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October 26, 2007


Credit where credit is due

Why does the News keep this up? Lafuente's site has been up for ages - and it has a video - much better than Lynch's in my opinion. Why don't you all google tony lafuente and check out his video.


I agree, LaFuente has a great video and the campaign literature he sent around is well done.


You go Joe you are doing us all a service by showing folks that there is a lot more to being an Alderman than saying "Yus sire JOEY CAKES" and all his merry merry men!


Yes, both websites are well done and worth a review from the voters.
You can get a good feel for what each candidate has to offer when we vote on Nov 6.


Both websites are very well done. The difference is in how well the candidates communicate what they've done and what they will do. Lynch does this in a very effective way. The Lafuente video gives good background stuff and nicely done design work. The Lynch website has three videos. As far as I can tell, the Lynch campaign laid out a strategy on how to use these, the Lafuente campaign bought theirs from a political marketing company and customized it for the candidate. The Lynch website is clearly more down-home, grass roots, the Lafuente site shows what a lot of money can buy. Both campaigns should be commended for bringing this type of campaigning to Somerville.

Much better than those damn yard signs.

ward 5 resident

I don't really know much about this Lynch guy, but after living in Ward 5 for a number of years, I think that we need a change.




I'd like a change in Ward 5, too, but the PDS group is pushing Lynch hard. Too hard for my taste! I used to think Lynch was intelligent and independent, I now have serious doubts. I think he'd join Gewirtz and simply be a rubber stamp. Ward 5 alrady has a do-nothing, know-nothing progressive sitting on the school board, we don't need an alderman as well!


I agree that neidergand is a problem. But Joe is vey independent and not beholding to anyone unlike our current alderman.

It's time to foreclose on Sean.

Curt and Tony

Saw the Mayor and the Alderman from ward 5 today. Taking pictures and looking to fool the voters once again this year. There's just something very fishy why a guy like Joe Curtatone would let O'Donovan get a free ride and take credit for all of Curtatone's successes.

Very fishy.


I've seen no evidence that the PDS group are pushing Lynch. He and O'Donovan appeared in front of the PDS group and Lynch came away with the nod from them. If O'Donovan got the endorsement from pDS would you be saying that they were pushing for him? None of the so called PDS royalty have endorsed Lynch. The Somerville News seems to like Lynch and I would not be surprised to see them also give him the ok come endorsement time.

That would be something, PDS and Somerville News agreeing on a candidate.


From the PDS Yahoo group.......
"How would you like to hang around a street corner chatting with your friends and neighbors on Saturday morning? Sound like fun? Okay...and you'll be holding a sign too. And after you are done you can visit one of the many fine breakfast/brunch places nearby.
Joe Lynch our endorsed candidate for Ward 5 Alderman is having a stand out on Saturday, October 26, 10:30 - NOON in Ball Square near Kelly's Diner.
Joe invites you all to join him. All are welcome.
Thank you!--
Katie Wallace
Progressive Democrats of Somerville"
And also the fact that 'The Big 3' (Jehlen, Provost, Sciortino) attended his fundraiser - they don't attend most local political fundraisers!

Ron Newman

It's happened before -- Denise Provost for state rep.

it *is* funny

I didn't get the impression from Joe that he's going to be in the hip pocket of the PDS although I'm not sure how that would have worked its way into our discussion. I think the residents of Ward 5 are realizing that the same old same old will get them the same old results in their neighborhood. I think it's time for a change and a break-up of some of the too cozy City Hall / Developer/ Aldermanic relationships of the past.

Ron Newman

and I don't think PDS expects Joe Lynch (or Bill White, for that matter) to agree with them all the time.

I argued for Lynch at the PDS meeting because I simply felt he was more attentive to the MaxPak issues (especially regarding the railroad and Community Path extension) than O'Donovan was.


I got the email about the standout from the Lynch campaign, not from the Progressives. I think their campaign sent the notification to everyone, including the PDSers. Makes sense, they endoresed him. Why not ask them for help if they endorsed him?

somerville guy

SOD's weight loss plan got a lift from this endorsement, as I'm sure he's flop-sweatin' 24/7. This is real, as John L. didn't get this type of help two years ago, granted, he was wrong on a couple of "progessive" issues. If it's close, and I'll bet it is, look for old-school trickery, like absentee ballot misdoings, voting the recently moved or dead, and other off-handed chicanery.


Lived in ward 5 for awhile - have called present alderman several times twice about youth sports for board I served on and several other things. NEVER called me back - I guess he only responds to his friends. Isn't he supposed to represent all of us ? I say let's give Lynch a chance.

New Stalker

The Lynch campaign reminds me of real neighborhood campaigns of long ago. Neighbors at the rallies, friends holding signs etc.

I especially liked the photo of the pumpkin on the other newspaper website.

This campaign has a lot of what is missing in local elections. Heart and a message. He's come to my door twice, we were not home the first time but were impressed that he came back. Time for us to give someone new a chance.

Good Luck Joe.


Watch for the minions out at the Brown School on Election Day; two years ago I'd never seen that many people standing outside a polling place, almost all of them O'Donovan supporters, including the mayor, (can't remember if Stan was there).

