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October 20, 2007



Did not our leader say during his term? well he will have to win again won't he? to even get a track grade. If Obama win (God PLEASE help us PLEASE)he will be back in Washington quicker than you can say Grits.

There might be arguments with the city planning/land associated with the land near these projects, but I'm not aware of any serious opposition to these projects in Somerville. In West Medford, yes, some would prefer not to have them. But in Somerville people seem to be almost completely in favor of them.


I don't see anything "hotly debated" in Somerville about the Green Line extension either (at least not yet). Seems to me that there is strong agreement about the benefit of the Green Line extension in Somerville so far. I believe it's the strength of that agreement and the recent public outcry to make the Green Line happen without further delays that forced Gov. Patrick assess his previous stance, get things moving on a few fronts, and come out here and publicly commit to building it by 2014. That would not have happened if many of us here did not make our sentiments known loudly back in early September when he spoke about delaying it to 2016 and was doing nothing to get things started.

Born Here

Here are three things that won't be here in 2014: The Green Line, Deval Patrick, and Joe Curtatone.


Please Please ! there really is a GOD let it be true.

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