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October 03, 2007


The Mole

“People are still trying to figure out why the former Treasurer Fowler left his position? “

Com'on now!! You think we are going to believe the "Status Quo" of family issues? Mr. Fowler wasn't even allowed to go back to his union position that he was on leave from.

Mr. Fowler knows too much especially being in a position that he was in. He did the job the best he could with the restraints placed upon him by this Administration, Especially by the City Auditor. Who by the way kept a lot of secrets from Mayor D.K. G.

So, when the spins start to emerge as to why Mr. Fowler left a good job, let's not forget the human element here. Mr. Fowler did a great job during his time and abided by all the leverage placed upon him until the end. Maybe the end should be for this Administration. Maybe!!!

The Mole


Maria doesn't need a haunted house to be a witch!


Maria Curtatone tries to do something nice, if confimed, and some idiot has got to take a swipe at her. Like her or not she has never done anything to hurt this city and behind the scenes at her law practice she has helped many people that didn't have the funds. But of course you don't read about that.

Leave the woman alone!

I agree!

I agree with Brickbottom. Maria isn't exactly everyone's cup of sunshine, but I applaud her or anyone for doing this sort of thing. If more people did this we'd probably have a better community. Good work Maria and I'll try to stop by with the kids.

Ron Newman

There's a haunted house coming to Union Square this month, called Horrorville. 300 Somerville Avenue, October 19-20 and 26-28, 6 to 10 pm. Admission $10 for adults, $8 for children under 12.

If you know more about a Prospect Hill haunted house, please post the details here.

it *is* funny

What's the inside scoop on the 125th at St. Ann's? I live nearby and was bracing for a big hoo-ha with shuttles and tons of people and the Cardinal. Instead, it was really quiet on Saturday. How did they attempt to get the word out? I was expecting at least a flier in my mailbox, even though I'm not a member of the parish.

Curt and Tony

We see the hugh vinal signs all over the place this year. Do these candidates need permits to hang such big banners all over the place?

What if one blows off the building and lands on your windshield? Who pays if you have an accident? The campaign or the building owner?

Ron Newman

Hugh Vinal? Who's he? ;-)

Haunted House

Can anybody elaborate on the scheduled viewing times for the Prospect Hill Manor? Does anybody know the cost? Is it free? I miss spooky world!

Born Here

Bill Fowler did a great job for the city. On a side note and totally not related (wink) does anyone know how long the Trum "big dig" Park work is gonna take ?

The Mole

It appears that the Saint Ann Church Anniversary had more problems than one thought. It had a big touch of politics. First an assurance was made by the owners of the Armory to have the event at a fragmentary building lacking everything but some good old Somerville politics. Everything was on schedule until about a week prior.

It appears the Election Commissioner, who is a committee member of St Anns, had everything in place for the merriment including a one day beer & wine license. The event coordinators realized with persuasion the inventive location was not safe even though city officials were ready and willing, if needed, to issue a one day occupancy permit.

Now it’s only a coincidence that the DJ of the evening was the one and only George (“let’ em have it”) Landers. Topping off the evening, the Cardinal is a no show, the news is he was not invited, then the one and only ("I’m back") Jack Connolly grabs the mic and introduces "Old jokes" Jimmy Tingle who encourages the crowd to vote for Jack Connolly for Alderman at large.

If it was pretty well organized, why was it that the church authored the beer & wine license and not one of the famous attendees? No attention was paid toward the other elected officials in the audience who have members of the St Anns parish for MANY YEARS.

I wonder if they did a second collection for Jack to re-elect?

