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November 13, 2007



these are very disturbing charges --- and the little girl's previous injuries are also disturbing


This sort of makes you wonder why the mother waited to take the child to the hospital? If she was really "freaking out" why did she wait? and why didn't she go directly to the hospital instead of waiting and then making an appointment to see her doctor? It doesn't make sense. It sounds like this mother is hiding something? but what?

Witch Hunt

This doesn't make sense. This child was in the presence of so many people the few days before going to the hospital and they try to pin it on this poor guy who is with her for one hour. It sounds like she is an unfit mother and I hope Mr. Winfield is vindicated. There is plenty of "reasonable doubt" in this case. My prayers are with him and the little girl.


This poor man and his family--their lives on hold for more than 2 years. Are you kidding me? what kind of mother doesn't know her child is suffering from a broken wrist or ribs....both very painful injuries? Someone inflicted these injuries upon the child well before the accused was anywhere near her. They're obviously investigating the wrong person!!!


Why don't you save your brain power for activities other than useless speculation?

Could happen to anyone

I would just like to say how easy it truly is for someone to point the finger at someone else, especially when they are trying to get the attention off of themselves! Words especially lies, can definitely devastate lives. The truth will prevail and Mr. Winfield I pray with all of my heart will be found innocent of these charges and can go on with his life and live happily with his family whom he loves very much. There is no way that he committed these acts, but I belive that the mother of that child is 100% capable.

Mother is a liar

The truth is the mother is a liar. She has always lied to get attention. She cried rape 4 times, to close friends who have all discovered she lied. The mom is a slut and always has been. One of her many boyfriends probably did it and she is covering up. Blaming the only other man in the baby's life. I mean HELLO the cop's wife is sticking by him and his children are completely fine. Broken wrist and ribs and you ignore that. The baby was probably with drawn because of pain she had to endure with a mother that ignores her. Think about it....


The truth is that we don't know the truth about this.

Ron Newman

How about we let the jury do its job instead of trying to jump to conclusions (for or against the defendant) based on a short newspaper article?


I know both parties involved. And I can tell you I believe 100% the Winfields are capable of this. THey both have drug problems which i have witnessed personally. Him more than her. He is abusive and angry. Earlier reports say the baby left their house on different occasions with some injury?!?

I couldn't, wouldn't ever imagine a sister could do this to their own blood. You're a sick person!

A baby can walk around with a broken bone and not realize it. My son had a fractured collar bone for 2 weeks before he showed any signs of bruising.

Get a life people. He's a scum bag, she's a scum bag, they both deserve to go to jail.


Funny, I know YOU. And I can tell you that people should not trust what you have to say.


As a couch potato who ALWAYS watches forensic files type shows, police always miss important evidence and focus singularly on one suspect. I say that because I would want to see the person who really perpetrated this act in jail, not a scapegoated one. If these people are druggies, maybe the burn marks came from a drug pipe?

not a drug pipe

burns came from a curling iron, according to doctors at trial


I am sure this respected police officer will have no problems down at Walpole. The inmates there respect guys like this and he will be treated fairly and honorably.

Is it true that the mother of the child made 4 false claims to police regarding rape?

Is it true that the mother of the child made 4 false claims to police regarding the fact that she was raped?

There are so many questions to be answered regarding this case. I can't see how the jury found this guy guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I have followed this case from the begining and I can't figure out how the jury came up with this outcome. If Mr. Winfield committed this crime, he deserves to pay the price. On the other hand, if he diddn't, this is a terrible tragedy. Other than pictures of the child's wounds, everything else appears to be circumstantial. Did the jury want to hang a police officer? I feel horrible about what happened to the child but I am still not convinced that Mr. Winfield committed this crime.


Did you actually attend the trial? Every day of it? I did. "Following" from home is hardly the same thing, and you can't possibly know what information the jury had. It'd be nice to hear from someone on the jury, but since their lives were threatened by the defendant's brother, I doubt that will happen.


Mr. Winfield deserves better. He, like Oj and Robert Blake, was 111% innocent. We need more guys like this on the Somerville police. Whatever happened to all that $$$ they (police) supposedly threw out in a desk. Mr. Winfield knew the real story and they are trying to silence him via a conspiracy of lies! SHAME oh the SHAME!


this is such ashame I feel so sad for that child dss should really be watching this little girl very close and God knows the truth.And if keth is innocent God knows that to sham sham on who ever

Somerville n00b

Wow, I always wonder how threads that are 8 months old get resurrected.

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