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October 12, 2007


The Mole

SOD must be as happy as a pig in compost. That property he has on Warrick has leaped 10 fold. He only has to hang around another 7-8 years.

The Mole

Ron Newman

The Green Line will be just as helpful to Joe Lynch's neighborhood. I don't think this announcement will have any real effect on the Ward 5 race.

The Mole

But Joe didn't buy his property on the hint of the Green Line coming into town as SOD did.

Just remember who was on the Land Use Committee when talk around town was that the Green Line was coming to town.

The Mole


What a pile of crap. Major step my ass. LOL, He'll "TRY"!
It's what I tell people I don't want to see who invite me to dinner: I'll try to make it. Of course, I won't try very hard at all to make it, and so technically I am not a liar.


I won't believe it until I see rail being laid. Even then, I won't be 100% convinced. You know that nice, new-ish Green Line station at Forest Hills? It has never seen a train. It was built after the T slowly, unofficially killed the line.

And how many times did Jamaica Plain get told Arborway service was 100% definitely coming back in the immediate future? Yeah.


What makes you think that "together we can" will get re-elected? with his track record check and balence looks very good. I think that a lot of folks will be very slow to vote for him again, just watch Joey and Mikes hands when they clapped, was it just to get them warm?


Even if we do get the green line by 2014 (or 2016), I wonder how much effort they'll put into doing a good job, by putting in modern features. Most of the T upgrades, extensions have been half-assed (in my opinion). I know it's costly to do things well, but public transportation projects should be built for the long term... not some half-assed mediocre solution.

William Hurst

What benefit will the Green Line have for Somerville? Will it reduce pollution? I hope so, because if I cannot honestly answer these questions then neither can anyone else. Hopefully, when and if it does come to Somerville, it will come in under budget and on time. Or will we be looking at another "big dig" and the rebuilding of the fieldhouse at Trum field. By the way, the Green Line cars run on electricity and as everyone here knows this comes mainly from the burning of coal, oil or natural gas. All being "earth" polluters. Nuclear power and wind farms are out and there is only so much electricity that the Niagara Falls can generate. I am not against or for this project. So please, do not start attacking me with your childish comments.


I don't know if the green line will reduce pollution. I'm always skeptical about that argument. I think the argument should be that it may not reduce overall pollution, but it will reduce the pollution in Somerville. In other words, some of the pollution will be moved elsewhere. :-)

My hope for the green line is more selfish. I prefer taking the T to areas where parking is difficult, and having a green line stop near Ball Square would make that much easier for me. I assume (but I might be wrong) that other people feel like me, and so more people would take the T to work/shop/play in downtown Boston, etc. That translates into less traffic on the road for those who actually want to drive.

Yuppie's are skum

Mayor Joey's former transit planner went on a tour of the Urban Ring about a year ago and SAW FOR HERSELF that the Green Line route overlapped the Urban Ring itself. Neither the MBTA planners nor anybody else ever noticed the obvious. Now that the Governor has moved the Urban Ring to a higher priority than the Green Line, we'll get a bus and Harvard and Fidelity will get a "Phase 3" subway train. Harvard's paid a former Deputy City Manager in Cambridge to lobby for a Green Line link between Harvard Square, their new medical research campus in Brighton, and their old medical center, and you never know what a $39 BILLION endowment brings, at no cost to the university, by the way. And Fidelity, those who finance the South Boston development but who have moved OUT of Massachusetts most of their own office work, will get the Urban Ring connection to maximize the value of their little multi-billion dollar deal. In this league, Somerville is barely a blip on the radar to Deval Patrick, the "DON'T believe again" gubnor. Beware the promises, Joey, and check before you pat them on the back. The knife is still sticking in yours!


Gee, what a surprise that Deval Patrick is stepping up to the plate for Major Joe a few weeks before election.

All of a sudden we hear something about the green line extension. But, it is still talk, no action.

We have been waiting and asking about it for months before this and had no response from the Mayor at all.

I guess this is suppose to reassure us about the green line and the Major thinks it will win him votes. Just a mere band aid on this boo-boo that he has ignored for sometime. Now it has come back to bite him in the butt and Governor Patrick is trying to save it for him.

The timing is obvious; he wants to be re-elected and November is only a a couple weeks away. Who does he think he's fooling here?

Solh Zendeh

William Hurst/somebody.

I don't have the numbers in hand, but I am absolutely certain that there are numbers to prove that an electrified rail system reduces pollution (among other things) over a road system.

Also, it's true that electricity is generated now by NG and coal, but in the future it will be generated more and more by whatever we come up with next - as opposed to diesel trains which would be capitol invested forever in that old technology.

But even if that never happens, simple physics tells you that collecting hundreds of people to take a single train takes less energy than those same people running individual cars. Then add the reduction in traffic which would allow the other cars still on the road to idle less and you are really talking a lot of savings.

William, I know I'm not stepping up to provide the actual numbers - it could be that in this specific case they haven't been run yet. Does anyone know when we'll see the govt estimates?

Now that I think about it, I be JAR73 would have specific information on the efficiencies of the different systems. Seems like (s)he could be an engineer or something.

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