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October 05, 2007


The Mole

Wait until Dr. Mrs. McCarthy reads this. You will be doing penance for years.

The Mole


Yes James we should all "LOOK in the Mirror" and then in"Our own back yard" because their but for the Grace of God go all of us. I think you will agree?

James Norton

Dicky -

I couldn't agree more. We should all subscribe to that credo (pun intended). Enjoy the good weather today.



Wait a few years and there will be NO parishioners left. Thanks Bob. The Vatican? Irrelevant at best, these days. Mostly used to hide Catholic criminals from around the world.



"need to adapt to the changing times without alienating their current membership -"

What are they suppose to do? Start their own 311 system?

You usually find this information out when you attend church regularly and read their weekly bulletin. All the information you want to know are in these bulletins.


Matt Goodman

What is it exactly that you expected the church volunteers to do? Send a postcard to everybody who didn't bother to show up for mass anymore? Even if they had spent the time and money to do that, would that have motivated you to go?

James Norton

Matt -

I didn't say anything about what SHOULD have been done specifically, especially not by volunteers - if organizations (be they religious or not) didn't have volunteers, they wouldn't be able to survive for any length of time - not in today's social climate. You seem agitated that I don't physically go to church anymore, and as a result, nobody should spend the time to reach out to someone like me. That's a shame you think that way and it only goes to reinforce the point I was attempting to make in the first place.

For your information, I have spoken to over a dozen people who either went to St. Ann's school or had kids that went to St. Ann's who never knew anything about it - and yes, as a matter of fact, it would not only have motivated me to go, but I suspect I might have put some kind of advertisement for FREE in the newspaper I am the Editor of, since you feel the need to get snotty about it. Unfortunately because of a prior committment and only finding out about it a couple of days beforehand, I was unable to attend but really wish I could have - for a number of reasons.

The point of my column obviously went way over your head, and that sucks. Enjoy the sunny day.


Philip Fitzgerald

"The point of my column obviously went way over your head"


The dreck you write wouldn't go over the head of a worm. It's not that the reader is dumb - it's that you are INARTICULATE.

Editor? Please.

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