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November 18, 2007



What about families that make 310% of the poverty line?


How many times does one get hit by a car?? Idiot.



first time on my bike by a driver who wasn't watching what they were doing.
second time on my bike by a driver who wasn't watching what they were doing.

man, i am such a freakin' idiot!

christopher poteet


I bet those drivers were on a cell phone. I hope you sued them. Idiots.

it *is* funny

I almost hit a guy on a bike today ... he was riding on the sidewalk as I came to a stop at corner of Porter St. and Highland Ave. He swerved around me and then YELLED AT ME. I wish people would be a bit more careful and a lot more civilized.

Ron Newman

One of several good reasons that bicyclists usually should not ride on sidewalks.


Of course, there are LOCAl ORDINANCES in place, both in Somerville and Cambridge, against sidewalk cycling in the business districts.

But neither city will enforce it, and pedestrian safety doesn't count for diddly--though you'll hear plenty of municipal hot air to the contrary.

The Bike Lobby has both City Halls by the cojones.

Ron Newman

The "bike lobby", if there is one, does not favor bicycling on sidewalks. Children may want to slowly ride there while learning how to ride, but adults generally should ride on streets and paths.

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