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October 16, 2007


No Barneys

I know, replace it with another yuppie bar. Hey, Tingles run had to end. I mean how long can you recycle old George Bush jokes. As far as the Ding Ho, that Cambridge bar should have been raided by the vice squad.

Ron Newman

This place opened in the late 80s or early 90s as Boston Baked Theatre, then went through a couple of other names and owners before Jimmy Tingle moved in. I hope that it remains a theatre of some kind.


Have you know sense of history "No Barney":>) My family owned the building...I remember watching the movie "Something about Mary" and thinking to myself when Steve Sweeney came thru the bathroom window and Lenny Clarke thru the bathroom successful so many had become and yet those early years weren't so successful for my family and the building after my grandfather died in 1968 (Met Leahy and he ran it as The Oaks Cafe)..Jimmy was a bartender there! Lot of history in that ole building on Springfield Street...I used to sneak in to catch the shows..this was before the law was was easier to pass as 18:>)

Anyway back to the vice squad comment..this was pretty much why my family ended the run and closed Ding Ho's down (family boted out Shun Lee and ran the joint for a wee spell..the guys-comedians there had no money to buy the place and the family was tired of the drug association..was not my grandfathers style or my family's..(not to mention the amounts of money lost:>)

Big Loss to Davis Square..Jimmy is one class gent:>)

Good Luck JT

good riddance

If a "comedy" club closes in davis square and nobody cares, does it really matter?

Ron Newman

A lot of people do care; it's always sad to lose a live-performance venue.

Look down

The Somerville News Writers Festival V will be making a change of venue on November 11th at 7:00pm to the VFW Hall at 371 Summer Street. Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theatre will be closing, but Jimmy will still be hosting the event for us and we expect a tremendous turnout!

No Barneys

It was a fun place, and your right the other owners ran it into the ground. By the way, all you lifelong Somerville "News Writers" its the George Dilboy Post on Summer St.

Michael Domino

We feel Mr. Tingle's pain. My wife and I ran the Boston Baked Theatre 1994-1997, after purchasing it from its founder, Stan Gill, who built it in 1987. It's a very difficult space to survive in, and although we were both artistically and financially successful there (especially the children's theatre), we were unable to renew our lease.

Ron Newman

There's a "Live Theatre for Lease" sign on the building now, so at least the landlord is not giving up on the idea of a performance space. I hope someone can make it work out.

Surfer Dude

Amazing how nice this site is without that human refuse troll who got banned recently.


There is no such thing as a recycled old George Bush joke- 'cept for W himself!

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