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November 30, 2007


Born Here

WHAT was that Mike, we cant hear ya over the noise? Add in the toxic cloud from the old Edison plant we been breathing for 50 years, the "hundreds" of 18 wheel gas tankers that now use Somerville as their primary driving route from Everett to 93...ya, life is good *cough*


I have to say that I was impressed by the amount of paperwork they generated fter my online complaint a while back. They sent a long letter explaining the weather conditions on that precise day and time and so on. At least, they have paper pushers.


Ahem, but I thought that BEFORE the election, Curtatone was implying that he'd stop the planes no matter what!


Noise ain't as bad as it was even 2 months ago. Quit all the whining and man up.

Election, you seem to be the biggest imbecile posting, so one has to wonder whether you were dropped on thrown on your head as a child. I'm guessing thrown. Hard. Repeatedly.

Anne Judge

I got a form reply to my complaint - In the space for wind conditions it listed "CALM." So much for "unusually strong northwestern winds" forcing them to use 33L.

(When the winds are strong from the northwest, they obviously don't have a choice, but they're equally obviously now using 33L when they're not forced to by the wind.)


Buddy, aka I m u x , as I said, enjoy the slow Proxy lane!

I don't get it

I have to say that I've noticed some increase in traffic, but not decidedly so. The point is, if you live some 3 miles from an international airport you need to expect some plane traffic overhead. I think that perhaps they are simply spreading it out, so that every plane doesn't fly over East Boston and Winthrop. I think we have to share the pain a little here. And I'd bet that all of those people complaining would be the first to complain if suddenly the 6 am and 7 am flights to New York or Washington were eliminated due to residents' complaints. Let's face it - you only think about the noise when you're on the ground, but when you're the one in the air you don't consider all of the people below being bothered by the noise! Give it a rest - it's a non-issue.

Jack Saporito, Alliance of Residents Concerning O'Hare

...AND it is going to get much worse starting next year, with the 2008 economic globalization treaties coming due.

Then you have the other 3 flight growth modes that are supposed to massively increase flights by at least doubling every 8-10 years until 2050.

Didn't they tell you that?

born here

I told ya ! read my first comment on this thread. The 18 wheel gas tankers now use Somerville as their primary route to get onto 93. Everyone on Ten Hills and Mystic ave. should watch todays news and call there representatives. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN HERE.


Please make a complaint. I do not get why some folks just say live with it. It is outrageous that thede planes cannot fly over the sea to gain height. The FAA is in the pockets of the air corporations. Do not let these scum ruin our city.


I do notice a lot of trucks lately coming up route 16, through Wellington Circle to Mystic Ave and eventually route 93. But I wasn't sure if it was an increase, or just something I hadn't noticed before. If this is new, what route did these trucks use before?


well the plane noise is not going to stop the FAA has ordered a review of airline route there are too many delays at the airport and they are mandated too change to the most effeicient so the delays will be cut you can complain all you want but in the near future they will have to comply with the new routes and by the way what do you people xpect living in the city if you dont like noise move to the country you people gotta wake up and stop complainig about every little noise i live on a main drag and the biggest noise i have are the new busses they are much louder than the old ones but i dont think they are going to switch back deal with it or move!


I've lived in W.Somerville for 60 years, (with 8 years off to live in Florida.)

There was never any airplane noise while I was growing up, and, in fact, for me, the noise began maybe 8 years ago and continues now, sometimes, not all the time, through late night and as early as 5:30am. Ahhh, it's 10:15 as I write and the noise, which began in the afternoon, continues. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep anytime soon.

I have no patience with anyone who thinks we should all suck it up. If there is something that can be done to alleviate the noise, and I think there is, why should any of us suck it up?

Keep complaining, and complaining and complaining!


The past week has been noisier than usual. Even over the weekend, three straight sparklingly clear days with very light wind, the flights were almost non-stop. Today is rainy, and the flights began before 6 a.m. They will continue all day, probably into the night. I have only lived in Somerville for four years, and aside from the extreme inconvenience and disruption caused by this kind of noise, I worry that my property value is being negatively affected. If I had known about the Logan traffic, I might have thought more carefully about buying in Somerville, and I am sure that will be the case with potential buyers when I need to sell.
Of course I complain to Massport, and of course I get their form letter in reply which always states weather statistics, so I've started including my own unscientific observations in my letters to them. I keep everything I send them, but I'm only one person. That makes me a crank. We need everyone in Somerville and surrounding towns to do this. We need to coordinate our efforts, because the FAA and Massport can dismiss individuals out of hand.

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