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November 24, 2007



Nice pile of generalities. So, I assume it is OK to continue the same way.
What I've seen in the last four years has been a major increase in property taxes that are not going down even now that the market has turned sour. What I have seen is major work carried out on our Somerville roads, just to be undone a few months later. What I currently see is a Union Sq and a Somerville Av areas that look like Belgrade after a bombing raid. What I have seen is poor planning and nepotism.
What I have seen is the same glossy flier sent multiple times with JC's mugshot, but what I have NOT seen, is the major actually knock at my door during his campaign.


Well the Rich get Richer and the PEONS get screwed over and over again. thats how you can live in Arlington and get rich in SOMERVILLE?


"In the nearly four years since I said those words, we have grown our economy..."

I would like whoever writes this stuff for the Mayor to list exactly what he's done to grow the economy and exactly how much. I would also like him to list exactly what he has opposed that would have grown the economy without enriching his political allies.

The greatest opportunity to expand the economy was to adopt certain "good ideas--no matter where they come from" regarding Assembly Square. The best ideas, with the best evidence, came from Somerville's own Mystic View Task Force.

In 1999 and 2000, Joe Curtatone publicly endorsed those ideas. In 2003, the owners of the mall bought the election for him. In return, he rammed through illegal rezoning that killed Assembly Square's economic development potential. Since then, we've gotten more traffic and new city costs than new tax revenues from Assembly Square. (And more taxes on our homes.)

This year the Mayor maneuvered to shut up another source of good ideas--members of his own Planning Board. Now we will get an IKEA that continues this trend.


This election, mostly shows that most Somerville voters were exposed to lead when growing up. I'm not a PDS person, but that does not mean I have to believe the BS posted above.


still some non believers out there, some unhappy,hateful people out there, just can't stop the hate can you guys. If you hate this administration so much then run against and have some balls.

Truth Fan

It's a good bet that Joe Curtatone's PR flacks will convince Globe staff that he's a visionary who is rebuilding Somerville's economic base. They already believe that he is Greater Boston's most progressive mayor. LW and her father were discrete about what happened when she worked for Joe.

At the same time he's got a lot of us who were born here believing that he is one of us and will protect our interests. I don't see the things that I care about, and the people who I love care about, getting any better.

More and more I think that he will say anything and do anything that will give him more power. But I don't think he has any vision of how to use it, other than dispensing favors and and playing heroic roles in the limelight.

I think that the least we deserve from a leader is the truth. I honestly can't tell whether the mayor is willfully deceitful, or just doesn't know what truth is.

Curt 'n' Anthony

I have never voted for Joe Curtatone but I think people like Tony Lafuente and the PDS are losing ground against him. The mayor has fewer and fewer issues we can criticize him on. Unfortunately being generally untrustworthy is not really a campaign issue. If Bill White were to run for mayor what would he criticize him for? Joe certainly seems to manipulate situations to his benefit but what politician doesn't? I think he is a beneficiary mostly of the current state of the city -- things are going well and there is little interest in local politics, cutting down his possible challengers. I don't know how well he would have done in the 1980s when times in this city were tougher and there was still an energized and combative board of aldermen. I still wonder how he will be remebered years from now though.

it *is* funny

I for one appreciate the Mayor posting here and opening himself up to a bunch of haters like you all. There's a LOT of work to be done, but in the balance I'm happy with the administration and the progress we're making in our city. Is it perfect? No, far from it -- but Mayor Joe didn't say it was. I agree this read like a fluff piece, but please give a tiny bit of credit where credit is due. Or, run against him. Nitwits.

Grouchy old man

I don't think anybody HATES Mayor Joe. Nothing about hate. We just realize he is not being straight. That's all.

Truth Fan

Exactly right, Grouchy. Some of us may have adult children who have done hurtful things that we despise. Because we are ashamed of their behavior doesn't mean that we hate them.

Ron Newman

Has the Mayor really done "hurtful things that you despise", or anything that makes you "ashamed of his behavior"?

I may have disagreed with Mayor Joe on Assembly Square development and other issues, and supported a different candidate than he did in Ward 5, but overall I think he's doing a pretty good job.


Now that JN has won a seat on the school committee and has said in his own words that he seeks to destroy this board, which will give the Mayor more power, all that is left is taking the Fire Chiefs position out of civil service and then the Mayor will have complete control over every aspect of this city. The BOA are a joke and the majority are with the Mayor.

Sometimes you have to watch out for what you ask for. Let's see what the next two years bring.


LOL, now that JN has won a seat on the school committee, he'll declare martial law in Somerville. We are doomed! Doomed!!!!


Look, the Mayor is a bit of a pompous ass and not incredibly articulate or bright, but overall he hasn't done anything outrageous, in my opinion.


I think Joe should push for a program to subsidize high-efficiency toilets in Somerville. Seriously, they save a lot of water, over the 5 gallons old toilets use. Home owners should be able to get a steep discount to install those.


One thing disgruntled and the rest of you should consider is "the devil you know" phrase.
Taxes are up everywhere and although no one wants to pay, the cost of living here is relative. Compare New York City costs to Boston and Somerville's location to the same distance from Midtown Manhattan. Hello? Plus the Water bill (MWRA)has more to do with increased costs than municipal taxation. Okay, so stop whining... Or move the hell out!
Safety, Community and general euphoria here make living from Holland St to Glen St a fine residence, compared the stinkin' Apple.

SO back to the devil thing. Even Mike Capuano, who is arguably one of Somerville's greatest mayor's had many digruntled consituent's, but his policies and tough decisions, in the best interest of the City, always pulled him through. Ditto for Joe C., who inherited a fiscal disaster. Dot Gay's expenditure of the cash reserves Capuano had built up over his 5 terms, left Joe nothing to work with. But the street's are clean, the Fire and Police are reasonably happy, our neighborhoods are some of the safest in Greater Boston. The School improvements continue and our MCAS score are improving every year. We've even got a bike path!
As for nepotism, grow up!, every town, business and organization in the world will do business, hire and have relationships with individuals they know and trust, it is Human Nature. Besides, the greater percentage of city jobs and oppurtunities still goes to the outsider-non Somervillian, take a closer look at who is getting the jobs here.
So Joe, stick with generalities the this diverse local culture can relate to!Somerville is far too diverse to play the special interest group game and win. It won't work. Ask Marty Martinez!

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