Portuguese people and poll workers are stupid. His own camp sent out the literature with his name circled on a ballot that has been well established to have a connect the arrow feature. Who is the stupid one in this situation? I'm not exactly sure how he thinks people are going to warm up to him after that lovely article and the tens of thousands of dollars this recount will cost.


Why is this news?


Port A Geese people don't know how to read?? Is that what Tony is saying? If it is, he has certainly offended this Portugalia

Credit where credit is due

Since the News failed to report on him when there was a campaign on, why would they be interested in talking to him now? Good for you Tony!!


Why is this news? It's news because the News felt offended Tony did not wanna talk to them and so they are taking their little childish revenge by whining.

Flag Man Rules!

Long Live Lafuente!


Here's the thing....a recount has an almost zero chance of overturning the election results. Our system (machine-read but with paper ballot back-up) is, I think, the best system there is. If someone circled the name instead of connecting the arrow, their ballot would have been kicked out election night as 'unread' and then hand-counted. So while it would not be reflected on the end-of-night tape, it would be counted in the official results. Tony has every right to ask for a recount, but the chances of any changes taking place are nil.

On Broadway

Boycott the Snews! Tony did the right thing. Why promote a source of so much lies and hypocrisy? I'm doing the wrong thing right now by even commenting on the blog. I know the Snews moderators will try to ban me again, but again they will fail. They're too stupid to require users to register, so we're all free to say whatever we want with no accountability.

Credit where credit is due

A recount is part of the electoral process - so what if it costs money. That's like saying that people should not challange any incumbents because elections are expensive. What's more important than making sure that every vote is counted properly?


"They're too stupid to require users to register"
~This is suggested constantly, which is funny, because you can register for weblog sites using false names, addresses, and 'junk' e-mail addresses.

Ron Newman

Yes, but once you've registered a name, nobody else can use it but you. That's the point people have been making here.

it *is* funny

Hey, just thought I'd add this here ... I just got Dennis Sullivan's mailer TODAY on 11/19. Only 13 days after the election, Dennis.

Ron Newman

Probably the post office's fault rather than Dennis's. What kind of postage does it have?

it *is* funny

Hm. I just fished it out of the recycle bin .. it's got a presorted first class US postage paid sticker and an auto 5-digit bar code. Arrived with a bunch of stuff dated between 11/12 and 11/15.

Who knows?


I am the same person as that person calling himself "Register?" above. I am a moron.

somerville guy

Hey recount. Are you quite sure that if a ballot "kicked out", and had other candidates marked but Lafuente circled, it would then be properly recorded? Fat chance! Who controls the hiring of the poll workers and the Election Department staff? The Mayor, and he don't want no stinkin' Lafuente on the BOA. Status quo is the way to go. I say he's got a fighting chance!

Lafuentez  Rich Republican sore Loser!

Lafuentez is a sore loser. Get over it. Stop flip flopping from republican to democrat. Nobody is buying into your silly excuse about a re-count. Stop wasting taxpayers money. Act yourself, and stop trying to be someone your not. People can see right through you.

Tony was told not to trust the progressive's

Tony was told not to go to sleep with the progressive's. It was his choice not to listen. Where's Jehlen, Where's Martinez, Where's Buonomo????????? They used you. I thought you were smarter than that!


I bet LaFuente will pull this off! Unless the folks who have access to the ballots have been bought.


38 votes, I'll see you on December 1st. As Frank Bakey always said, "There's no fun in screwing somebody, unless you let them know you did it." Don't forget to smile, I know I'll be!

Lafuente will gain votes but not enough to win

Tony will gain a few more votes than expected, but not quite enough to pull it off. The margin is too big. Save the taxpayers money if you really care. I can see Tony gaining 10-15 votes. He'll be lucky if he gets that. The computer scanners are too good. He's a liar when he mentions spanish and hatian voters. Did Tony forget that he sent a translated letter to all the portuguese voters in the ciy. The letter he sent explained to voters exactly what to do. Who is he kiddin, when he mentions the spanish and hatian community?

HL Menken


I've come to expect better from you. Didn't they teach you in journalism class that its not news if a source refuses to speak with a reporter? This is transparently a petty attempt to punish TL by encouraging people with limited intelligence to post hate messages about him. By the quality of the posts, it is evident that he got the better of this foolish tactic. If this was Donald Norton's idea, then I fully understand.


Your description of election procedures seems to contradict those of JAR, who has been a warden for a number of elections. I don't have an opinion on how this will turn out, but I think that Mr. Lafuente is within his rights, and I'll be interested to see the outcome.

"The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

- Josef Stalin

somerville guy

Touche on Messr. Menken and his quoting the ultimate election commissioner-sorry Nicky-Generalissimo Stalin! The votes were tampered in Five, that much is true. It was no where near enough to spell the end for the do-nothing O'Golf-again, but it would have shown some weakness. No matter, JC is running a good show, SOD should thank him for another 2 years of quality Florida/North Carolina junkets. Carla should pay heed to what lies ahead.

