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October 13, 2007


The Mole

SN, you know rumors are rumors. I have been subjected to many a anecdote and have fallen into the trap of opening my mouth before I confirm the rumor. Such may be the case here, especially when you tried to go to the subjects of that rumor and no one is talking to you.

You can come away with two points here. The rumor is false fabrications of the opponent who is spreading the rumor to fast track their campaign. Throwing stones upon a glass house breaks windows.

The other point to walk away with false rumors is if you cannot gather the facts, due to no one talking, it is a RUMOR.

There generally is only one winner and many losers strapped around the rumor. The losers are the subjects of the rumor of which revolves around them, along with the supposed candidate asking the sign in the store to be removed, and the only winner is the person saying it was THEIR sign being asked to be removed. Vote getter, I doubt it.

Why even print the fact there are rumors out there until you have all the facts. I've learnt my lesson, why don't you?

The Mole

Welcome Wagon

How long have you lived in Somerville? If this is the first time you have ever heard of a candidate asking a store to remove an opponents' sign, then you must be new here.


We have lived in somerville a long time but we have never heard of this kind of crap. looks like the l'il punk in the square thought no body would notice when he talked trash to a young immigrant woman and told her if she knew what was good for her she should take the Lynch sign out of her window. what a bunch of creeps. nice goin sean. magoun square is watching l'il one.


Why even print the fact there are rumors out there until you have all the facts. I've learnt my lesson, why don't you?

Obviously, because that would take real work!


Your opposition at the other rag states that James is going to get into the School committee race. Did he not state that they should be abolished, if he wins will he donate all his emoluments and benefits to some poor slob?

I Doubt...

I am sure, if it is true, that someone that supports Sean would only do this type of thing on his own. He in no way would have the blessing from Sean O'D or anyone on his staff to do something like that.

People actually think that this is going to be a close race. Wake up and smell the roses, Sean O'D is going to bury this guy.


I doubt that Sean O'D had anything to do with this. This type of stuff has been going on forever in Somerville. Like someone else said, maybe it it Joe Lynch's attempt to smear Sean. I'm tired of the dirtyness that comes with politics.

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