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October 11, 2007



What time? Inquiring minds want to know!

Ron Newman

It says noon; is there some reason you think it is wrong?


Where in Giilman Square? Its not like there is some sort of Gazebo or central street corner that everyone thinks of as "Gilman Square" is there?

Born Here

Gilman Sq. is at the corner of Pearl and Medford. Right at the site of the Homans building where all the DPW store their boats !! Bring your protest signs as Joe's buddy "spins" his Green Line excuse.


Did you invite Adrian Walker or anybody from the Globe this morning to hear you say "TOGETHER WE CAN". I bet you did not?


But isn't Vanasse Hangin the same collection of charlatans that redesigned the Porter Square Shopping Center parking lot? Their idea was to decrease the lot size by 25% and to increase the retail capacity by 25%. The level of road rage there borders on insanity. Only a fool shops there on the weekends anymore. Cambridge Elderly now go to Arlington. I wouldn't entrust that ship of fools to design a paper airplane.

And by the way, I just received a 19.7% premium increase from Blue Cross. Now that health coverage is mandatory I guess any reluctance for bold increases passes along with the Gov's bold new Health Care Bill. Face it. We were duped. All except for former State Senator Jarrett Barrios who now works for guess who.


That's Curtatone's chance to tell the Gov. unequivocally that a 2 year delay is unacceptable and that we'll sue the state if that is the plan.


Are you nuts, sue the state win and get paid out of reduced local aid. Wake up and smell the roses we are just blowing in the wind.

Did anyone attend this event? Please report here what happened.

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