HL Menken is using the jedi mind trick on Norton and George

HL Menken is using the "Jedi Mind Trick on Norton and George" Don't be fooled. TL is begging for positive press! TL has nobody to turn too. He lost 3 times in Cambridge, 2 times in Somerville. This guys a mush! The last thing Tony wants is to hear that he's finished. The truth hurts. Hassett is a great editor and his dad's a great defence attorney. The family is good people. Don't hate the player, hate the game. lol

Ron Newman

What offices did he run for in Cambridge, and when?


Why is this news?????

Who invited this most hated Arshole on the planet to the party?

Can you or someone tell me what the former ISD Superintendent Mike -The-Shithead %&*#@oley was doing at the polls on election day? This guy is noting but a frigin trainwreck? Who ever this arshole was holding signs for was sure to loose as they sure did that day! Who in there right mind would recruit such a moron! This moron was prancing around smoking a 12" Stogie with a shit eaten grin on his face like he was Mr America or something! He was making believe to himself that he was making a difference! Ya, Right! The only difference this Arshole was making was the fact that he was attracting flys no matter where he walked! The most hated guy on the planet! He was recently even interviewed by channel 5 last week for being so over aggressive by shutting many local businesses down in Framingham last week for some minor non compliance's infringes! This jerk was having a power struggle with himself when he was in Somerville at the time! People who are and were in this line of work usually try to make friends during their career so that in the future they can reek the rewards of their good deeds and friendship! Instead this ARSHOLE made more enemies than you could shake a frigin stick! Mike if you read this I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart that you suck!

You are so correct about this guy Mike F.

You are so correct about this guy Mike F. He was Capuano's Bitch! He was Dot Gay's Rat! He was Joe Curtatone's biggest nightmare so he got rid of him!


Not very subtle, huh? Two moronic messages pretending to be from different people 20 minutes from each other at 3AM. Don't drink and post, folks

Aqua Man

Tony could be in trouble. Don't forget the "mysterious" water leak in the election offices. Were the ballots secure? Who responded to the "emergency"? Were any boxes moved? I smell something, and its not just the musty odor in the basement of City Hall.


this has all the makings of a classic capuano hit operation. remember back when a bunch of stan koty's buddies were all registered in the same two family house? wasn't it like 55 or something and all of them voted and kept denise provost from the ward 5 seat? it's amazing if you think about it - you can take the boy outta somahville but you can't take somahville outta the boy!

The Mole

What you didn’t notice the entourage at the across the street from the Brown School? O’Drinkavan was there almost all day long with his cohorts. Boss Hog and girl toy CC were doing their thing along with the others. If you were to take a page out of the Hoodlums of the Hood, you could ID every one of the bodies standing out holding SOD signs. It was a classic.

You can’t tell me they weren’t counting their votes going into the school now can you? You bet they were. Just like when the ex Mayors’ aide tried to cast her vote but was challenged. That was one that was caught, how many more slipped by?

PS... Hog and Girl Toy CC remind me of Bonnie and Clyde.

The Mole

Breaking news

BREAKING NEWS: All ballots have been lost due to a small fire in the room where they were stored! What are they hiding?
A new election is now required, apparently. How much is it going to cost? What's going on in Somerville???


43 votes cannot be made up. This thing is over. Long live Bruce Desomond and Stan Koty

somerville guy

Hey Observations First of all, it's 38 votes that separates Bruce from oblivion, you dip-shit. Secondly, with so many ill-informed geese (that's Portugeese for all the PC folks) in Wards 1, 2, and 4, there's a strong chance that Bruce is grabbing some pine. At the very least, the Fred Berman (read Becky Boo-Hoo, MM, and Carla) camapign will be exposed for all to see. And thirdly, Stan Koty had nothing to do with the At-Large race, he was too busy running an endless stream of fraudluent voters in Five. It's very easy when you have Sgt. Schultz as the the Election Commisioner.

Tony Lafuentez loses by numerous votes

Prediction: Lufuentez is negative 48 votes, Dezzy gains 8 for a total of 46.... after a close examination of all ballots in wards 2, 4, and 3, the portuguese community rejected lafuentez. What town is Tony moving to next. Pack all the illegal workers and bring them back to Reading.

To The Person Who Posted As

First off, none of his employees are illegal. They are all a citizen just like you and I are. Snobs like you make me sick. Think back in the line of your family history. I'm sure there is at least one person who came from a different country to have a better life for not only themselves but for you. How sad is it that you are on "thesomervillenews" at 10:36pm making fun of people who work hard everyday and has nothing to do with this polital bulls#!t. Nice Life. You talk so much crap but I'm sure you are just like the rest of these fake people who are "supposedly all about Somerville" GET OVER YOURSELF.

6 days to go until they pull the plug on Tony's political career

"always a bride's maid, and never a bride" Anthyony never seems to catch that political bouqet!


Tony did not try to get into politics for the sake of having a "political career", unlike many parasites who have nothing to offer other than a loud mouth.

Hey Now

Sounds like that scumbag Election is no other than Tony the Fraud.

Tony is a good guy but doesn't come off as genuine

Tony doesn't appear to be genuine. After a while, people see through the clouds. I wish that he would just be Tony. Tony should stop attempting to be something he's not. If Tony just acted like Tony, he might have had a shot. Its sad, because he would have done a great job.

"Next time we have to bring everybody together"

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