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November 08, 2007


Cindy O'Shea

Legal immigration is wonderful isn't it? Where people can assimilate and the American dream can be realized. It is wonderful and should be celebrated.

Oh...this article was about legal immigration, right? I surely hope the author was not lumping those that have come to this country legally in together with people that come by breaking the law by coming and staying illegally! That would be such an insult to all people who have taken the time to do the right thing and come here legally.


Larry Stevens

Great news! GW Bush has a solution. A weak dollar means a stronger peso. Soon, they will all be crossing back over the border in search of hirer paying jobs! Thanks Bernake! Thanks Bush! now we can live happily in our own poverty knowing our xenophobia won't haunt us with fears that immigrants add 10% to the surplus of our Social Security and other entitlement funds....

Shuya Ohno

My family came here legally, and frankly, I completely sympathize and relate to the plight of all the families right now who are mired in a horrific immigration system - a system that is failing everyone. I think people who are such sticklers about legal vs illegal have no idea about the realities of the current broken system. First, the legal channels are completely inadequate and practically non-existent right now. There are no legal ways to come in or to get right with the law for too many families, even if they have relatives who are US citizens, or even if they've been here legally, working, paying taxes, etc. There are over two dozen visa categories, and none of them are being administered by any rational or efficient mechanism that lines up with the actual needs of our nation.
Second, most folks who keep perseverating on the legal vs. illegal distinction do not understand that immigration was much looser in previous times, and that there were in fact millions from Europe, especially from Ireland, Italy, England, and Germany, who immigrated ILLEGALLY. Many people claim their grandparents or great-grandparents came in legally, but those making that claim probably don't even really know which of their family members came in illegally in the past.
Third, I took the time, and the effort to come here legally, when it was actually possible to do so in a realistic way. Why should that make me angry? Why should that make me insulted? Why should that make me afraid of families, especially those who are my neighbors who are struggling to work, struggling to feed themselves, and striving for a better life, just like me and almost everyone else I know. I am frankly insulted by people who think they can speak for me or think they know how I feel.

I find "Somerville: Immigrant City" beautiful and moving because it makes me feel more connected as human being to my neighbors, no matter what they look like, no matter what language they speak. It makes me feel more connected to the history of America, and the history of Somerville, and it reminds me that I am my brother's keeper, my sister's keeper. It reminds me why I love America so much.


You've got it right!

Bubba Lou

"a system that is failing everyone."

You should wake up from that delusion. The system is working well for the top 10%... The rich benefit from cheap labor and they are happy to have to pay benefits.

But immigration is not huge problem when you look at the big picture. The Republicans are the big problem. And the lobbies. And the money we send to Israel, India, Egypt and spend in wars far exceeds any money we might lose on welfare and illegal immigrants...

Americans work from January to April to pay their taxes, then the rest of the money they earn after April is theirs. You might work 2 days to pay for illegals and 2 days for people on welfare but you work 2 months of year to fund the war. 2 weeks for earmarks like bridges to nowhere. Do you know how much money could save if we got rid of Bush, Blackwater, and Halliburton? What good are they anyway? Bush will steal your BB-que pit faster than some Mexican will...

Bubba Lou

I mean "they (the rich) are happy to NOT have to pay benefits and living illegal immigrants"

Chicita Bananna

I ingles no to goood, mas I luv ameerica. Me jus git in froom sliping under feeence. Me go boomboom loooong time with paco too git here. Wee all heer en mi cuntry dat los of dumbass anklegrabbing PDSers ar n sooooomervele. So wee all cums! Yeesss!! u luv immmmegrant an we love you dumbasses! Mee cusin pedro cumin soon too selll lots lots of drugs. We see old bag of bones (Patreecia Jehlen?) wans to mak all drugs legal! Yipee! She queen of dummies, no? me thinks so.

Just wondering

I m u x! I m u x! I m u x!

Voice of Reason

Why do we have a multi-cultural office, what do they actually do. I take it this one of these positions where someone not from Somerville with an MPP from Camelot High works. I bet you they do nothing all day but talk about how great they are. Probably have a bunch of usless meetings to get the job that one person can do done. Its a shame the rest of use can't afford to live because we have to fork over all of our money to pay for the ideas of .5% of the population. Shame, Shame, Shame, your all gonna lose next year.

Solh Zendeh

I think that post by 'Chicita Bananna' should be removed. My opinion: it crosses the line from strong/vulger personal opinion to rancid hate mongering. I(mux) was better than that, and he got banned.


Well i say call ICE on the employers get them in trouble i just read in the globe today they just built a processing center for illegals in burlington ma to start deportations so start calling ICE and do something they need your help

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