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November 01, 2007


Mole Fan

instead of the amount, she should have used THE MOLE's info on WHO did the work. The place still leaked anyway..

Rocky Raccoon

Is it me or is the Mayor peering over his sign with those raccoon circled eyes?

The fact that Joe feels comfortable with the current structure on the BOA is only because of the color GREEN. Let's face it.

Green pastures are always better than browned hay.


How do you dare calling those awesome beaten puppy doggy eyes "raccoon eyes" ??? Shame on you.

Rocky Raccoon

I was being nice. I could have said, "Those eyes look like they just came out of the #@$"$%' rehab center but I didn't now did I"?


Ahahahah! I see your point.


Rehab? You have a Mayor who runs marathons, works 18 hours a day, and has done more for this city than any Mayor in our lifetime and you criticize. Let me know what you think that he is not doing or where he is failing on any front?

it *is* funny

If making fun of the Mayor's appearance is the best you've got, it's no wonder he is so popular. I personally like him and think he's doing a good job and I've told him so in person. I hope he sticks around for a while.

Ron Newman

Although just because I like the mayor doesn't mean I'd necessarily vote for other candidates that he supports (e.g. in ward 5)



I'm not sure anyone expects you to automatically vote for candidates that the Mayor supports. However, he has the right to come out and support candidates just as PDS does. Do they even expect 100% of their members to follow??

I have been very curious as to why PDS won't endorse a Mayor who continues to receive recognition throughout the state as one of the most innovative and progressive mayors in the commonwealth. Is it personal?


Please: is because he is homegrown and it kills em' to think locals could actually be part of the City and the way it is today:>)

Ron Newman

At the PDS endorsement meeting, I recall that the mayor got some votes and Suzanne Bremer got some votes, neither one getting enough for PDS's 66% supermajority requirement. Rick Scirocco got no votes.



Thanks for the reply, however, I'm not interested in the 3rd grade math behind how the PDS endorsement is achieved. I'm much more interested in the rationale that the PDS offers for not endorsing him.

You must have some notion as to why a self annointed progressive group will not endorse a candidate that has an undeniable track record as a very progressive mayor. My impression of the PDS is that they like data and information to make decisions and they embrace transparent and open processes. So why can't they enlighten me. I consider myself a very progressive person which is why I ask these questions. The PDS has little credibility with me if they cannot explain why the Mayor can't seem to get this endorsement. There must have been some debate for and against candidates. It would go a long way with many of us if we could understand such a counterintuitive move on the part of PDS.

Ron Newman

If it had been just the mayor vs. Scirocco, I'm sure the mayor would have gotten the endorsement. With a three-way race, two progressive candidates split the vote, neither one meeting the threshold required for an endorsement.

Mr. Blonde

The PDS has little credibility with me if they cannot explain why the Mayor can't seem to get this endorsement. There must have been some debate for and against candidates. It would go a long way with many of us if we could understand such a counterintuitive move on the part of PDS.

Posted by: please | November 02, 2007 at 07:14 PM

Please, the PDS only backs candidates that are way off the charts leftie moonbats. You need to be a card carrying, anti-US, anti-religion nutjob to get their endrosement.


New Stalker

The mayor has sought the endorsement from the PDS "moonbats" several times in the past. Never got it. They might be "moonbats", but they've got his number.



I promise. This is my last attempt at trying to get clarity on why the Mayor doesn't get the PDS endorsement. You have two progressive candidates to consider. One has a strong, demonstrated track record in terms of pushing a progressive agenda as well as valuable on the job experience both as Mayor and as an Alderman. Under the Mayor's stewardship the city has become recognized as a model city for creativity and innovation. The other candidate has no executive experience. I'm sure she is a very nice woman with some interesting skills and talents, however, she seems woefully unqualified to run a city the size of Somerville.

Maybe Mr. Blonde is right. Maybe the Mayor should distance himself from the PDS. I just don't like hypocrites and would like an open, logical and fact based answer on why he comes up short with PDS. If you all have some good reasons why he should not be supported by progressives - let's hear it. This seems like a very simple question to me???

Oh, and New Stalker - what's the Mayor's number. You are as vague as Ron.

Ron Newman

You're asking me to read the minds of all the other people who were at that meeting, and who cast secret-ballot votes. I can't do that.


OK. Open call to PDS members - can anyone step up and answer why they didn't vote to support an endorsement for the Mayor. I know that I'm being stubborn but this is the same group that would be hammering the Mayor or other elected officials that they didn't agree with if they couldn't get specific, well thought out responses to their questions.

I can only conclude that maybe others are correct. Is it because he is homegrown and not a transplant? Is he too ethnic for you? I think that would be tragic coming from a group that poses as a good government, open-minded, progressive group that, I would think, promotes diversity - maybe just certain kinds of diversity though.

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