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October 01, 2007



It's funny to see this article here, today. I stopped, for the first time, at this bakery. I didn't know about it, I took a right onto Highland Ave., spotted the sign, and dashed into the nearest parking spot. My daughter, granddaughter and I went inside and saw many different kinds of cupcakes, all looked very appetizing. HOWEVER, the price is $2.75 per cupcake, they are not even as large as the cupcakes one makes at home. I bought only one, and that was only because I didn't want to disappoint my granddaughter. The frosting is tasty, but the cake is nothing special -- what a disappointment. Now, I've never met a dessert I didn't like, but no matter how these might have tasted, $2.75 is waaayyy too expensive for a less than medium-sized cupcake. They should make the cupcakes at least as large as a large muffin, similar to the size you buy at Stop & Shop/Star, but even then I wouldn't pay $2.75. Too bad -- good idea, poor product pricing.

Somerville Reader

Hmm, I honestly thought that $2.75 seemed fairly reasonable for a fresh baked cupcake. I tried kickass cupcakes for the first time last week and I thought they were yummy.


These are some of the most fun cupcakes around! I think the price is very reasonable for a freshly baked, exotic cupcake. I would never go to the trouble of making such flavors as the Lucky Cupcake, Mojito Cupcake, or Bananarama at home, but they're SO GOOD to enjoy as a treat! I hope that Kickass Cupcakes stays around for a long, long time.


I honestly do hope that they make a 'go' of it. I know how much money and work goes into starting a business. Much success to you, Kickass Cupcakes.

Mouth- O- plenty

Not only are the cupcakes WAY TOO EXPENSIVE...
The owner looks exactly like she does in the photo in person . smile....She looks at you like you're going to steal one of her precious over-priced gobs of cholesterol.


I took my grandkids over the weekend. Tasty, but small. I don't think we'll go back.


I heard more bad reviews than good, but I still decided to try for myself. They were tiny and expensive. So I thought, maybe they are good and worth it. Nope. Frosting was pretty good, but cake was bland and boring. Plus the frosting wasn't even evenly spread over the cake. It was just a large dropping on the cake. My sweet tooth was disatisfied, so I went immediately to Lyndell's bakery in ball square. With the same $6 I spent on 2 tiny cupcakes, I got a bag full of goodies that last me a few days.

I should also point out that kickass cupcakes is trying to be this Newbury st upscale place by serving cupcakes for dogs and cats. Give me a break!

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