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October 09, 2007


Environmental Green Space

Here is what the Mayor states his Adminstration has adpoted:

Once cities join ICLEI-US and make the commitment to participate in the CCP Campaign, ICLEI provides experienced staff, software tools, and a wide variety of programs and technical assistance to help local governments reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effective, efficient manner.

Benefits of Participation
ICLEI provides local governments that participate in the CCP Campaign with access to the following resources:

Software products and associated training to assist with the quantification of greenhouse gas reductions and other benefits of climate protection planning.

Access to a professional network of peers through listservs, newsletters, conferences, and workshops.

Toolkits, online resources, case studies, fact sheets, policy and practice manuals, and guides on approaches that other local governments have successfully used to reduce greenhouse gases.

Training workshops for staff and elected officials on how to develop and implement effective long-term emission reduction strategies.

Technical assistance in designing and implementing actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Notification of relevant grant opportunities.

Assistance in publicizing local climate protection successes.

In addition, the communities that participate in CCP also benefit from the actions that they take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through:

Financial savings in reduced utility and fuel costs to the local government, households, and businesses.

Improved local air quality, contributing to the general health and well being of the community.

Economic development and new local jobs as investments in locally produced energy products and services keep money circulating in the local economy.

Getting Started
Local governments begin participating in the CCP Campaign by passing a resolution pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their local government operations and throughout their communities. Each local government sets its own emission reduction target and develops a Local Action Plan outlining actions that the city will pursue to meet its target.

After passing the resolution, the local government designates a staff member and an elected official to serve as the city's liaisons to ICLEI. The liaisons then receive welcome packets from ICLEI that include a detailed Toolkit. This toolkit leads the local government staff person step-by-step through the 5 Milestone process.

The 5 Milestones
The methodology underlying the 5 Milestones of the CCP Campaign provides a simple, standardized means of calculating greenhouse gas emissions, of establishing targets to lower emissions, of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and of monitoring, measuring and reporting performance. ICLEI has developed a software tool that helps cities comply with the methodology. The 5 milestones are:

Conduct a baseline emissions inventory and forecast. Based on energy and waste data, the city calculates greenhouse gas emissions for a base year (e.g., 2000) and for a forecast year (e.g., 2015). The inventory and the forecast capture emissions from all municipal operations (e.g., city owned and/or operated buildings, streetlights, transit systems, wastewater treatment facilities) and from all community-related activities (e.g., residential and commercial buildings, motor vehicles, waste streams, industry). The inventory and forecast provide a benchmark against which the city can measure progress.

Adopt an emissions reduction target for the forecast year. The city passes a council resolution establishing an emission reduction target for the city. The target is essential both to foster political will and to create a framework to guide the planning and implementation of measures.

Develop a Local Action Plan. The local government develops a Local Action Plan that describes or lists the policies and measures that the local government will take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve its emissions reduction target. Most plans include a timeline, a description of financing mechanisms, and an assignment of responsibility to departments and staff. In addition to direct greenhouse gas reduction measures, most plans also incorporate public awareness and education efforts. The development of the Local Action Plan should include strong public input and involvement in order to build the consensus among stakeholders required to implement measures.

Implement policies and measures. The city implements the policies and measures contained in their Local Action Plan. Typical policies and measures implemented by CCP participants include energy efficiency improvements to municipal buildings and water treatment facilities, streetlight retrofits, public transit improvements, installation of renewable power applications, and methane recovery from waste management.

Monitor and verify results. Monitoring and verifying progress on the implementation of measures to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions is an ongoing process. Monitoring begins once measures are implemented and continues for the life of the measures, providing important feedback that can be use to improve the measures over time. ICLEI's software provides a uniform methodology for cities to report on measures.

Technical Assistance
ICLEI provides cities that participate in the CCP Campaign with a range of technical assistance. Some of the assistance is available for free to participating local governments. Other assistance is available for hire from ICLEI. In general, ICLEI offers assistance in four discrete categories.

Inventory Assistance. ICLEI can assist local governments in conducting their baseline emission inventories and their emission forecasts, helping the city understand how and from whom to collect the necessary data. Alternatively, ICLEI can conduct the entire inventory and forecast on behalf of the city, presenting the results to city staff, elected officials and the community as and when requested by the city. If you would like assistance with conducting your inventory, please contact us.

Measures Identification and Quantification Assistance. ICLEI can assist local governments in identifying potential measures that the city can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ICLEI can also help the city quantify the emission reductions and other benefits (financial, quality of life) from the full range of possible policies and measures. If you would like assistance in identifying measures or quantifying the impact of measures, please contact us.

Policy Assistance. ICLEI provides case studies, fact sheets, agenda reports, sample resolutions, policy frameworks, model ordinance language, and links to key technical information that can assist local governments implement a wide range of measures. Check out the Tools section for more details.

Software Assistance. ICLEI can answer most of your questions regarding the use of the CACP software. If ICLEI cannot answer your question, we will refer you to the developer of the software.

How many can you check off that this Administration has accomplished?

Environmental Green Space

This Administration was so good with their getting Green, see how we faired on the most Greenest of Cities in the USA by copying and pasting the link below.


It is about time. You want a green line? Then you better do more stuff like this! How about requiring all the cabs to be hybrids? I am tired of breathing the fumes? And how about some hybrid technology in the cities fleet? Bio-fuel does not cut down on emissions. You need hybrid technology to do that.


"Because biofuels are carbon neutral, biodiesel use will result in a measurable net reduction in municipal CO2 emissions.”

No, the same amount of CO2 and pollutants will still be released in our city. The difference is that came from plants in recent history and not from plants 3 million years ago.


Most crops grown in the U.S. and Europe to make "green" transport fuels actually speed up global warming because of industrial farming methods, says a report by Nobel prize-winning chemist Paul J. Crutzen.

Not to mention the fact that all of Bush's corn subsidies have caused the biggest "Dead Zone" to form in the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Mississippi River and across most of Gulf Coast. This 'Dead Zone' is having serious economic impacts on the seafood Industry.

What is the true cost?

Get some hybrids and get the Green line....


There must be GREEN somewhere< crisp and spendful.

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