Is there any place I can bet money on who's standing out? Where can I wager $100 there's 20 DPW employees working Ward 5 on Election Day?

Just wondering

If someone gives money to a particular politicians reelection fund and they turn around and give some of that money to another politicians reelction fund, is that legal? What if I don't happen to like or want to support the person their giving the money to under their campaigns name. Can they do that?

Ron Newman

If a campaign has excess funds, I think they have to either contribute it to another campaign, or keep it for a future re-election campaign. I've never heard of a campaign refunding contributions, though I suppose it's possible.

New Stalker

Really... You know what catches my eye about candidate Lynch? THAT ALL ARE WELCOME. That might be a foreign concept to you, but for this guy from Somerville to actually say that, says a lot about his style. Very unlike Mr. O'Donovan who seems to think that anyone who was not born here is nothing but a dirty hippie and a "moonbat".

looks like Sean's gonna pull it off!

It looks like Sean's going to pull it off! He's coming out strong toward the end. Does Lynch have something up his sleave? Why is Lafuentes supporting Lynch? All the rest of the progressive's are supporting Berman.

Fell for it once but not again

Having been a Ward 5 resident for most of my life I say " Vote for Joe Lynch". For the past 2 months the city has been going around Ward 5 and replacing sidewalks, streets etc. Is this the doing of the current Ward 5 Alderman? No, it is being done so that we the "Fools" who live in Ward 5 will step back and say "What a wonderful job SOD is doing". Are you fooled into believing this? I hope not. I am getting tired of the constant do nothing attitude that the city leaders have. I am getting tired of paying more in property tax and getting less in return. I am getting tired of a city that has no vision and a board of alderman that follow the pied piper. I am getting tired of a planning board that has no plans for this city. I am getting tired of "friends" being able to buy city property at a discount. I am getting tired of this town. I am beginning to hate the city that I once loved. This attitude I have, I blame on the current city leaders. Does any one here honestly believe that our politicians care what I or you think?
The candidate running against SOD is not with the PD squad and is not a follower of "The Princess Rebecca". Do not be fooled into thinking he is.

Fell Fool

Fell -

You are obviously oblivious as to what is happening around you. Yes there has been a lot of work done in Ward 5 - BUT it's been going on for over 4 years. Sean and the Mayor are friends and supporters of each other and they work together. Do you really think this will continue if Lynch wins? All those streets were repaved off Cedar street almost 3 years ago. The Magoun square plan was resubmitted as a better project 2 1/2 years ago... ALL before Lynch came around. And you are the one who is fooled. Mr. Lynch is an ardent supporter and believer in PDS... I suggest you go to the meetings.


Fell is absolutly correct.Is Ward 5 any better than it was before SOD? The only ones prospering are SOD and friends.
They are using fear and intimdation with the voters.
How many of your neighbors have been "visited by the boys" demanding that they vote for SOD.
The bigger question is if SOD was doing such a great job for his ward he would not need to intimidate voters, and fix sidewalk cracks at election time. He would win by a landslide.

But he hasn't done the job which is why this race is close.

Solh Zendeh

"... ALL before Lynch came around". That's not accurate.

The reason I'm supporting Mr. Lynch is simple: for years I've lived in ward 5 and attended meetings about all the various goings-on in the ward. Invariably the single person who was *always* in attendance, and was *always* the most informed and most organized was Joe Lynch.

He is informed, competent, and hard working. Even if what he advocates for doesn't line up with my interests every time, I have to give it to him: he's been our de facto representative for years, and I believe it would be to our benefit to have him doing it in an official capacity.

William Hurst

Fell Fool, Morrison Ave was paved when? This year or last year. Do you live in Ward 5 Mr Fell Fool? Are you an ardent SOD supporter or a city employee perhaps or have you benefited from SODs generosity? Paving will get done in Ward 5 sidewalks will be fixed regardless of SODs love of our mayor. I believe what "fell for it once" is trying to say is where is SODs leadership? Where is his plan for the future of Ward 5 and the rest of Somerville. Maybe he is more interested in being a developer of real estate and not being the Ward 5 alderman. His recent mailing states "Worked towards limiting the MaxPac site to 199 units" It is 238 units not 199. Lets scare everyone into thinking every PDer worships at the alter of Rebecca et al.

Bike Path Extension

I heard some disturbing information and wonder if anyone can confirm this. I heard that part of the PaxPak 'Covenant' states that (at the insistence of the developer) the bike path behind their building will be open only between the hours of 9 and 5. Can this be true? If so, it's barely legal, since the path is T property leased to the city for 'public use'. I would argue that limiting that public use to such an extent for a private developer's interest is at the very least against the spirit of the lease. It also makes the path barely usable, as so many people use it before 9 and after 5!

Ron Newman (SF)

My understanding is that the issue is not the hours that the bike path itself will be open, but the hours that access from the MaxPak development to the bike path will be officially open. I don't remember what the hours are but they are longer than 9 to 5. I would have preferred not to have any such limit at all; I suspect that in practice people will use it at all hours and ignore any such restriction.

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