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October 04, 2007



Anything to do with religious institutions makes me puke.

James Norton

So statistician, was it the atheist or the narcissist in you that compelled you to share that with us here? Well one thing is for sure, at least you're not a secular progessive like the PDSers that quite frankly make the Pod People look so much more attractive to me (even the most locally yokel of them at that).


Ron Newman

I still don't understand what you mean by "secular" progressive. Some PDSers are Jewish, some are Christian, some may be of other religions; it's not really my business to ask them.

it *is* funny

"Secular progressive" or "SP" is Bill O'Reilly shorthand for left wing moon bats. I think it has something to do with the assumption that all liberals are pagans or something. As with most O'Reilly-isms, it's not particularly nuanced.

Ron Newman

The only cable TV I usually watch is NESN, so I wouldn't know about such things.

it *is* funny

I hear O'Reilly on talk radio sometimes. I like to study what the enemy is saying.


JN, the same drive that compels certain people to share with the rest of us their belief psychics, I suppose.


Typo up there... I meant:

JN, the same drive that compels certain people to share with the rest of us their belief in psychics, I suppose.


Also note: I did not say "religion". I said "religious institutions", including organized churches, organized prayer, church hierarchies, and so on. All that makes me puke.

Ron Newman

But I actually agree with JN -- why did you feel the need to post that opinion here? It strikes me as disrespectful.


praise st.ann because she was agreat women.

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