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October 28, 2007


I love the skipper and naughty girls

I love the skipper and the Red Sox! I wish the skipper kept his boat!

Just another rag.....

You know, it's pieces like this that cause intelligent people to develop a mistrust of, and lack of respect for,the media.
Good for Neil McCabe for creating a paper where '...Reporters...are not allowed to make first person analysis, observation or narrative;;;' Now if only some mainstream newspapers and television outlets would follow suit, we could actually get some news and not have to sift through the outlook of the media.
'...(McCabe)attracted attention for his right wing endorsements...'
Again, an interesting comment. Has the Somerville Journal, the Boston Globe, the New York Times ever attracted attention for their left wing endorsements? Why is this relevant to anything?
'...charged that McCabe used the monthly paper to push the agenda of the Republican Party and the Roman Catholic Church...'
And this differs HOW from they way the media tries to ram their agenda down our throats every day of the week??
'...McCabe’s rabid Republican values...'
Did you have a straight face when you typed that sentence? Are Republican values 'rabid' simply because they're not held by the Democrats? RABID: 'irrationally extreme in opinion or practice: furious or raging; violently intense: affected with or pertaining to rabies; mad.'
I used to think that the Somerville News was better than this!


Just another rag... asked if Republican values are 'rabid' simply because they're not held by the Democrats? Of course not. But using phrases like "killing babies" goes beyond just differing from Democrats' values. It's a pretty extreme position from which most Republicans would distance themselves, I suspect. Do you think McCabe's view is representative of mainstream Republican values?

Just another rag....

Dashford......I don't know or care if McCabe's views are representative of mainstream Republicans. I simply find it irrelevant.
And as far as the term 'killing babies' you know anything at all about partial birth adoption? Can you put a spin on that and come up with a term that describes it better? The euphemisms are what's truly comical: 'choice', 'terminate', etc.


I'm prochoice, but I don't try to pretend that abortion aren't horrible things that involve killing babies. That is literally what is happening.

Jack Meofe

"So today in West Somerville another Starbucks opening its doors to please all, God Bless Starbucks."

Jack Meofe

"So today in West Somerville another Starbucks opening its doors to please all, God Bless Starbucks."

Jack Meofe

"So today in West Somerville another Starbucks opening its doors to please all, God Bless Starbucks."

Ron Newman

that wasn't worth saying three times


Hey, Just another rag... if you "don't know or care" what mainstream Republican values are, then how can you criticize using the term "rabid," which you yourself point out means "extreme"? All these terms have no meaning if you don't have a reference point.

And if people want to have an intelligent debate that doesn't pit the baby-killers versus the Nazi pro-lifers, I'm all for it. But I'm sitting out the inflammatory stuff.

powderhouse putz

I can't wait to see what misguided stunt McCabe pulls next. Does O'Neill know who he is getting involved with?


Why is "regular journal" in quotes? Maybe you should visit

I thought the first issue was okay. It's not the NYT but I'll take as many views on local happenings as I can get.

Ron Newman

It's a direct quote from the newspaper's tagline on page 1:

"A regular journal covering the people and events in and around the neighborhoods of West Somerville"

I wish them success.

Save yourself O'Neill

Hey Tommy,

Do yourself a favor and distance yourself from this character. I caught this guy's act one night outside The Independent and let me tell you --- it ain't pretty. Not a bad guy, just a nut.

McCabe is a lunatic, but...

McCabe is a lunatic, this is indisputable. Notwithstanding, the attention you're giving him here is a little bizarre. If you spent half as much energy on real local issues there would be little green trains running through Magoun Square by now. Is the farm team jumping up and down over Neil McCabe too?


First of all, I am a big fan of the Somerville News. However, it is the silent majorty's opinion that abortion is bad, faith in God is good and deviant liberal behavior is bad. I would call Neil McCabe's views conservative rather than Republican because as you can see, most Republican candidates today are almost as liberal as the Dems. The Progressives are in the process of destroying this great nation. The promote nothing but moral decay, dependence on government and perversity. CHEERS!!!


Wow -- I would never be so presumptuous (and contradictory) as to claim to speak for the silent majority. And exactly how do you define "deviant liberal behavior"? I'm guessing you think that's a redundant phrase.

Ron Newman

If the majority are silent, how can they be said to have any opinion at all? This term has been a silly one ever since Richard Nixon put it into circulation in 1969,


Silent majority = bunch of losers.


dashford, let me help here: "deviant liberal behavior" = PDS. Anyone who identifies himself/herself/itself with the PDS - and has actually read their platform and agrees with it - is a deviant, liberal.

Oh and yes.... once deviant was written there was no need to throw in liberal. It became redundant.


Once the term "Progressive" is mentioned on any piece of mail I get before an election, the name is written down as a "do not vote for" candidate.



Another example of redundancy "Imux, the pathetic loser".


I'm sure your vote will make a big difference this time.


Heven't you been banned yet freak?


Don't try hard to be so obvious in your id switches, Imux.


I answered you in the illegal alien thread you loser.

You need Thorazine and a good banning.
Don't you work?


Stop switching ids, Imux. Don't you have a job?


I told you how to resolve your paranoia about multiple IDs by posters. By the way you should stop threatening posters here. You're on record of doing so. Write to the administrators to get the rules and to find out if anyone here is using multiple screennames. You'll sound like a fool but hey, what the hell. Cast out your demons.

You're demented. SSI???

No wonder illegals don't bother you. You don't pay for anything. Living off the system. Parasite.


Imux you should stop sending threats of physical abuse to people on the internets, especially children and women. You have done so on multiple occasions and you are on record. Glad you are enjoying your welfare check.

He's done it again

Has anybody seen McCabe's latest snafu? Check out The Chronicle's story on his extortion racket (which his newspaper only seems to be a front for --- he basically says it himself) check it out. Good stuff.

Still There

Is this paper still in publication?

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