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November 15, 2007



All I can say that the results of this case display the imperfections in the legal system in the United States. This man is innocent. The mother of this child did this horrific thing to her child and used this man as a guinea pig for her guilt. In the days leading up to this she was on all sorts of drugs. She abused her child on a normal basis and perfectly set up her brother-in-law to a point where he couldn't get out of the mess. Christina ******, the mother of the child is a pathological liar and drug addict and abuser of government assistance. She had men in and out of her house on a normal basis which makes her a whore as well. All I can say is that I hope that some of these politicians grow some balls and do anything they can do try and rectify this situation. All you need to do is look at her past and you will see that this girl is a complete liar. Ask her former classmates, teachers, friends and family.

Ron Newman

If these things are true, did the prosecution introduce them as evidence?

Ron Newman

I mean... did the DEFENSE introduce them as evidence?


No, for some reason that were allowed to bring them into the case.. Watch the seven o'clock news


Having men in and out of your home on a regular basis does not make a woman a whore. If you're trying to imply that she's guilty of prostitution, that's probably better phrased in a different manner. If you're trying to imply that she has morals that stray from your standards of acceptable behavior, that's probably best left uncommented on in a public forum like this.

Not a jurer

I was in the Jury pool for this trail. I was not selected after being rejected by one of the attorneys. I had not heard about this case before that day, but have followed it since that time due to my disgust with the charges. Being with the prospective jurors I understand how difficult their work was going to be and thank them hearing the case.

The brother would be tagged and bagged if he came after me.

they say blood is thicker than water.  HA!

is this winfields wife commenting? Get a life! Been to the Roxy lately trippin on E?

misery loves sucks having a psychotic husband. grow some balls and leave him - thought you were better than that.

anyone who knows the mother, knows that isn't true. the sister is a homewrecker though.

Jerry Springer

This sounds like a jerry springer type story!


I personally know the grandparents of this baby - their daughter Christina doesn't even know who the baby's father is and believe me when I tell you that they all had it in for Keith and now he's behind bars for no reason at all. This whole thing is sad, it really is.


I personally know "heartbroken". She is a f*ing liar and knows nothing.

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