The Mole


So who is this Tony L.? Not much has been heard from him on the upcoming election. I tried to call him but his number is unlisted! I have a few random thoughts rumbling around in my head. Why be unlisted? Why drive a $125,000 Mercedes Benz?Who builds a 6000 sq. ft. $1,000,000.00 home for 4 people in a $500,000 neighborhood? Who pulls papers to run for office before they live in the city long enough to run? Who claims to be a victim of another candidate taking pictures of his family, violating his privacy and using it for an excuse to withdraw papers that were bogus to begin with? Who was claiming to be a victim of the Winter Hill school destroying his sons records there by denying him his special needs? With all that disposible income pay for it yourself! Who lives in fear of I.C.E. making a sweep at his flag shop? Who is a member of the MVTF? which to me is a bad thing. I dont know about any of you but I for one would like to elect some one closer to my social and economic level, not some rich dude from North Reading or Cambridge or wherever the hell he says he is from. OK my head is emptier now, if that is at all possible, than it was when I started. but I would like some answers if anyone can help me out.

The Armory/Trum

Speaking of the Armory, I've been watching it with great interest ever since I received a flyer in the mail for a performance scheduled to take place there next week! Doesn't look anywhere near ready to me, and do they have their food and entertainment license already, since the building isn't even finished?
I believe that the banner at Trum (who pays for this stuff?) says it will be completed in Fall 2007. Hopefully it will be ready in Spring 2008 when it is actually needed again!

Running Scared of Tony L?

To: whoisthisguy: You obviously seem to have the scoop on Tony L. You have his family history, family events of taking pictures and schooling, cost of his vehicle and housing project, the whole enchilada.

Is the race getting too hot for you as a candidate or worker bee of a candidate? It must be if you are blogging about Tony L. I guess what ever Tony L. is doing he is doing it right, don’t you think?


Who is this guy who who hides in the shadows while posting scandalous lies about Tony Lafuente? Why does he have such little respect for the truth? Does he not realize, or not care, that this libel contributes nothing useful to public discussion, but pollutes it and undermines trust? Could his own candidacy be so weak that he has nothing positive to say about it?


Lafuente is a decent and smart man. I voted for him against Curta. Stop the stupid lies.

Bullet For Bruce!

Bullet for Bruce! How many sports teams has lafuente coached or participated in throughout the last 10 years!


So what's the deal with Maria's Circus? Was she a top ten politcal hackster a couple years ago? Word is out that she is a cannon, A Loose one at that?? Is this ttue, if so, I am going to her halloween suaree........

Scared of Tony L?

What does caoching have to do with running as a candidate? Rebecca, Billy W., MaryAnn and a few others must be coaching in their dreams if this is a requirement for an Alderman.


Open and truthful open your ocket book and lets see inside- M, A,


Huh? what isn't true? My post is 100% accurate and true. Most is visible to the eye! The stories come from interviews with the candidate himself. From his lips to the reporters ears!(in the other rag) Hey how about the one where he ask's for an abatement on his palacial mansion because he thinks he's being over taxed! If your going to build it, pay the dam taxes on it!

Ron Newman

Maria ran against Mike Capuano for mayor in 1991. She's never run for anything else and, to my knowledge, has never held any elected or appointed public office.

Truth Fan


Please provide any credible evidence whatsoever, that Tony Lafuente or his business has violated any immigration law whatsoever. This is a serious charge and seems calculated to exploit legitimate concerns about the immigration mess.

When you prove your charge, you'll also be demonstrating that you are not the irresponsible, lying bag of wind that you seem to be.

Scared of Tony L?

Now you even have the scoop on his questions regarding the assessment of his home. How do you do it whoisthisguy? You do it because you have an inside track or are within the Adminsitration.

You keep on asking who Tony L is when you have his life history at the tip of your tongue.

Again, you are either a candidate in trouble or a minion of a candidate trying to fling the chit on the wall with negative campaigning. I never said you were a liar about what you posted. That all is old news from his Mayoral campaign. Nobody wants to hear it again. Anything to try and get an inside track or too distract from a clean campaign.

It ain't gonna work shithead.

Ron Newman

Property assessment records are public. Anyone can read them online here.


So much for the Ball Sq. breakfast war truce - Somerville's finest called twice to the square today due to the arguing owners.

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